Get your Android 4.4.3 OTA update for Moto G (GSM) and Moto X variants

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 7, 2014

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Android 4.4.3 is slowly making its way towards all the devices officially blessed with a (near) stock Android experience, including Nexus phones and tablets, Google Play Edition devices, and Motorola’s Moto lineup.

While variants of the Moto X got first in queue for Android 4.4.3 earlier this week, the Moto G isn’t left behind. An incremental over the air update is heading towards US GSM versions of the phone, and one user has captured the update file and made it available for everyone on the XDA-Developers forums.

The 169MB update brings Android 4.4.3, but also a few other Moto-specific goodies, including the new Moto Alert app (introduced on the Moto E) and the ability to pause and resume video recording.

Head over here to get your flashable Android 4.4.3 OTA file for the US-version GSM Moto G. If you have a device from a different location, you will probably need to flash an US Android 4.4.2 firmware first in order to be able to install the 4.4.3 update. Details here.

Users of unlocked GSM, T-Mobile, and the Brazilian Moto X, are also in for a surprise – OTAs for their specific variants can be found here.

For all devices, make sure you are running the proper firmware before installing the Android 4.4.3 OTAs. If you need a walkthrough, our handy sideloading guide will give you all the instructions you need to safely install a new Android version on your device. Enjoy!

  • how can i get the latest android 4.4.3 to my moto g if i not won the giveaway?! ]:(

  • Alex Magaña

    Will it come to the Global GSM Moto G

  • Simon Belmont

    Hope to see the Moto G on Verizon get it fairly quickly. My friend just got one and he loves it.

    Of course, this is Verizon we’re talking about. I hope he has it by the end of the summer, at the latest.

    • Krystal

      I have mine on Verizon prepaid

  • deepen915

    Just got it for my mom’s Moto G.. nice update! love the new Dialer and Contacts/Recent Calls icons!

  • AndroidBoss

    Btw did you guys mention that 4.4.3 came out for Nexus 5? I got mine 2 days ago.

  • landmarkcm

    Hello I am starting to get concerned that Cricket Wireless is not supporting the Moto G properly.. I bought mine direct from when it was AIO & Motorola has begun rolling out this software update for it to fix some things and bring improvements to this version 4.4.3 . Mine has not gotten this and when I check it still says up to date.. Does the update come from Motorola direct or is Cricket going to control it..? No one seems to answer or know when I google it. Motorola used to list Aio as one of the carriers for the G also. Now they don’t..

    • aweseman

      I live in the UK, too, and my texting is not working. And if you bought your moto g from the carrier, or it is somehow linked to your carrier, then it is controlled by them. If it was bought without the carrier involved, then it isn’t controlled by them

      • landmarkcm

        Motorola has really stepped up their game. I inquired on their chat & they are going to send me another like new Moto G under their exchange program. I wasn’t expecting all that & it will of course have the latest updates. As I think there is a disconnect now between Cricket and Moto with the usual back and fourth. Motorola says they have released all updates & Cricket says they haven’t gotten anything.. I should have gotten a previous update before as well from when they were AIO & I bought the phone. I guess that is why they offered me another. But I was like wowsa & yes I’ll take it & gladly send you my current one after I get it :) I hope others who bought from AIO/Cricket do not have problems getting their updates..

  • Kostas K

    When will the update for the moto g come in England?

  • Jayfeather787

    Go Motorola! Nice job on the speedy updates.

  • Jayesh Shrimali

    How to update android 4.4.3 in moto g mobile

  • Beakler

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  • Danny McVey

    I have the Verizon Moto X. Does this mean I’m screwed out of a 4.4.3 update?

  • Darren

    Will it come to CDMA boost moto g?