German Kit Kat team spills the beans on Android 4.4 release timeframe

September 19, 2013

    Android 4.4 kitkat Google HQ Mountain view

    Germans know their chocolate, and they apparently know their Android, too. On their Facebook page, the German Kit Kat team inadvertently gave up the timeframe for the release of Android 4.4, or KitKat.

    When asked when the newest version of Android 4.4 would be coming, the team quickly shot back with “Android 4.4 KIT KAT is available in October.” We’ve heard that Android 4.4 will be coming on October 14th, along with the Nexus 5, but nothing official from Google has come down the pike yet.

    The good news is that Nestle probably knows a thing or two about Google’s plans for the new OS that bears their name, so we’ll keep October open for the launch party. Typically held in New York, the Nexus event in the fall often brings a new device, along with an operating system.

    So long as a hurricane doesn’t decide to make landfall this year, it looks like we’ll have our treats come October.



    • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee


      • Jake Rt

        Sorry, thought you were a hot blonde chick for a second there :)

        • OMGgary

          Must have been the German accent… ;)

      • Luka

        Sounds like something you can eat. Ahh German you weird language you.

    • JagaJaga

      Thanks for sharing, but this honestly doesn’t say much… Pretty sure everybody already knew this

      • Balraj

        True..Most of us know..kitkat n nexus 5 is coming in October
        We all are waiting for October

        • x

          wake me up when September ends :P

    • Renz Carl Supnet

      After 4.4, will it be 5.0 possibly?

      • Brett

        We can only hope

      • YamenSharaf

        Don’t think so. Too soon

        • joser116

          Too soon?! Are you kidding me ?!

          • KonjGlupi

            I guess he means it will arrive sooner then next July. I think it will come out some time between January and March.

      • [A]dri[A]n

        5.0 will probably arrive next July :)

    • PuzzledObserver

      I know that Nexus5 and KK will arrive in October. But what I don’t know is where is October?!?

      • weed

        October beer festival, Germany. So the answer is, October is in Munich, Germany.

    • Fool

      I hope for some cool changes in UI, just to make things fresh. Android 4.x looks are getting stale.

      • Jaun Lombard


      • KonjGlupi

        I also hope Google finds a way to solve this fragmentation issue.. Older devices should still be able to run latest Android versions at least for 3 or 4 years.. I have 2 old phones a Galaxy S running Cyanogen mod 10.1 and a Note 1 running stock 4.1.2.. both are out of date. Thanx to my S4 i’ll be ok for the next 2 years at least but it’ll eventually be left over. It takes money to keep up with google’s latest OS version.

        • Justin

          Fragmentation is not a Google issue. It is a OEM issue.

        • Zack

          if you really cares about latest version buy the Nexus then.

        • weed

          Tell me again how fragmentation affects our life?

          I cant say i feel plagued by anything here, am i unknowingly suffering from a terrible problem?

          I disagree that older devices should be able to run every new version, that would be bad for both OS and hardware evolution. Noone is forcing you to use Googles latest OS, right? Is Jaguar or Mercedez Benz forcing people to keep buying their latest models? There is no force here, not long ago i used a Gingerbread phone, i dont see how that was so terrible for me, do i look traumatized to you, do you think i was suffering so terrible for having to use GIngerbread?

          Maybe you need to get out more often.

    • Androboy

      But the question still remains that when will it arrive on Samsung and other non-Nexus devices?

    • Noel