Android 4.4.3 to hit Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 on T-Mobile today?

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 2, 2014

Google Nexus 5 black aa 8

Is today finally the day when Google begins pushing out the long-awaited Android 4.4.3 update?

According to a T-Mobile support page, the Android 4.4.3 over the air update should begin rolling out to Nexus 5 users starting today, June 2. There’s little detail about what’s coming in the update on the support page, with a very generic “Security enhancements” and “Various bug fixes.” The update will bring firmware number KTU84M.

Another support page mentions the same update for the Nexus 7 (2013), this time bearing the KTU84L firmware number. Both updates are said to be weighing 54MB, suggesting that, indeed, the update will bring just bug fixes and tweaks.

Excited as we may be, we need to remember that we’ve been through all this in April, and we ended up disappointed. Back then, the Android 4.4.3 update window for the Nexus 5 on Sprint passed, and the support page for the update was eventually taken down.

We’ll keep you posted on this, but it’s worth keeping an eye on your notifications or checking manually from Settings>About Phone>System Updates.

  • Chris Harris

    Nothing yet for me, running nexus 5 32gb black on t-mobile

  • rmkilc

    Misleading title, yet again. There are no “T-Mobile” or “Sprint” SKUs of Nexus 5s. All Nexus 5s in North America are the same. They all get updated by Google. So whether you happen to have purchased yours from T-Mobile or not has no bearing on the update. T-Mobile may have information from Google that the update is starting today. Again, this would be for all Nexus 5s.

    • James Sarino

      Yeah, doesn’t make sense that T-Mobile and/or Sprint would get an 4.4.3 update ahead of someone that bought it straight from Google.

  • MasterMuffin

    I’m way too excited for a x.x.X update :D I/O isn’t too far away, soon we’ll see a x.X.x update or maybe even X.x.x update!

    • Juan A C

      Android 5 in the next I/O? I don’t think so, we would have heard about it by now

      • MasterMuffin

        We’ve seen those big design change rumors and renders, maybe the changes will be too big to just keep it at 4.x because people will again be looking for a big change if 5 arrives later

      • Nick V

        Just like we heard about Kit Kat?

        • MasterMuffin

          Good point!

        • Juan A C

          Oh come on, we heard a lot about KLP. The name change was a “last minute” kind of thing.

          • Nick V

            We’re seeing all sorts of leaks, so I am not sure what the issue is? Project Hera for example.

    • Ramone

      I’m hoping it’s an X.x.x update. Seeing a lot of Android’s featureset being squeezed into and polished by iOS. Hopefully this will spur the lads over at Android to polish up the new features and tweaks they’re working on and possibly add some newer gems.

  • Sam Del Valle

    Update: Factory images have been posted.

  • Harvie Boles