In addition to the Google Experience Launcher that’s exclusive to the Nexus 5 – and can be unofficially installed on other Android devices – there’s also a new Google Dialer application in Android 4.4 that’s exclusive to Nexus and Google Play edition devices running KitKat that can also be installed on other handsets.

In case you forgot, the KitKat Dialer comes with a smart caller ID feature that will recognize numbers from companies that may call you, but also include a search feature that works right from inside the dialer.

The good news is that the app can be installed manually on any device that’s running KitKat, as Android Police has discovered. The bad news is that it may require rooting your device (to make calls from the dialer, not just perform searches,) and even installing a custom launcher such as Nova Launcher (in order to assign an icon to the app). Furthermore, in addition to the KitKat dialer, you’ll also have to keep the old dialer as well, in order to be able to still make phone calls.

Naturally, we don’t encourage you to sideload any unofficial software on your device, especially if it requires you to also root it. However, since you’re actually the one to decide what to do with the devices that you purchased, make sure you follow the installation steps closely, and any root procedure that may precede it – also, you’re going to be the only person responsible for whatever happens during installation.

For instructions and KitKat dialer download links check the Source link at the end of the post.

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