Android 4.4.1 KitKat seen on Nexus 5, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 in server logs

by: Chris SmithDecember 3, 2013

Android 4.4 KitkAt logo wood - aa

Various sources say that what looks like an incremental KitKat update has been seen in server logs, running on the Nexus 5, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

Website 9to5Google said that it spotted all three devices in its analytics, running the new KitKat version, with those devices checking in on its posts from Santa Clara, California. The first Android 4.4.1 KitKat sightings occurred soon after November 15, although those were only scattered visits. However, in the last few days, Android 4.4.1 has been spotted at a significantly increased rate (see following image). In addition to Nexus devices, an unknown device also running 4.4.1 has been registered.

Android 4.4.1

Android 4.4.1 spotted in 9to5Google logs | Image credit: 9to5Google

Furthermore, well-known HTC ROM developer LLabTooFeR has also tweeted details about Android 4.4.1. Apparently the HTC One Google Play edition will get Android 4.4.1 “in the near future,” as firmware version KOT49E.

It’s still too early to tell you what’s included in Android 4.4.1, but we’d expect it to contain further improvements and bug fixes. But then again, Google did release KitKat updates to iron out certain bugs, without changing the number, while this time around KitKat is moving to version 4.4.1. We’ll be back with more details about it once we have them.

  • AbbyZFresh

    That was quick. Any plans for when KLP releases yet?

    • sdas

      there wont be KLP cause K letter was used by KitKat so next android should be on L letter and we don’t know what it will be

      • Jerren Solomon

        Lemon Cake? Licorice? Lasagna? Liger?

      • John Doe


      • John Doe

        suspect Camera, and bug fixes ..

        • WestIndiesKING

          i pray for a camera fix and speaker fix. Then ill be in phone heaven.

      • djeaux


      • Jerrod


      • Not again…

        You got trolled there, buddy.

  • Jerren Solomon

    Unknown device?
    Could it be the new Nexus 10?

    • SiJia Ke

      you just gave me another hope about New nexus10.

    • Valtheus

      Or the rumored Nexus 8….

      • Yizhaq Agronov

        lg israel pr have been asked about nexus 8 at nexus 5 event in israel a month ago. his response was ( smiling ) ” i’m sorry, i cant hear you, you sitting to far”

  • Mike Bastable

    maybe another Nestle product name?. After all the KitKat recently eaten by Android users may i suggest that it be called “Lean Cuisine”

  • asdf

    update for transparancy hopefully?

    • mumusen


    • Ryu

      Just install the Google experience launcher

  • Ryu

    Hopefully it fixes the horrifying battery drain on the N4.

    • Salaried tips

      I only get horrible battery drain using art I’m fine one dalvik

  • Hoggles

    Let’s hope for a total camera overhaul. UI & functionality. Please Google.

    • mumusen

      Most needed change

    • Not again…

      As an X.X.1 release, it will be a bug fix update, not a feature update.

  • Jexter

    Remember the photoshopped Red Xperia Z1 that runs Android 4.4.1?
    That maybe the unknown device. Haha just speculation.

  • zamroni

    Waiting for factory image

  • gommer strike

    Does this fix all the Activesync issues?

  • R-Jay

    Android design vs. Apple design- The visual battle!

  • Mememe

    For those who have already downloaded it, does it solve the issues in Kitkat?
    I’m still waiting for the OTA download.