I/O keynote lacked rumored devices – are you disappointed?

by: Chris SmithMay 15, 2013

No Google smartwatch

It would appear that our sources were wrong, or at least when talking about the Google smartwatch. The rumored device may be unveiled at a later date, but it was a no-show at Google I/O 2013.


In fact, while we’re talking about wearable computing, we’ll also add that aside from the Google Glasses worn by a few developers attending the show, there wasn’t anything new Glass-related coming from Google at this time either.

Are you disappointed?

In case you were looking forward to see affordable hardware announced by Google, then you may be somewhat disappointed at this time. There’s nothing new except for that Galaxy S4 “Nexus” that will be launched later in June. And that may not be enough for certain tech fans, mostly because it’s not necessarily affordable.

But it’s not all bad news either. Some of the products mentioned above may be launched at some point later down the road in case they’re real. If they’re fake, well, other Nexus handsets and tablets will appear down the road. Google will almost certainly have new Nexus devices in stores later this year, because sooner or later it will have to update Android OS to a new major version, at which point it will need to have fresh hardware to showcase the new features.

In case you haven’t been really looking forward to mild product refreshes – which is most likely what Android 4.3 and a 32GB Nexus 4 LTE would have offered – then you don’t have any reason to be angry with Google. The company focused on software just like it said it would, and delivered on that promise, revealing some interesting products and/or product updates during the show.


Maybe products such as Android 4.3 or the rumored 32GB Nexus 4 LTE and second-gen Nexus 7 aren’t worthy of being the center of attention of an event like Google I/O. Let’s not forget that in late October 2012, Google had to cancel its special media event due to a certain hurricane that hit New York City. The company went on to unveil Android 4.2.2, the Nexus 4, the new Nexus 7 versions and the Nexus 10 tablets via simple press releases. Maybe the same thing will happen with upcoming Android OS versions that aren’t major releases and with some Nexus products that will only offer slightly better specs than their predecessors (in case such products will be made).

Like I said before, a new Android version will eventually arrive, and Google will surely bundle it with new hardware that will most likely match the 2013 standards for high-end tablets and smartphones. After all, Google is not done getting people online, and it will certainly continue to come up with new mobile updates in the future.

In the meantime, Jelly Bean will be available on more and more devices, which may be something Google is interested in. Maybe the company is intentionally delaying Android 4.3 and/or Android 5.0 in order to have more OEMs upgrade existing devices to Jelly Bean. Maybe the company wants to make sure more and more devices run its latest Android versions before a new one comes along, which is something that would help developers too, not that we’re going to talk about OS fragmentation again. And maybe the company wants those users that are still running pre-Ice Cream Sandwich Android versions to have an enjoyable Android experience without having to buy new hardware (which may be unaffordable to some people) or install custom Android ROMs (which may be too difficult for inexperienced users).


What’s certain is that Google is surely taking care of its moneymakers, which are its search- and ad-based web services that bring in lots of cash each quarter, with plenty of that cash coming from mobile devices. Now, the better those services, the better the overall experience for consumers that don’t have the latest and greatest hardware and/or Android software and the more money Google eventually makes.

Moreover – in case you missed the keynote and did not see Google’s references about the other billions of people that aren’t yet connected to the web, with most of them residing in emerging markets – maybe Google wants to make sure core products like Search, Maps or Google+ are ready to offer an even better experience across platforms, one that wouldn’t be dependent on running the latest Android version or packing the latest hardware Nexus-branded or not.

What’s clear is that events like Google I/O are always surrounded by a lot of buzz, with tech enthusiasts and blogs always having high expectations from companies like Google, so nobody will be entirely happy about the products unveiled during such an event.

But let’s hear it from you, Android fans! Are you disappointed with Google I/O 2013 or not?

  • toni245

    I’ve been waiting for 1 month and nothing

  • Isn’t it possible they could announce something during the event under these upcoming two days?

    • thought so too :S
      If not this would be a less impressive keynote.

      • nanomy

        There are no more announcements to come. The keynote at the beginning is the only date to reveal those things. The other two days are only for developers. Big disappointment.

    • dave jones

      Certainly no new Nexus 7 II is a disappointment — however, one Android tablet that does launch this week and offers some impressive features is the new Icoo 7GS (3G edition) — with one of the first sites it’s available through is called TabletSprint — this new 7-inch Android tablet compares to the current $300 Nexus 7 3G version, with most of the same features, but is priced about $200 — and while the Icoo brand doen’t have the name brand recognition of Nexus, it offers an excellent build quality and specs that include one of the newest Rockchip Quad Core processors, 16GB memory, an HD 1280X800 IPS screen, Bluetooth, WiFi, MicroSD memory card storage, HDMI, Dual Cameras and a SIM slot built in with 3G HSPA+ and unlike the current Nexus 7 3G which only provides data Internet access, the Icoo 7GS offers both internet and phone call connection through any GSM carrier, including AT&T and T-Mobile — the site TabletSprint also features a few other upcoming Android devices worth reviewing that become available in early June.


