Android will soon overtake Apple in tablet shipments, says ABI Research

by: Kyle WiggersMay 30, 2013
Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

It seems Tim Cook’s remarks about Apple’s comparatively low market penetration couldn’t come at a better time. ABI Research, a technology analytics firm that tracks the sale and distribution of mobile devices, said today that global Android tablet shipments will soon overshadow iPad shipments.

Apple dominated the tablet market in the first quarter of this year, shipping nearly 50 percent of tablets. That’s a substantial amount of iPads, but still down from Apple’s 69 percent of tablets shipped in the second quarter of last year, and a rate which ABI predicts is unsustainable in the face of stiff competition from low-cost Android tablet manufacturers. Developing markets like China and emerging markets – where demand for sub-$200 Android tablets is greatest – have propelled Android marketshare to incredible heights recently.

ABI maintains that devices running Android will soon represent a majority of tablet shipments, as smaller tablets become more popular and the price of tablets continues to fall. Research firm IDC reported earlier this week that 55 percent of tablets shipped this year will have screen sizes 8 inches or smaller, and that the average selling price of tablets should drop to $381 in 2013, a decrease of 11 percent.

It looks like Apple’s reluctance to engage new markets with discounted products has come back to bite the company. We’ll see if  it has learned its lesson when the next iPad is unveiled.

  • andylee

    tim crook is a better bull shitter than steve blow jobs. like many of said it is matter of time before google/ android take over the universe.

    • Fred

      Dude, learn grammar, syntax and word choice. However, I do agree with what you said.


      eh, written like a 12 year old. you fandroids need better insults

  • companyemails

    You guys really need to read your own old articles. back in May you published that this had already happened:


    • Mystery Man


    • kascollet

      Maybe this time we’re talking about actual Android tablets sales, and not expected shipments as usual.

      • companyemails

        Spin it however you want, but both articles are quite specific in speaking about shipments, not end sales.

        • kascollet

          No. It’s always shipment for Android makers versus actual sales for Apple. Shipments numbers are not known about Apple and neither are actual sales for the others.

    • It should be noted that both articles are based on predictions from two different research firms IDC and ABI. Also, I obsess over technicality so I am compelled to point out that this is still May and that these articles weren’t written that far apart.

  • monkeypox69

    When you have an open system that any company can use on their devices, versus a closed system used by only one company, the open system will win every time. Bottom line – crApple are control freaks.

  • AndroidBrian

    Hurry up and release the Nexus 7 2!!!!! Need a new tablet.