Android 5.0 concept video arrives, shows us what system-wide Google Now integration might look like

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 19, 2013


For the longest time, the Android community seemed fixated around the idea of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, and all the amazing changes it was rumored to be bringing to Google’s OS. Fast-forwarding to today, we now know that the next version of Android will actually be 4.4 Kit Kat, but that’s not stopping some folks from still dreaming about the future of Android.

In a new concept video by a fellow named Craig Tuttle, we get a glimpse at one man’s vision for Android 5.0, and we have to admit his ideas are pretty cool. The video primarily focuses on bringing deeper Google Now cards integration, including introducing several changes to the notification bar. You will also notice that the concept video shows a new opaque white look, as opposed to the more traditional Android blue colors we know and love today.

Finally, the video also mentions multi-tasking stacks, which look absolutely amazing.

Okay – so everything seen in the video is essentially made up (or based on rumors), but we still have to applaud the effort here. It’s also worth mentioning that none of the features shown in the video seem all that far-fetched.

What do you think, would you like to see any of these features make their way to Android?

  • Msan

    Amazing. :O

  • Mohd Danial

    lols, /4.4

    • David Walker


  • Alu Zeros

    Would love to see information and communication just come straight to the lockscreen and notification drawer if you want. The only time I want to open an app is if I really need to use it for more detailed tasks. It’s one reason why I like intelliscreen x for ios jailbreak. Closest thing I saw for all major communication received and can be started all from the lockscreen and notification drawer.

  • Mark Washington

    Video was really good I wouldnt mind a phone like that ?

  • Jsilvermist

    This would be an amazing update if we got all that.

  • Bojan Tomic

    Nice! :)

  • John

    Good stuff…the hippy song made me vomit on my screen… now you owe me a new nexus 4. A 5 wll work.

  • raj

    Android 4.4 will be a milestone post Jelly Bean

    • Kash Gummaraju

      i still don’t support google’s decision to name anything 4.1.x as jellybean and other names, Unless it’s a different whole number it should be stay as ice cream sandwich. Jelly bean if anything should be the name of android 5.0 and kitkat 6.0 and so on, But I have no qualms about the OS.

      • raj

        Anyways it is all Google’s property
        We are just consumers

  • Bob

    more like ios7 :p

    • Kash Gummaraju


  • Rami

    At the end it said 4.4 … I think this is 4.4 … …

    As if the video was “This is our 5.0 concept…. … Or 4.4… ;) “

  • shamatuu

    Good video. knowing Google they will make it better not worse unlike IOS.

  • Bjajjull

    The notifications where pretty ugly, but the Hangouts app and multitasking were amazing.

  • Dey Anand

    amazing :)

  • Fjockes

    You dont see the point. I Think That Names are funny Things… But what we must have in our Phone is a mobile OS, Android. We want performances, ultrasessantenni, fluency. Everythings else… Doesn t matter! Dont be nerds please…

  • Mrkud

    I’d rather they bring more languages to google now. To be honest I would not like to have google now card when chatting on wahtapp. Top off my head list would be:

    1. Unified locscreen notification system / possibility do interact: replay/detete ect.
    2. UI/UX unification and the same goes for devs
    3. New take on multitasking
    4. Better “device search”
    5. Less contributing to iOS
    6. OS-wide update system
    7. Better widgets
    8. Always listen moto X feature but improved

    this list could go on an on :D

  • Arch Thor

    Now how about that for a custom ROM project? it’s not easy, but after all that was said to be impossible, why not?! (just me dreaming)

  • William Larsson

    i would not mind this at all, as long as Google Now becomes as good as in the US in other countries and also brings updates to other countries than US faster than how it is now.

  • Bone

    Multitasking definitely needs a refreshment, 5-finger pinch to get into the redesigned multitasking menu with the app window zooming down into a card) and three-finger left-right swype for next app.

  • Roberto Tomás

    I don’t like all that googleNow integration. I mean, in a Google/Motorola build of it, sure, and as a download, sure. But in the main Android build? No thanks..

    • joe waz

      Can always turn it off.. i am still looking for an app that has the mic always on feature for google now.

  • Did anyone else notice the status bar color changes to whatever app you’re in?

  • im askin here

    Wait will we be getting those buttons on the bottom? Or will htc LTE only get it?