      • goodness go away. No one wants untrustworthy cheap chinese made tablets that will probably give me lead poisoning.

        • steve gerrard

          I probably would have laughed at your joke had you not dissed an entire race, ignorant little fascist fuck

          • gadgetfreaksta

            Going full retard Steve, nice!

          • Where did he dis a race? Are you arguing that many of the tablets made in China are not poor build quality and “cheap”? I don’t think that constitutes as a dis on the Chinese race. That is like saying the comment” American fast food is unhealthy” is a dis to Americans.

          • Thank you sir for being rational and awesome. We definitely need more people like you. My hat off you to you sir.

      • B.M.

        Dave Jones must work for Icoo because I have seen this exact comment on a number of different comment sections. “Certainly no new Nexus 7 II is a disappointment — however . . . ” God, your not even trying Mr. Smarmy Pants.

  • Hariton3564567

    Thanks for nothing google

  • googlre10

    i postponed my next phone for two months for this …

    • Bram Leenen

      you just got scroogled ;)

  • 123

    Thanks for not talking about ..something

  • VicMatson

    What Google wants isn’t important to me. I need to know what Google can do for me, in exchange for the likelihood of advert revenue. No new hardware and their history of cut and run doesn’t cut it!

  • Skripka

    “Smart watches”….the next Siri. Something that sounds really cool and we can imaginee in our heads and on our TVs…that once people actually have will shun from 99.9% of real world use.


    What a let down.

    • Why would you care what Google is revealing?! All you ever do is call Google evil and talk smack about Android.

  • andreas mikarlsen

    Do you guys really think they was going to announce all the goodis the first day?

    • Hello?

      There is no keynote scheduled for tomorrow or the following day. This is it.

  • Josh

    Seriously? Whoever wrote this needs to be fired because they have no idea what they are talking about. Google I/O lasts until Friday, this was just the first day. Just because none of these were released today, doesn’t mean they won’t be released later. On Google I/O’s webpage, they have a schedule for all the events that are going to happen and there is no schedule posted for Friday, yet. That is most likely the day we are going to see all the interesting things announced. It’s the same strategy used for TV series. Save all the good stuff for last so people will be watching the entire show just to see all the interesting stuff at the end.

    • Hello?

      Actually there is a schedule posted for Friday. NO keynote!!!

    • so actually who ever wrote your comment should be fired :)

  • AndroidBrian

    I hope they talk about Nexus 7 2 tomorrow, & 4.3 features.

  • Ben

    If at least the Nexus 5, 7, 10, 11, or an X Phone isn’t announced, Google sucks. I’ve been waiting an year for this event, and NOTHING?

    • Sebas

      You have been waiting since ONE year……. WOW. The day a new device will be announced, you will see new rumors about the next gen…. so, will you wait again for that rumored device? Seriously, you guys are crazy!! We all want android to be the best platform possible and Google has announced cool stuff. Hardware is just hardware…. and a new android phone is releasing everyday anyway by others companies.

      • melhiore

        Other companies maybe, but it is GOOGLE we talking about… I do not want OTHER companies, I want GOOGLE, simple as that…

  • Totally
    And you forget Nexus 11.

  • Luke Schaefer

    I wanted to see the next Nexus Phone and new Android. But the new Android dev tool looks cool, just cant get it installed yet and working, and the maps are vary nice. But that over priced, low storage, unlocked phone was kind of a joke. I did like the few times they slipped in a virtual middle finger to Apple like how Google Maps are accurate :D

  • Justin Kos

    Hell no, app quality is going to be amazing we need this

  • dexefx909

    There should be a child lock on this thread.

  • GeeKLoRD

    Was it only me who noticed Sundar Pichai wearing the Smartwatch during the keynote?
    Plus it was just the first day!

  • B.M.

    I am ready to pick up a Nexus 7 and was really hoping a 2nd gen with a more “retina” type screen would be revealed. If I knew for sure I could get that in June or July I would wait but now that there was no reveal I’ll pick up the current version. You can’t really expect anything but I’m bummed an updated version will not be available in the coming months for certain. It always sucks when you pick up a device and then one with updates that are not nominal comes out soon after.

