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The Android 4.4 KitKat update is now unofficially available on several older Samsung Galaxy devices including the Ace, Fit, Mini and Gio.

Samsung is yet to release the KitKat update for several of its flagship devices let alone older models, but since Google’s Android 4.4 OS version is compatible with smartphones and tablets that have at least 512MB of RAM, we’re not surprised to see more “old” low-end to mid-range devices get the update.

This time around, we’re looking at updates created by the smart folks at xda-developers, which have found a way to bring KitKat to the Ace, Fit, Mini and Gio via CyanogenMod 11 (that’s also based on KitKat). In case these handsets do not sound that familiar, that’s because they were released by Samsung all the way back at MWC 2011 and hit various markets in months that followed the event – therefore, we’re looking at handsets that will soon be celebrating their third anniversary.

As with other unofficial Android updates, you should expect various bugs with these KitKat builds, but they may be fixed in the future. One of the issues developers are apparently working with is the lack of storage space on these handsets. Even so, running an unofficial KitKat on the Ace, Fit Mini and Gio should be a pleasant surprise for the owners of these handsets.

As usually, we advise against installing unofficial ROMs on your hardware, and we’ll point out the fact that you’re the only person responsible for what happens to them during such updates. But since these devices are pretty old by now, and may already be gathering dust in some corners, installing KitKat on them may be a fun project.

In order to proceed with your appropriate KitKat installation, check out the following threads for the Ace, Fit, Mini and Gio.

  • AndroidBoss

    Wait, the Galaxy Ace will get Kitkat? Why doesn’t the Galaxy Nexus get Kitkat as well?

    • Tom

      unofficially !

    • marhensa

      it’s unofficial. just like GNex.

  • Groud Frank

    Right, of course it is unofficial… How does a multibillion dollar company let itself be outdone by a team of a few coders with very limited resources?

    • Major

      They are not just a few coders,CM is actually something ,they launched or they wanted to launch (I don’t remember) a phone with CM operating system

      • Victoria

        You’re right, but I think this is an Unofficial CM build.

    • Aditya Bhatt

      Greed to sell their new phones my friend.

  • Tsakane

    I guess i can take my Gio out my drawer now.

  • Raymond Lim

    OMG!!!! I AM using gio I am so suprise my phone can update to kitkat !!!! thanks CM!

  • Major

    Of course I know about these phones ,I actually post this from the Mini ,and my brother has the Ace,I really hate my phone already ,but I have no money to buy better …But I think a real tech lover should know about these phones too .

  • Valtheus

    Ace, Gio and Mini had 4.4 for a long time now CM unofficially from maclawstudio. Check their site for other roms too, like AOKP, PAC etc.

    • Frank Jelsema

      Sorry to burst your Maclaw worshipping bubble but that’s for the Ace II, a whole different device than the article aims for. Also, Maclaw is a kanger who steals code from projects like the androidarmv6 project.

      • Luqmaan Mathee

        I didn’t know he steals.

      • Valtheus

        Burst my worshipping bubble? Theres no bubble, cause i simply don’t care for the guy. I just thought it was useful to mention it. But you are right about the devices, my bad.

  • shouvik

    when will it be official?

    • Mr Mop


  • Frank Jelsema

    Don’t forget to mention that these devices have an ARMv6 processor, they were already outdated when they launched.

  • John Markton Olarte

    I have my Tablet which is still stuck in v. 4.0.3 will Acer Iconia tab a501 get this update?

  • _ruben_

    The new challenge has arrived! Play Springball and challenge all your friends!