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Google’s marathon of a keynote is continuing with news on Chrome OS.

Just like with the phone unlocking feature of Android Wear, which lets you skip security measures on your phone, you will be able to unlock your Chromebook and seamlessly log in to Chrome OS with the mere presence of your smartphone .

Chrome OS already supported Google Now cards, but Google is now adding more features to the notification center, including the ability to see incoming calls and texts on your Chromebook, as well as low battery notifications.

Even more amazing, Google is finally bringing some Google apps to Chrome OS. It’s not clear if all Android apps will work on Chrome OS, but Google demoed on stage apps from Flipboard, Vine, and Evernote. According to Sundar Pichai, the Chrome OS apps run and behave just like the Android applications. Minimal modifications are required from app developers; apps will be able to access some of the Chrome OS underlying APIs, meaning that apps will be able to access features such as the Chromebook’s camera.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Tjaldid

    Finally!!!! now just next year announce Chrome OS open for all Devices and conquer the desktop space, so supporting Intel I7, Nvidia Titan and announcing Activision, EA etc making the full version of Battlefield, COD etc. for Chrome OS

    • RanRu

      Chromium OS is the free, open-source version of Chrome OS, like AOSP is to Android. You can download and install it on any computer.

      • Tjaldid

        I’m not talking about the AOSP version I’m talking about the full version directly from Google

    • Michael Muyunda

      I don’t see that happening at all. Unless they’re streamed to the device.

      • MrMagoo

        Well considering the capabilities of Android and the S805 and K1 processors, I see no reason Chrome couldn’t run some real games. You did just read what they’re saying right? Android apps…. Chrome OS… plus basic native apps have already started showing up on Chrome. It’s coming…it’s coming… and it seems like you’re scared!

        • Michael Muyunda

          It just doesn’t seem likely. Publishers barely even make AAA games for Linux and Mac so what would change with chrome OS.

  • Andrew J

    Now we just have to pray that they don’t do the same mistake of putting touch applications on a non-touch interface that Microsoft did with Windows 8 c:

  • Kenny Strawn

    Back in March, a “BuildBot” for a Native Client version of Bionic managed to briefly show its head… If that NaCl version of Bionic is turned into a Pepper plugin in an upcoming release of Chrome OS, that could at the very least allow NDK apps to work on Chrome OS, and yeah, with Bionic ported to NaCl, there’s no doubt ART would be next.