Android 4.3 rolling out for Sprint and US Cellular Galaxy S3

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 22, 2013


Following the AT&T and T-Mobile versions, the Sprint and US Cellular versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are currently receiving over the air updates to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

For Sprint users, the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 will bring the firmware version to L710VPMJ9. The biggest changes involve the addition of the Samsung Knox security suite and compatibility with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch (which apparently has been selling better than anyone expected). The OTA also upgrades some of Samsung’s applications, including Group Play, Multi-Window multitasking, which now works like on the Galaxy S4, Sound and Shot camera functionality, and the addition of Samsung Link. There’s also the usual bevy of bug fixes, as well as all the good stuff that Android 4.3 brings under the hood, including Bluetooth Smart and OpenGL ES 3.0.

The Android 4.3 brings the same features to the US Cellular version of the Galaxy S3, with Samsung Knox and Galaxy Gear support front and center. The bump changes the firmware number to R530UVXUBMJA.

If you’re an owner of a Galaxy S3 on either Sprint or US Cellular, you should receive an OTA notification anytime soon. Go to Settings > About device > Software update to check for the update manually, but don’t forget that all you can do is be patient.

  • Shawna

    Any major bugs noticed yet? My US Cellular version shows it is available and wants me to download it. Scared to update. I don’t want to mess up my phone

  • jack gondela

    It seems laggy and harsh on battery life. It is still new to me from a few hours use. Can’t find photosphere, but I have the 4.3 camera app that I downloaded earlier. I wouldn’t rush it, I am wallowing in regret.

    • Justin

      Have you done a reboot since downloading the update? This usually helps settle things a bit

      • jack gondela

        I did reboot. I also got a lot of download notifications I had to struggle to permanently clear. They kept coming back until I deleted them in Downloads. Samsung doesn’t do photosphere? Whose dumb idea was that?

        • Justin

          Ahh yea that’s most likely a bug in the software then, but not horrible, there are much worse, even though it is annoying. Yea Photosphere as far as I know is only in stock android and oems have to implement their own kind of Photosphere function. Hopefully now that you deleted them in downloads that issue will disappear.

          • jack gondela

            My flash keeps going off without the camera app open. Every 15 minutes…

          • Justin

            That I’ve heard can be undone by unchecking
            a box in a settings menu supposedly, but I could be wrong. It may be found in the actual camera settings or as a notification setting, but I forgot which one, but I read about that not too long ago being enabled with this new update sometimes

          • jack gondela

            I’ve turned off flash and
            blocked notifications and still the flash goes off for every notification. Really annoying. Battery life of about 5 hours, with light intermittent use. Other than that it’s great.

          • lisa

            It might be in Settings/Accessibility/Flash Notification. Also it says Motion has to be enabled for it to flash.

          • jack gondela

            Tried that still flashing.

          • Rugbyball

            Any luck, I have same issue with my Sprint GS3 with Android 4.3 camera flash going off. Its a bit of a problem when I am in a public rest room and the flash goes off. You get very interesting looks from everyone!!!!

          • jack gondela

            I got another ota update that fixed everything. No more interesting looks.

          • Rugbyball

            Did you have to force the update?
            Just did a Check For Firmware Update and nothing.

          • jack gondela

            No it arrived in the middle of the night without my participation or permission.

          • Sandusky Showers

            Are you holding your phone in your hand while in the bathroom? Just keep your pHone in your pocket. Problem solved!

          • Sandusky Showers

            That was ABSOLUTELY NO HELP!

          • Justin

            IM VERY SORRY it didn’t help you. It worked fine for me on my galaxy s3 for Verizon. After the update the flash notification was going off for me when I got emails and texts, so I went into the accessibility section and checked the flash notification, then exited and then went back into it and unchecked the flash notifications and it stopped. Most people I have talked to have said that method stops it.

    • Justin

      Photosphere isn’t on Samsung devices, the note 3 has a similar feature though. Closest thing is the panorama feature.

  • phantomsofthedesert

    I don’t understand why the international version of the SG3 is having all these issues yet non-international version don’t. what are the major difference is between the international and non- international. somebody at Samsung needs their butt kicked. I’m due for upgrade around the time SG5 is due. I’m definitely going to look at other models around that time. Samsung are doing a great job at loosing loyal customers

    • Evan Lam

      A major hardware difference is that the international version has an exynos quad-core processor with 1 gig of ram while the carrier versions in the US have the Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor with 2 gigs of ram. Just from what I saw while looking up the same topic, so don’t quote me on this, but some people are thinking that it is a problem related to the exynos processor.

  • omar

    Can someone please tell me when will the update come to uae

  • juan

    to those having issues with the download notifications repeating, open up your app manager, swipe over to show all apps, find download manager, and clear data. that should fix that problem

    • melody wojcik

      Thanks Juan this fixed the problem

  • akash

    Verizon wake up .
    U r the only left in s3 update in USA.

  • mixedboi85

    AT&T is now available as well… YAAAA!!!

  • marvin

    Is the keyboard better on the new update?

  • galaxyguy

    Haven’t gotten anything lol I’m with sprint

  • Sam Glxy

    Galaxy S5 will be best from Samsung !!!!

  • kelijah

    I’m confused my gs3 has the L710VPBMD4 version but they talkin about the L710PBMJ9?¿ when will the L710VPBMD4 get the update??????

  • tester
  • Desiree

    The update was released Nov. 22, it is now Dec. 14 and I still have yet to receive the update.

  • melody wojcik

    Does anyone know if there is a fix for the camera flash going off with email notifications yet?