September 6, 2010
Mobile web share August 2010

Mobile web share August 2010

Quantcast are reporting that Android’s share of the mobile Internet is still increasing at a remarkable rate. For those not in the know, ‘Quantcast is a media measurement, web analytics service that allows users to view audience statistics for millions of websites.’ According to their most recent research, Android OS now has 25% of the mobile market after a steady increase since November 2009.

On the other hand, RIM remain fairly steady at 9% and iOS and ‘others’ fall. Indeed, Apple’s market share has fallen since November 2009, the exact time when Android started gaining momentum. It currently rests at around 56%. The signs certainly point to the fact Android may gain some of its market share from directly from old iPhone users. It is certainly not conclusive evidence, but it could be argued that it points this way. However, it is worth noting that these figures do not include application usage.

[Via: Business Insider]

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