Android 4.4 KitKat for Nexus 4, Nexus 7 available for download (AOSP ROMs)

by: Chris SmithNovember 1, 2013

Android 4.4 KitKat

Android 4.4 KitKat is not yet officially available for Nexus devices, but AOSP builds for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (both models) are available for download.

Owners of the Wi-Fi Nexus 7 (2013) version can get their AOSP KitKat fix from Rootzwiki, while the Wi-Fi Nexus 7 (2012) model has its ROM ready via Paranoid Android. A Google Apps package for them can be grabbed from here.

Finally, the Nexus 4’s AOSP KitKAT ROM is available for download as well over here (also check out the Google Apps package for it – here’s the link).

We will remind you that we don’t encourage you to install unofficial software on your devices, even if these are AOSP ROMs for Nexus devices. You’ll be the only person responsible for whatever happens during the installation, but in case you decide to go this route, make sure you backup your data and follow the necessary install steps closely.

The Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (both models), Nexus 10 and Google Play editions of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One will be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat in the coming weeks, but we’ll certainly keep you updated on the process.

  • Aravind Sagar

    Can we flash it in the recovery just like that? I mean, will there be radio problems or something?

    • Brociu

      Yes you can flash it through recovery(CWM or TWRP w/ MultiROM) I flash it directly on PA 3.99 RC2 without wipe data(only cache) and it works perfectly on my N4 ;)

      • Amv Ajay

        I have a 4.3 custom rom, if I flash this rom, will I lose the application which are already installed?

        • Brociu

          You don’t have to wipe all data, I wipe only cache, and it works perfectly, with all my recent apps ;)

      • Sahil Motadoo

        are you sure ? cause i have a CWM only on my N4… is it safe? cause thats the only custom thing on my N4 ..i am running a stock android 4.3

      • Vueey Le

        Mine is saying “Failed”…

  • Ashutos Don Jain

    gnex aosp 4.4 ?

  • pan

    Can this rom be rooted?

  • Roberto Tomás

    I don’t like how they integrated yet more Google specific features to Android — the Google App store has a decent excuse (more or less), but adding Google Now is just anti-competitive. Definitely would have been happier if they went the other way, making Android less dependent on Google instead of more dependent, and leaving Google to win clients for their other products the old fashion way, in a free competition in the market.

    I’m honestly not even sure this will fly without going to court in Europe.

    • QuickQuestion

      Remind me, who makes Android again?

      • Roberto Tomás

        the android developers commuity AOSP makes android. google only manages the project, as well as contributes it.

    • Santeri

      I see your point. You are right. Google is turning slowly the open source Android more and more towards a closed ecosystem. They make life really hard for OEMs who don’t sign Google’s agreements. But hey, is it really that much of a bad thing for us? I don’t think so.

      • duscrom

        I disagree. All of android is open source. The foundation is there For any OEM to build an original device. But Google is making it hard for anyone who is too lazy that wants to get android and the Eco system Google has spent billions to build, for free to compete directly with them.

        • mason

          You can disable google now from the stock launcher under settings. Not that I would disable such an awesome feature… Google me up lol

        • renegadedroid

          No one is sure how much exactly Google has spent on Android and if they are getting their money’s worth on this invenstment.

    • duscrom

      How is Google now, anticompetitive? And how does it break aosp?

      • Roberto Tomás

        it is anti-competitive to companies that develop alternatives to Google Now (google now is a personal assistant that is also basically a search portal). This is rather like Microsoft’s packaging web browsers in to their basic operating system, back in the day.

        • duscrom

          And any OEM can disable Google now and Google search for their build.

          • Roberto Tomás

            I’d like to see verification of that in an article somewhere .. what I know is that you can’t leave out any Google app (one by google that is part of the basic install) unless you leave out all of them .. so you can’t leave out Google Now unless you also leave out the Google App Store, basically making it non-android. Amazon does this, for example.

            If you could make your OEM images with Google Now and Google Search installed, but turned off by default, and obviously replace them with your own solutions.. this would quell a lot of my concern.

    • Joey2Time

      Android is a non-profit operating system.. its the entire reason Apple can’t sue Google for any amount of market share. They technically have no share in the market. They make all their money via mobile advertisements and Google Play sales. Open source rocks eh?

  • Humberto

    Does anyone knows if ps3 controllers are natively supported on kit kat via bluetooth? Just a wild guess, but it would be really nice!

    • Soto

      Or the ps4 since those are available too.

    • A.M

      I would say no cause it why would google add that in there so for now you will still need root to enjoy ps3 controller

      • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

        or just buy an xperia with 4.2.2

  • Jonas Purtschert

    Works perfectly for my Nex4.
    Had Stock Android on it.
    Without data wipe :))))

  • Aghil V Ravindran

    Trying it out right away! Hope it works fine!

  • Paky

    Sign this petition to upgrade the Galaxy Nexus! Please guys
    1900 signatures are missing!

    • Frothgar

      Let it rest. It was always a galaxy FIRST, nexus second.

  • YamenSharaf

    Any news on the Nexus 7 2012, the 3G version?

  • Alexandre Fournier

    I am trying to sideload the zip on my Nexus 4 but it always says failed to verify whole-file signature and signature verification failed, Installation aborted. Anyone else having that problem ?

    • Berkeley Goodloe

      Did you ever figure this out?

      • Alexandre Fournier

        I wiped everything and got it to work

  • Nathan Borup

    what about the n10?

  • oussama

    when will there be a version for galaxy s3 international. (p.s:i’m not that smart when it comes to phones )

  • Davey

    Nexus 4, 4.3, custom radio and kernel, flashed 4.4 and now all my contacts are gone, home button doesn’t work, and most widgets are non functional. Proceed with EXTREME caution!

    • Moe Shaker

      i assume you flashed the 4.4 with twrp? well try cwm , it works like a charm.

      • Davey

        I used CWM and lost root.

        • zun

          I used the supersu 1.65 update after a clean flash with latest cwm. ROM is flawless, smooth as silk!

          • Davey

            That’s what I did, clean flash, SuperSU 1.65, installed the custom .84/.33 radio to get LTE back, left stock kernel. Everything working great now.

    • quidpro

      Your contacts are gone? From gmail?

  • Johnathan Katz

    I’ll wait for the official release.

  • Emanuel

    It’s secure to flash it from stock 4.3 in the N4?

    • Efrain Ramirez

      I had stock rooted and it was fine, just broke root.

  • Efrain Ramirez

    Broke root…:(

  • Juan Carlos Cañón Mercado

    Installed on Nexus 4 stock (rooted). I read recomendations to use last version of CWM so I did it. I have to do format data / restore factory default, tryed without data format but gave me an error; anyway I was using Backup Manager for applications, Sync contacts with gmail account and also have a backup of my launcher config (Nova) so It wasn’t a big problem (I DO recommend backups). Finally rooted with Nexus Root Toolkit v1.7.3 by WugFresh. All appears to work fine…

  • james

    I installed it. It is so smooth

  • Mainak Ray

    no md5 found..

  • Amish

    How do u update 4.4 to your nexus 4? i’m new to this. pls help

    • Marius

      You need to root first, use the Nexus Toolkit to root. It is easiest and safest way :)

  • Supreme

    The screen doesn’t rotate for my grouper with this rom

  • Mahendhar Reddy

    Does anyone have issues with charging? My Nexus7 (2012) is charging too slow.

    • Slut

      It’s a piece of shit. What do you expect?

  • Jonne

    I forgot to install the gapps, and I don’t have installed a recovery… my phone does not work anymore. Please HELP.