Best 3D homescreen launchers for Android

by on August 28, 2012 9:00 am

One of the perks of having an Android device is that it can be easily be customized the way its owners want. If you have read our articles about the best Android apps for customizing your Android phone, there are tons of apps from the Google Play Store that allow…


Color me surprised. Samsung has launched an app and it’s not called S-Driver, S-assistant, S-navigator or any other variant. It’s named Drive Link, and it aims to be the extra set of hands in a driver’s vehicle. Common tasks such as listening to music, navigation and speaking hands-free are the main focus of the app.

Is Lyft a shabby ripoff of Sidecar?

by on August 28, 2012 5:00 am

Let’s not get confused. Lyft is about the same kind of service as Sidecar. The two services both cater to the iOS and Android communities. Both services deal with transportation and propose to do so at a fraction of the average cost. This begs the question, what does Lyft do that Sidecar does not?


There are a variety of games on the Google Play Store that allow us to play different roles. We can be a doctor managing a clinic, a professional chef, a mayor of a great virtual city, and even a soldier at war, fighting for his or her country’s peace. On…


Mobile gaming has really been taking off as more and more people buy smartphones. In Japan almost one in three people have signed up to play mobile games. Now mobile gaming giants like GREE are planning an assault on the U.S. market.


For those who like their action games to come with a little lot of blood and gore, the aptly titled Blood & Glory is a popular title that has been keeping the street safer since it was released last year. Developed by Glu Mobile, the sequel to the Gladiator-style arena battle game is apparently in the works.


The work week ends today (for some of us, that is), and what better way to cap it off than to check out some of the new and fresh Android apps of the week. There’s something nice about exposing oneself to fresh stuff at a time when nerves have grown…