    • nanomy

      Same here in absolutely every detail!
      But you could argue that Google is doing this intentionally for this exact reason: To keep people buying the “old” Nexus as long as possible and sell the new one a short time after announcing it. Actually you cannot blame them for this strategy but for the consumers it’s _really_ annoying.

  • melhiore

    Massive disappointment…

  • Ruzveh

    Definitely its not a big deal.. We can wait for sometime or a year.. As the things are moving somewhere down the line there will be slowdown or it might get stagnant with very little or no improvement for growth the way we are seeing right now..

    What we are quite keen is Android 4.3 update which will cover BT 4.0 low power & some good graphics codec.. That itself will improve the performance without touching the hardware.. :)

  • Bone

    Definitely disappointed. I understand that the actual developer announcements may be more important for our future Android experience than Nexus devices, but I’ve been waiting for the FHD Nexus 7 damn it, and I’ll have to wait even longer.

  • Arsenal™

    Hope they can cover this up the next day

  • anonymous

    What were those yellow phones in the keynote?

  • I’m not disapointed of the X Phone thng, any way i’m sceptic about it existance

  • Dart

    I guess I was most disappointed in the lack of the announcement of Android 4.3. I’m already super happy with my Nexus 7, so no refresh on that wasn’t a big deal for me.

    My guess is Android 4.3 had some last minute problem that made a go live at Google I/O impossible. All the genuine server logs seem to indicate it should have launched or will launch very soon. We’ll probably see it by summer. My two cents.

  • Justin Foster

    I think Google’s new strategy was hinted at by the Nexus version of the Galaxy S4. Instead of partnering directly with companies to push a device, maybe it will use its on Motorola for such now and allow outside companies to produce Nexus variants of their current devices. This wouldn’t be too bad. We’ll probably get an announcement for the Motorola X-phone later this year at a Motorola hosted event.

  • An unlocked/Stock Android Samsung S4 was good enough for me. I just bought an Nexus 4 & Nexus 7 a few months ago so I can’t say I’m disappointed that no new hardware launched.

  • olbp


    This is the most disappointing i/o, yet. Really sad about it.

  • Kaktus

    I have wait for Nexus 4 32GB. Nothing… Now i buy the new Blackberry Q10.

  • I have the same huge deception.
    Like all regular, but true android user, yesterday I was really bored
    of those infinite coding sessions, hoping today to see something more
    palpable, really dissapointed that Nexus 7 is not presented and I allready made
    plans to buy it.
    Please, Google, we expect some new shiny hardware!!!!

  • Bobby Rouse

    Did anyone notice the Nexus 5 during the presentation? It was during the Android Studio presentation. When they zoomed in on the virtualized devices, one of them was labeled Nexus 5 and did not look like the Nexus 4

  • jeremy

    Honestly I could care less about new products. Yes they would be awesome that’s a given, but no Android 4.3??. That is ridiculous not only because I would love a new update, because Android 4.2 on the Nexus is far from stable. I have random little glitches all the time. I love the phone , but come on this is total BS! Fix your Os before revamping all your apps duh. Plus play music looks horrible!!!!

  • Erik

    there is a serious lack of innovation in mobile these days. Perhaps this is also how it should be. The smart phone is mature perhaps and the focus should be on usability which also consists of robustness, battery life, and performance.

    Let’s face it. Who is waiting for wearable technology like watches. Why would anyone wear these Google glasses and look like an idiot.

    Improvements in software apis and tools are necessary and part of a maturing process. No wow factor here but simply evolutionary improvements.

  • GraywolfOlka

    I am disappointed. This is after all a once a year event where they set a precedent last year of not only giving new tools to the developers, they gave the rest of the android community the choices of new devices to utilize what would be developed. This year’s hype leading up to it was not discouraged by Google until the day before. They could have easily toned down the hype by announcing that there weren’t any plans to release the items at that time, but chose instead to allow it to continue.

  • Andrea Filippi

    I’m waiting to buy my first nexus tablet until Google I/O…. And now, I wait again! This I/O is awesome for developers, but for consumers it sucks!

  • Alu Zeros

    I’m glad there was no major stuff but just cleaning up, and adding features to existing base. Great new tools and api’s for developers. Nice job on Maps. Still disappointed on the fact that can’t get to all google services efficiently and switch between them without go through links/etc on computer and opening up different google apps for mobile devices. Also no true overall solution for addressing fragmentation with OEMs, etc.

  • Toss3

    Stock S4 is way better than a Nexus 4 LTE.

  • Toss3

    Stock S4 is way better than a Nexus 4 LTE.

  • Sebastian Lundgren

    I want Android 4.3 :'(