Android 5.0 design concept imagines what the future may hold

June 15, 2013

       Android 5.0

    An Android fan imagined what Android 5.0 could look like, showing various elements in design renders posted on his Google Plus account.

    Jinesh Shah, an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Michigan, has posted four images in which he imagined the new Android 5.0 environment (see gallery below).

    We’re looking at an interesting, minimal design, with colors that are easy on the eyes. Some translucency effects are present – we have no idea whether it’s iOS 7-related or not – like that transparent task bar and on-screen buttons.

    Android 5.0 Concept

    The home screen features a redesigned clock and Google Search widgets, with Shah giving prominent placement to Hangouts and Camera apps.

    Interestingly, the lock screen is a bit more cluttered, even though it includes only two elements, a “scrollable Google Now lockscreen widget integrated with Notifications,” and Voice Search. According to Shah, this new Google Now widget is “already open,” and you don’t have to swipe down to activate it. Presumably the lock screen will always show relevant information once you turn it on, without the need of performing any gestures to activate the widgets.

    As for the other widgets on the home screen, Shah suggests that they’re neatly hidden, and can be shown with a simple swipe down. Once the gesture is performed, a new widget can replace the existing one, in this case the clock widget, and the user can move between widgets by swiping to the left and right.

    Again, this is just a concept, and Shah said that more images will follow. However, while we can always check out what Android fans imagine for their favorite operating system, these concepts are not related to Google in any way.

    Android 5.0 is far from being confirmed, with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean expected to be the next Android update to be rolled out by Google. Until recently, Android 5.0 was believed to arrive at Google I/O, and said to be called Key Lime Pie. At this point, we have no way of knowing in advanced when Android 5.0 and/or Key Lime Pie will arrive, considering that Google surprised pretty much everyone at Google I/O, by not announcing an Android OS update.

    That said, we’re certainly interested to see how Google will respond to iOS 7, because the next main battle in the mobile OS wars will be fought between Apple’s recently unveiled OS and Google’s next major OS update.

    What do you think about these proposed ideas? Would you like Google to implement some of them? Would you like to see such a launcher for it?


    • Galaxy S4 Owner

      I miss the old, glossy design. Stop with all this “simple, flat, clean” design!

      • Jusephe

        Too late, google is hard at work in coping iOS 7.

        • milksop held

          How do you know?

        • Mr. Mark

          because 4.2.2 is clearly made up of new features stolen from ios7.

          • Hihi

            4.2.2 came before iOS7, remember.

            • Aadil Bhore

              No shit that was the joke

        • Skander

          The flat design Google adopted started from ICS (2010?~)

        • xoj_21

          considering ice cream sandwich had flat design before iOS7

    • Danny

      Dude,if this thing turns out to be NOT real,can I find a team and try to code a launcher,which will actually work,look and feel like that? :)

      • Thomas Beling

        LOL with you, do it!

      • Jusephe

        Rather not, or many members of android comunity will acuse you of trying to push primitive iOS 7 design on their incredible machines.

      • Kevin Vella

        you can just grab paranoid android instead

      • Vinayaka

        I’m thinking to build that clock widget !!!!!

    • Thomas Beling

      Wonderful. A great step in the right direction. The new search or should i say Google Now Search Bar is awesome, replaces the odd placeholder and gives the horizontal line sense. I’m a minimalist by nature, so for me this, so named, flat-design, simple & clean, looks amazing. Kick Google’s ass and let them now about this.

      • James Silva

        I agree. This is nothing like Apple’s new iOS, which has features about as advanced as Gingerbread(LOL.) But seriously, as Key Lime Pie, this would go down very well. People are starting to get bored of the current Android, but this would take it up. It would be minimalistic like iOS, just better in general, probably kicking their asses out of the market.

        • tiger

          I think that default Android look should be as lite as possible, because if Android user wants something cool, he can just change the launcher. It’s not iPrisonOS where all you can change is wallpaper and ringtones.

    • Harjifangki

      The concept music widget is fugly.

