The Official Android Authority App Review

by: Joe HindyApril 27, 2013

Android Authority We here at Android Authority strive to bring you the hottest content from the world of Android. So when we find there is a faster way to deliver content to you, of course it’s an option we took a closer look at. The result is the official Android Authority app. What does the official Android Authority app have included? Well we’ve done one of our reviews to show you everything it can do. If you’d rather watch than read, we’ve posted the video review at the bottom.

Android authority 1

App Features

First we’ll talk about the features of the Android Authority app. Essentially, you can view pretty much any content on the app that you can on our website. The latest news, opinions, features, app lists, device reviews, and everything else we do is right there in the app just like it is on the website. To start, you slide to the right to open up the menu. In the menu you can navigate across the app and read or view the various things we’ve released.

To start, we’ll talk about the content itself. In the menu, you’ll see options to check out the latest articles, the latest videos, and the latest episodes of our podcast, Android Authority on Air. Each in their own category so if you want to browse around for some older stuff too, it’s all there at your disposal. The app updates periodically in the background so when we post new stuff, the app will get it quickly.

Below that are a few ways to better organize our content for you. You can find articles written in the last 24 hours if you’d rather sort through our stuff that way instead of the full list. You can also read all articles you have not yet read. If there are any articles you like so much that you want to add them to your favorites, you can view your favorites under the All Stars menu.

Underneath that you’ll find all of our social media links so you can follow, like, or subscribe to us anywhere we have an internet presence. Feel free to do so! It’s also a second great way to keep up with all the content we produce since very nearly all of our stuff ends up on our social media sites as well as our official website.

Finally, at the bottom, are settings and tools. You can view any file that you download from us, force sync to see if there is anything new, switch themes from light to dark (and back to light again), and then a settings menu. Everything here is pretty much self explanatory. The settings menu is mostly sync settings like only syncing over WiFi and things like that.

Android Authority App 2

General Use

If you check out the review video, you can see that the Android Authority app runs pretty well. We tested it on a plethora of devices and so far it’s been smooth for everyone. The app makes it really easy to view all the latest Android Authority content whether it be articles or videos. There is a little quirk, though. To comment on articles, you must visit the site. There are links to do so within the app so if you feel the need to comment, just click on the Visit Website link where you can leave your comment. Otherwise, everything else is accessible from within the app. This includes sharing to virtually anywhere using the sharing button at the top.

Additionally, you can also translate text into another language should you need to. So even our readers from other parts of the world can enjoy this app. The list of supported languages is quite long, so there is a very high probability that your language is supported. You can also change the text size so it’ll be a little easier on your eyes when you read it. You can even copy the article link should you want to share it somewhere the share button doesn’t cover.

Android Authority App Wrap Up

All in all, it’s a very solid and well put together app. I’m not just saying that because I work here, either. Everything is fluid and straightforward. It’s not easy to get lost in this app or not know what to do. There are a lot of options for theming, comfort, and language support. Really, if you like Android Authority, this app is worth checking out.

Of course, we live to serve you, the tech enthusiast. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our readers and, as always, we want to bring you the best news in as many formats as humanly possible. It’s all about options right? So if you have any suggestions for our official app or want to leave us some feedback, feel more than free to leave a comment below, on the YouTube video, or even in the Play Store to let us know how we’re doing! If you want to try it out, just search “Android Authority” in the Play Store, or check it out directly here.

  • Guest

    The mobile site isn’t a problem. The desktop site is an overload of information at the top with way oversized font all over the site now. It’s a mess.

    • Adam Koueider

      Any suggestions on how we can improve your desktop experience?

      • Figured that I might as well mention something, as you guys are on this subject. Since the recent new look, I also find AA desktop website has some rendering issues for me in Chrome for Windows.
        “Need to know” images at bottom of pages overlap with the top of the comment section. Also seems to be a lot of blank space to the right side of pages into which i can scroll. Tested it without any adblocking software installed so that isn’t the cause. Site looks fine on IE but I rather not use that as my browser.
        Was wondering if any others noticed this in Chrome.

        • Adam Koueider

          Yep, there have been some caching issues that I’ve been seeing, but I haven’t seen that in a day or two now. If you do see that try refreshing it should go away. About the blank space, would you rather us have an endless line of ads? I see it might be a uniformity issue for some.

          • taz89

            Any chance there will be a comment system within the app itself instead of having to go to the browser to comment….other than the app looks and runs great and also glad its optimised for tablets.

          • Yes please. Is that difficult. When you said you had an app, I finally thought I could comment easily

          • JosephHindy

            Looks like you can comment sir :P

          • Thanks. Site looks fine now.

            The blank space is gone also. I probably should have explained better what I meant by that.
            It probably was part of the caching issues, but when I viewed the site earlier on pc Chrome there was a horizontal scrollbar which allowed me to scroll over at least 100 page widths of blank space to the right.

            The bit of blank space under the Google ads wouldn’t have seemed unusual to me.
            Anyway, all seems hunky dory now. Thanks for the quick reply. :)

    • Guest

      What is the difference between “Need to Know” and “Featured”? I don’t really care for these, “We’re trying to help you find the best articles” sections. I just scroll right past to the blog entries. If anything, “Featured” should stick to the top, then throw the “Need to Know” and “Popular” sections vertically stacked on the right side. And PLEASE lower the font for pretty much everything. The font for everything on the site is HUGE, especially for article titles.

      • Adam Koueider

        Hmm.. Okay I took in all of your feedback. Personally I think you’re right about the font. I view it at 90% zoom on my chromebook, but that could be because my screen is quite small (11.6 inch), so if that is a problem for you (I don’t know what size screen you are viewing us on) try zooming out. Hope this helps and I hope we can make your Android Authority experience better.

  • MasterMuffin

    You actually found some bad sides about your own app? Applauds to that, no “everything in our app is innovatively new, unique and best”, but a non biased review of own app :D

    • JosephHindy

      Hahaha if I said nothing bad about it, that’s not really a review now is it? It’s a commercial :P :D

      • Would it be possible to make the app bring up a “which browser do you want to use” dialogue after pressing “visit website” in AA app?

        • JosephHindy

          That’s something that has to do with your preferences. If you watch the review video, it actually does ask me which browser I want to use. You need to reset your browser preferences for it to ask you again :)

          • Mea culpa. I was on my phone earlier when I tried the AA app, and hadn’t watched the vid.

            I mistook the app’s internal view of the website that appears (when the “Visit website” button is pressed) for the stock Android browser on my ICS phone. It was when I later tried the app on my Nexus 7 that I realised I wasn’t looking at Chrome (Robot browser not present on N7). Then I saw the “launch browser” and “copy link” under the menu settings and felt stupid…

            Sorry for wasting your time asking for stuff that’s already there. :)

  • Danny Solon

    The app is really great and smooth but I wish if you make the side bar disappears while reading an article

  • Aman Gupta

    Why not subscribe to Android Authority in News Readers like Appy Geek? I’m a regular reader there, and this way I get to see who’s doing their job better. Apart it features an excellent UI (with customisable Home screen topics), which hardly a newbie app can offer..

  • Oldbrit

    I’ll tell you what I hate about your website (sorry): You have all of this information about Android apps, but you can’t search app information and reviews separately. Your website is huge and it’s just not worth the hassle of wading through all the other stuff when you’re looking for information on apps – for example PC / Android clipboard sharing apps.