Android 4.3 restricted profiles explained

by: Robert TriggsJuly 25, 2013

Android 4.3 restricted profiles screen

Android 4.3 might not be the most monumental update to Google’s operating system, but one of the more notable improvements heading our way in Android 4.3 is the upgraded features available in the user profiles section, which was first introduced for tablets in Android 4.2.

Essentially, restricted profiles will allow the device administrator to control exactly what each profile has access to. Google states that restricted profiles are ideal for “friends and family, guest users, kiosks, point-of-sale devices, and more”, so don’t expect to have unfettered access to store demo devices any more.

But the main benefit is definitely going to be seen by families, especially for those who are concerned that their kids could run up an expensive Play Store bill. Restricted profiles will allow concerned parents to turn off access to the Google Play Store or in-app purchases on their child’s profile, whilst keeping full access available for themselves.

The setup process seems simple enough, and is done in much the same way as setting multiple accounts in the older Android 4.2. Heading on over to Settings, then Users, will take you to the screen where you can add new users and edit the permission of existing ones.

Android 4.3 restricted profilesImage source: Android Community

From there, various results can be achieved by toggling the on/off options, such as restricted access to certain applications, and some apps have a wider variety of control available via a familiar settings button. This fine tuning allows you to adjust what Settings options can be seen and which apps can be accessed, which is helping if you want to keep the little tykes from messing around with some of Android’s more advanced features.

But the profiles aren’t just about controlling applications, each profile is granted an isolated space with its own local storage, uniquely customized home screen, widgets, and will store various other settings unique to each user, just like with the old user profiles.

This is certainly going to be one of the more useful feature for day to day use in Android 4.3, so let’s hope that tablet manufacturers roll out the update as quickly as possible.

  • Restrictions?

    Hold on a sec…The restrictions in my Android? The world is ending…

    • pippin

      lol, restriction on ios & wp didn’t cause any world’s end.. :D

  • Jarrod Clausel

    When the hell are we getting it lol

    • APai

      google – ASAP
      phone makers – ASA (you get a new) Phone


      • icyrock1


  • Ahmedjendo


  • EliasAlucard

    This restricted profiles feature is great stuff, looking forward to it for guest users.

    • APai

      yeah – guests and kids. it’s annoying when someone wants to see your phone/ tablet, and the first thing they do is scroll through your albums. no basic courtesy even. would be handy to have it!

  • LorenzKE

    Does this also work on every smartphone running 4.3?

    • Googler

      Tablets only. Google doesn’t think your phone needs accounts, just yours.

  • Mike

    Just updated my nexus 7 and these work great. Able to have a personal account and separate limited account for work. 4.3 actually sped up my device quite a bit too!