    • Farbod

      i tried out ios 7 on my cousins iphone (he’s a dev. well sort-of) and compared it to my nexus 4. i do like my nexus 4 better but ios 7 has no similarities what so ever to android, stock atleast. i dont know what everyone is talking about.

    • jusephe

      Of course, when iOS 7 comes out it is ugly, it is a copy of everything etc…
      But android with flat design magically looks gorgeous isn’t ?

      • Jasonwsc

        iOS 7 is ugly. It looks like Touchwiz and Meego/Symbian mashed together with disastrous results.

        - iPad and Sony Xperia user

        • Nikolas Kovack

          Be aware that thats only an opinion, I happen to adore iOS 7.

          • DRKRPR

            You are clearly not a designer. The faux bokeh effects are at best, nauseating. It’s like a ‘flatter’ iOS, but still not flat.

            • das

              like a flat road with many ugly potholes

    • Carter108

      No thanks. Looks horrid.

      • John

        I agree..too plain..& what cuz some fan of Android came up w it, it gets posted? Lots of fans have ideas.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      I like it.. Don’t know what some other people are smoking.

    • Dipesh Ramnani

      So this is how the iOS 8 will look? No? :P

      • opst

        It is so funny. A user of a system initially dedicated to a photo cameras is making laugh at iOS which was clearly a major inspiration… I will not even ask how on earth it is relevant to you in any way…

        • Frank Z.

          Funny how iOS could fall so short.

    • MasterMuffin

      that wallpaper gives me an iOs 7 feeling…

      • Brad Ward

        Looks good, doesn’t it? The iOS 7 wallpaper is sexy, and this tops it, I’d say.

        • MasterMuffin

          Well…. I think it’s okay :)

    • Mohd Danial

      Simple, Use Less then 1 gb of ram? im In, btw why the signal bar is upside down?

    • Fred

      No thank you, I don’t like that pastel light look. I prefer stronger blacks & whites.

    • killswitch

      A different app drawer icon perhaps? That thing started at ICS.. A change wouldn’t hurt I think.

      • chase

        Nah, wouldn’t hurt a bit :)

    • Ruzveh

      I guess the homescreen and interface could be much better and polished

    • George Av


      • SeraZR™

        it is already made dude
        go to xda post your homescreen thread -_-

    • Nick Tsiotinos

      Nice design! I especially like the take on the clock widget. Nice…

    • Paulo Costa

      The Back/Home/Multitask is really a “waste” of space in many situations.
      So the taskbar.
      Many apps – including Google natives such GMail, Currents, Calendar and Chrome should have real fullscreen options.

      • wonshikee


        I love having back home and multitask. The first two are absolutely great (I hate iphone’s single button), the latter is a personal preference but I have an HTC One and I hate having to double tap home for multitask, much rather have a dedicated button for it.

    • Avi

      This is not the original or leak version ,,this is simply idea of this INDIAN mind an concept is what a concept is ,,,,But i wish Matias would be seeing this

    • Dtect

      I am getting bored(?) of JB – but this is normal with any Android user who enjoys getting their hands stuck into such an open system.

      The interface looks great, still, but a refresh like the example by Jinesh Shah would be absolutely great! Google will most certainly kick ass with KLP. iOS 7 looks fancy, but it doesn’t even go beyond GB which most of us used 3+ years ago.

    • Leonardo Baez

      please… each time mr nobody makes a “conceptual render” you will post it a a possible future?
      Wait for real news not jus gossip

    • Shirish Dommalapati

      well its a good start for making of 5.0 version. some features or maybe all of them can be considered. its good :)

    • Anuj Patel

      Glad this is a practical design concept!

    • Ben

      great looking wish this was a launcher

    • Alphere

      Microsoft was right on one thing for the metro(flat) interface. Now everyone is using flat interface.

    • Ronak

      If this actually goes forward with KLP, I’d love it! But for now, let’s see how 4.3 JB looks when it comes up!

