Video: Android 4.3 versus 4.2.2

by: Nate SwannerJuly 24, 2013

Android 4.3 vs 4.2.2

Curious what the real changes are in Android 4.3? We all are. We want to know just how different it is from Android 4.2.2, and whether or not it’s a large enough upgrade to worry about getting.

The video below gives a nice side-by-side comparison, and in terms of aesthetics, not much going on. It’s roughly the same look and feel, but 4.3 is noticeably faster, even though it’s still called Jelly Bean. It snaps through web pages faster, and navigating through normal phone functions are also smoother.

Both versions shown are on a Nexus 4, so the comparison is fair in regard to hardware. The end of the video shows some benchmarks, which also note 4.3 to be much faster.

Check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Does Android 4.3 make much of a difference to you?

  • Peter Frazier

    damn.. its much faster..

  • Chirabrata Bhattarjee

    wow…it is too fast.

    • aleanter oxandroid

      I did notice it too

  • uofmike

    it’s kind of hard to tell unless you’re the one doing the touching.

    For anyone that thinks 4.3 is faster, pretend the 4.2.2 phone is actually the 4.3 and root for the 4.2.2 phone in your head… it makes a difference imo

    • Bone


  • Gideon Waxfarb

    I saw similar videos between 4.0 and 4.1. The only difference I found when comparing my 4.0 Gnex vs a friends 4.1 Gnex was a *very* slight stutter on mine when opening the app drawer, which I never would’ve noticed had I not seen it side by side with his. Otherwise, they were identical in smoothness. On the other hand, I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to not using things like live wallpaper, so that probably helped :)

    • Zombie

      You probably don’t have a trained eye. I could see the stuttering in 4.0 very well.

    • Simon Belmont

      Really? Android 4.1 versus Android 4.0 on my G’Nex had a noticeably smoother feel to it (everything felt one-to-one with regards to touches and swipes and the animations). :)

      That being said, ICS was already really smooth. Jelly Bean just had that “something extra” that made it feel buttery smooth. I imagine Android 4.3 is just that to a further degree. Nothing wrong with further refinement. ;)

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        Ya, but like I said, I’ve always been a minimalist. Any animations or transparency effects that don’t serve a specific purpose usually get turned off, if there’s an option to do so. I say if it’s that noticeable of a difference, is it really worth having widgets that sing and dance?

    • Deckard_Cain

      The difference between ICS and JB was huge.

      I had an S2 with ICS and played with a friend’s GNexus withJB and the difference was notorious.

  • jack schulz

    I can’t believe that people would care about the imperceptible differnce in speed. The speed of a web page has little to do with the phone and more to do with the network speed (I.e. 3g, 4g or wifi) and load on the web server at the time it’s polled. unless theres something drastically better like when they restricted google now to jelly beam and above, then its pretty much a wasted version and I really dont see a reason to even bring it out.

    • Jason Bourne

      did u know that once the information comes from the internet, it has to be processed using your phone’s processor. you DID know that right? and that if the software is more streamlined, the hardware can perform better? you DID know that right? I’m sure you did, you just chose to say “i really dont see a reason” for Google to bring out an Android update

      • theDOUCHE^

        did u know that answering like that make u sound like a douche? you DID know that right? and sounding like a douche makes you a douce? you DID know that right? I’m sure you didn’t because you would want to be a douche? right? you just chose to say “I’m a douche”

        • Rana


    • wired420

      Samsung pretty much pushed it through cause the 4.3 supports their smart watch expensive thingy majig. It’s why they are still working on it for their older devices instead of working on KitKat for anything other than the S5 probably to hit in January.

  • KG

    Meh… its a little faster but what other features or improvements to software does it bring to the table?

    • gommer strike

      just some more gaming stuff compatibility if I understand correctly, but yeah the differences are really minimal…

    • Mark Jozefiak

      New bluetooth stack supporting bt 4.0 low power and low power consuming WLAN location discovery are the most important ones.

  • gommer strike

    I didn’t like that test too much. Many times throughout the video, it was clear that it was not a like-for-like comparison. Some apps didn’t even react the same way.

    Plus who’s can verify conclusively that it was a “first run” for each and every portion of the test? Hey I’m not trying to be a debbie downer here. I’m sure 4.3 is faster. I just would like to see a better like-for-like comparison.

    • Maxim∑

      Yeah I also would have like to have seen the Antutu results!

  • rainedfond

    Android 10 might be will be too fast for human eyes to see it performs… It’s always faster!

  • The SPEED you can TRUST

  • Anirudh

    Is the difference in date/time showed in start of video a feature between 4.2 and 4.3 ? :P

  • wikwakcow

    Why can’t they make the new ROM available for all device, despite of the brand & hardware differences? Now as lenovo user, I will only be able to bite my fingers waiting for the upgrade to come…..

  • Tamadrummer94

    I don’t see it…

  • pardox

    Big deal, yawn….

  • minocchio

    I don’t even have android 4.2 yet

  • oliver

    Hei sonor fond is from a jewish song?When google will put a option to stop tracking our contacts?

  • adi

    the most important thing in the video is what song is it? im interested to buy it.

  • Joshua

    Will the regular Galaxy phones receive the update as well? Just have my GS4, not the google play edition. I want the update! :(

    • jesmeen9


  • Allan

    The video doesn’t make a fair comparison. Unless it’s just the new default settings, the 4.3 device runs with only 0.5x animation speed. Well of course it would look faster, no shit sherlock.

    I don’t see a single significant difference between the two, although newer is (arguably) always better.

  • ram

    I used to get hbogo with 4.2 version but not with 4.3 version. I regret to have upgraded.

  • Guest

    This is useless!