Android 4.4 KitKat update confirmed for older Motorola Droid, Atrix and Electrify devices

November 19, 2013

    Android 4.4 KitkAt logo wood - aa

    In addition to the Moto X, Moto G and Motorola’s 2013 Droid-branded Android handsets, older smartphones made by the company will also be updated to Google’s latest mobile OS version.

    Motorola has confirmed on its Android update support page that the Droid RAZR M (including the developer edition model), the Droid RAZR HD and the Droid RAZR MAXX HD will get the KitKat update, although actual release dates for the software upgrade are not available yet.

    The good news doesn’t stop there, as the Atrix HD and the Electrify M, sold by AT&T and U.S. Cellular, respectively, are also set to be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat. Again, availability details for these updates have not been made official.

    We shouldn’t be surprised to see Google interested in pushing the KitKat update to older devices, especially Motorola handsets. After all, KitKat has been optimized to work on older smartphones and tablets in an effort to reduce fragmentation.

    Earlier today, the Verizon Moto X became the first Moto X model to be updated to KitKat, only three weeks after the launch of the new OS. That must surely mean that other U.S. and international Moto X versions will also receive the highly-anticipated update.


    • Balraj

      Wish other oem do the same
      Atleast for last year models…

      • MattHail

        Yea.. Especially LG!!! High end specs with old OS version, my gosh!

    • zamroni

      How about Galaxy Nexus?

      • MattHail

        Galaxy Nexus wont get the kit kat update, only Nexus 4.


          soooo , change a new phone.

        • Eng Husam Abdo

          Nexus 4 didn’t get it yet .. Do u know what is the release date ?

          • MattHail

            Coming real soon i think.. In few days or weeks.. Also it depends on which country you’re in.

    • Jerren Solomon

      Atrix 2?

    • Franc012

      Looks like Motorola is going to try to use updates to garner customer loyalty. If they successfully update all these older phones to Kit Kat, I think they can win back a good portion of those customers that felt betrayed in the past.

      • Shark Bait

        seems a good plan to me. Motorola needs to do everything it can to build its brand again and this seems a good step in the right direction

        • AbbyZFresh

          I say about a year or two of consistent updates and quality stylish phones is all they need to get their brand back. And potentially take some of Samsung’s shares along too.

          But what matters the most is that Google advertises the hell out of the Moto X, G, and all te future Motorola phones in the future if they want to have success.

          • Shark Bait

            I think you right, most android manufacturer’s suck at advertising compard to apple and Samsung. Htc are the worse!

    • Wezi427

      I wish they would bring it to the RAZR Max. I know they are not, CyanogenMod installer doesn’t support it either. I guess I’ll be getting a new phone.

      • Dean Wisener

        You can still run CM 10.2 nightlies on it. I do and it literally brought my phone back from the dead.


      good news for some android holder.

    • James Zhangya

      Maybe the old android smartphone is not your best choice ,you can try to use a new mobile,such as MYSAGA M2( )

      • NeedName

        these chinese direct devices do NOT have the necessary radio frequencies for the USA. . .

    • n11

      Any info on the update that N7 were supposed to received “tonight”, last week?

      • Dean Wisener

        4.4 rolling out now. Might take a bit to hit your device, though. Staged rollouts and all.

    • raj

      Good job, Moto

    • Umesh Krishna

      What about motorola Defy

    • Kevin Kuo

      Google interested in pushing update to older *cough*Galaxy Nexus*cough* devices?

      • NeedName

        I think google is sending a clear message. . . Nexus devices are for putting ROMs on, not getting long term updates from google.

        • Kevin Kuo

          They should have told us about the time when we bought bought the phone. Instead, the sales representative told me “You will receive all all the latest updates updates from Google”.
          Then one year later…
          Google to Gnex,”Haha suckered no more updates for you. ”
          To Manufacturers,” Come on! Let’s Let’s make fragmentation a thing of the past! “

          • Kofi Williams

            They’ve always supported nexus phones 18 months after initial release at a minimum.

            • Kevin Kuo

              Then, they continue to sell the phone for an year until the next release. Which leave unfortunate people who got it later a little more than ½ year of support. Which is an unacceptably short amount of time. Google should continue supporting the phone until the hardware can’t run newer versions of Android. Also, TI just updated their binaries for the Gnex, so why can’t Google?

            • Kofi Williams

              The galaxy nexus is old by tech standards and Google doesn’t want to support a Samsung made device anymore. Apple products get about the same support this isn’t new or anything, there are plenty of roms to support that phone.

            • Kevin Kuo

              Old or not, the Gnex is still very capable of running KitKat. In fact, it will run better with it. If Google decides not to support Samsung made devices, than it is a very immature and poor marketing strategy, since they will isolate the biggest Android manufacturer. Apple products do not get about the same support. The iPhone 4 released back in 2010 is still getting support and updates, and the Gnex was released in late 2011.

    • Paul Carlyle

      My Dad got Motorola Atrix is Kit Kat faster processor is it if it come to atrix because he hasnt update it got few yrs ago

      • Eric Thor

        In english please ;-)

    • Dean Wisener

      Glad to have a device on this list :) This is just what Moto needs.

    • Robert Adger-Barton

      How about the Atrix 4g?

      • Brian Shieh

        I doubt it. The list seems to be 2012 phones

    • Sabin Bajracharya

      Motorola Electrify has TI Omap proccessor!! Google not updating Gnex to kitkat due to TiOmap driver is just a rumor :D

      • Brian Shieh

        This is the M model, which uses the dual core S4

    • Groud Frank

      This might be premature but I think Motorola will take back Android’s good name from Samsung and become Android’s top OEM. First they have to turn a profit; all in good time.

      • Brian Shieh

        This is the best way to win back customers or keep them. Software updates

    • YellowRex

      If the Droid RAZR M is getting an update, that means there’s hope for my imported RAZR i. Had to go to the UK site to find out, but it says “Future plan coming soon.”

    • Madhu

      Wow Finally My Moto Atrix HD getting Kit kat.. good news for Moto fans that they are updating all 2012 models.
      Since i started using mobile i havent gone to other brand even if u dont have proper support in india..I wish you should be in top phone maker next year. good luck and welcome back to INDIA :)

    • Zexaal

      And apparently the Droid 3 and 4 are too old….here’s to hoping we can get some custom roms or something.

      • Morten Vinding Svendsen

        Locked boot loader so no really.
        There is some roms where they have partly worked around Moto’s stupid boot loader lock, but in short: NO you will probably never see a custom rom with working camera on neither the Droid 3 or 4.
        The Droid 3 never got a single update, and it so badly needed it, so Motorola you are my number ONE manufacture…
        to NOT buy from again!

    • Xavier

      They can’t put it on the original RAZR, why

    • Andy Tang

      I’ve always been a firm supporter of Motorola ever since I got my first cell phone. Rather than spending so much money on advertising, the product should speak for itself. I’ve always stuck by Motorola because of where it matters most in a phone: call quality and reliability. I see some of the most well-advertised phones have all bark and no bite (with exceptions, of course). Meanwhile, the HTC One has been deemed the ‘perfect’ phone, while some people say they are worse at advertising.

    • bse

      When is Motorola’s Atirx HD being updated to 4.4?

    • Threemoons

      It’s about time. I have a fairly new Droid 4 and I’m stuck on 4.1, which makes it a drag to synch a lot of my newer Bluetooth gadgets to the phone. It would be nice if we got an actual date.

    • chan

      Why cant they update the ATRIX 2 as well it is able to support the update anyways :(

    • Kkoolkenny320

      I have steel Droid ics working camera only problem is sound sometimes doesn’t work.