    • Alice Hollend

      So…we’re speculating what KLP will look like based off some guy’s Photoshop skills? Let’s have a crayon contest for kids on the topic while we’re at it and choose the design from that. Apple seems to have done just that with iOS7…

    • Tiền Lẻ

      I love that, awesome design

    • Anirudh

      So can i use the word ‘flat’ for this ? :-/

    • fung

      Awesome minimal design vs Failed minimal design

    • fmkhan213

      I think #google should learn a few things from androidians :) the minimalistic design is killer.. much better than 4.3 update…. although would love to see something similar to HTC blinkfeed in the stock version, I see someone is a fan of #hangout :P still very good job SHAH!! :) thumbs up!

      • Mikel Syn

        Hangout is good. Only issues I have with it is the occasional lapse in notifications and no sms integration.

    • bb

      Not too sure, it could be good I suppose… But I’m not keen on ultraminimalism, besides, Google are going to make Key Lime Pie very similar to their redesigned apps…

    • Nikolas Kovack

      If Android 5.0 is a greater leap from 4.0 as iOS 7 is from iOS 6, consider me converted.

      • Mikel Syn

        The leap of iOS 7 from iOS 6 is honestly, as big a leap as iOS 7 from iOS 1. Haven’t you seen 2.3.6 to 3? or 3 to 4?

        • TheAppleFanatic

          Yeah you have a point.

    • Nexus

      This concept sucks in my opinion!
      I can’t wait to see what Google has in-store.

    • AnnunakiEnvoy

      I have seen Sony, Huawei, S4 Google version home screens. Can’t beat Samsung in this aspect. This part of the total phone aspect is what brings good fortunes for Samsung.

    • eroldruzi

      The design is not important. Being Android everyone customizes it to their liking, The important things are system related. I want an OS that does not kill 512MB of RAM, uses all the power of my hardware when needed and conserves battery power for when I need it. Until now Android has done a great job and if Android 5 takes another step in the right direction I’m in! :)

    • victor

      Is there any icon pack or launcher similar to these specs?

    • Arcendus

      Yeah, because we might as well turn the network signal indicator icon upside down, just because.

    • Neal Wilson

      I’m not a fan of this minimalist look that IOS7 and Win 8 has taken over. Calling it the future……Yeah Right! At least Android will give us more options.

    • Nick

      Awesome choice in band just saw them last week

    • Johan Andresen

      me like pølse

    • Farmaan

      wow this is freakishly accurate to 4.4 kitkat

      • SimMac

        I just thought the same :)

    • ParaDroid

      This is actually quite similar to KitKat.

    • Nathan Buffington

      Creepy reading this and it’s true! With the OK Google! dang

    • Shehroz Adeel

      Good to hear but it is better for google to integrate the eye control function and air gesture like samsung galaxy s4 in there next Os

    • Shehroz Adeel

      Good Info about the next Android Os

    • zamroni

      I still prefer WP Modern UI. If not because Nexus 4 was heavily discounted last August, I would have buying HTC 8x.

      Currently the Android feature I like is widget. I put Gmaps navigation widgets for my frequent destination. Not interested to iPhone due to no widget.

      I will need to buy new phone shortly. Nexus 5 has not been launched in my place, so will see how the price will compare to Lumia 925 & HTC 8x.

    • Preben Nielsen

      Actually……. I do not much like it. Especially not the music-player.

    • Yves

      Before Andtoid 5 correct bug of Android 4.4.3 when desire support html5 many have usr flash . her not support on kitkst.Liikst drained battery.

    • Marvin Guevara

      Looks cool, digging the widget

    • Daniel Collins

      AW HELL YEAH! I kinda don’t like the icon though…

    • Hristo Uzunov

      This looks almost identical and in some respects even worse than my stock 4.4.3, how is it any improvement?

      Taskbar and Back-Home-Tasks are currently invisible/fading for me and look much better than this “transparency” used here, also take less pace visually.

    • Jim

      I’m going to pretend to be an Apple-hater type but in reverse for a moment so ya’ll know how it feels:


      = p

    • Lohrii Alo

      Swift Programming Language Manual/Guide for Android users

    • nehapatel

      I’m not a fan of this minimalist look that IOS7 and Win 8 has taken over. Calling it the future……Yeah Right! At least Android will give us more options. Recruitment jobs