To celebrate the end of summer, several best-seller apps are now being heavily discounted on Google Play. The list comprises of games that deserve to be on everyone’s Android device, if they like to gloat about graphics and the likes, as well as some productivity apps. Check them all out inside.


A company called VAIS Technology wants Android users to be able to access their phone functions without the need to fumble with a small touchscreen device. The iVIC — short for in-Vehicle Infotainment Center — app for Android interface with the car’s entertainment system, and lets users access apps, media and communication services from the car’s compatible navigation system.


In some parts of the world, the end of August marks the end of the meteorological winter and the coming of the meteorological spring.  But, in the world of Android app development, every day and every month is a springtime of Android apps designed for performing nearly every conceivable human…

Motorola map ad patent in the works

by on August 31, 2012 4:21 pm
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Advertising is everywhere. That’s a 21st century reality. It follows you aboard public transportation, as you walk around town, even on your computer and smartphone. There’s few places left sacred enough to go ad-free. With that in mind, it’s really not much of a surprise that Motorola, and Google through proxy, as working on getting a patent for ads via maps as well.


Almost a year and a half ago, the Grooveshark app for Android was removed from the Google Play Store. Today though, Grooveshark is back to Google Play. What changed Google’s minds? A recent decision in a New York suite that pitted Universal Music against Escape Media. Universal claimed that the safe harbor provisions in the DMCA didn’t apply to recordings before 1972, but the judge didn’t agree with the argument.

Google Now

Google Now might be in its infancy, but it’s still a really useful part of Google Search. Now it’s getting even better with a new update to Google Search in the Google Play store.

Jelly Bean users now get a few cool new functions added to the Google Now experience. One of these changes has to do with movie showtimes. Google Now will populate information on the movie that you search for, such as where it’s playing and at what times, it can even send you alerts if you are near a specific theater. Another similar feature comes to sports, you can now manually select your favorite sports team and a card will be updated with information about the team, updating in real-time. Last but not least, Google Now is getting very useful public service alert capabilities. Snow coming to your area? Perhaps a tropical storm? Google Now will gather information that could affect the area in which you live, giving you updates and alerts as they develop.