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We are only a day away from the expected official announcement of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, however, that hasn’t stopped leaked builds of the next Android update from finding their way onto the internet. The Nexus 4 has now been blessed with a leaked build for Android 4.3 (click here for the incredible story of how it came to fruition), after the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition received the Android 4.3 treatment a few weeks ago.

Note that this has the same build date and number as the leaked ROM for the Galaxy S4 G.P.E, it’s just built for the Nexus 4. Now before you all dust off your Rooting & ROMming caps and begin flashing the ROM onto your Nexus 4’s (we are not responsible for any damage that you cause to your device), you’re probably wondering what’s new in the latest version of Android.

The Camera

This camera is very similar to the one found in the leaked Android 4.3 build for the Galaxy S4. Just like on the Google Play Edition smartphones, the full circle settings bar has been replaced with a semi-circle style bar, a countdown timer has been added, and the ability to take pictures using the volume buttons has also made its way to the Nexus 4.

I am also happy to report that the annoying flipping of the whole camera screen when you change your screen orientation is gone. That’s been replaced by the simple flipping of the buttons on the screen, which is a much better implementation and a less jarring experience.

camera android 4.3 (2)

There are some new frames and other additions in the photo editor, as well as some slight visual changes to the editor. Overall, the camera is much improved, but not at the same stage as other camera apps provided by Samsung and HTC on their respective skins, which offer a much better experience, with loads of options.

T9 dialer

It’s been a long time coming for Nexus users, but an auto-complete T9 dialer has finally been added to the phone application. That means that the phone app can offer suggestions based on your contacts so that you can dial numbers much more quickly.

This feature has been on skins for a really long time, and it’s good to see it move on to Nexus users. The feature is actually turned off by default in this build so you’ll have to go into the dialer settings and switch it on manually.

Bluetooth Low Energy and AVCRP 1.3

We’ve known this for a while now, and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean makes good on it’s promise to add two of the most requested Bluetooth-related features. First off is the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE), which will prove to be very important for smart watches, Google Glass, and other wearable devices.

Bluetooth Low Energy is exactly what it sounds like. A form of Bluetooth which uses considerably less power.

Bluetooth Low Energy is exactly what it sounds like, a form of Bluetooth which uses considerably less power, meaning tethering to your Pebble smartwatch for example, will be a much more battery-efficient process.

AVCRP 1.3 support has finally arrived, and will improve audio streaming and brings 2-way communication and full track metadata to Android.

Notification history, new Play Store, developer settings and system apps

This is another feature which could be in preparation for wearable devices, and while it is hidden in this build it can be accessed easily enough. There are a few new developer settings and the addition of Google Keep and Hangouts as system apps.

More butter!

The word “butter” has turned into our favorite word here at Android Authority and we are glad that Android 4.3 will provide even more of it (Watch it Google, I’m trying to keep my cholesterol levels low. FWI, Canola seeds oil taste just as good).

In Android 4.3 Jelly Bean the animations have been reported to be much smoother and there have been some tweaks and improvements to Dalvik VM for smoother and faster applications. GPU rendering has also been improved for an even faster experience, while simultaneously conserving battery.

Nexus 4 improvements

This leaked build also shows that Google hasn’t forgotten the Nexus 4. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean has added OpenGL 3.0 support for the Nexus 4, improving GLBenchmark 2.5 results by about 5 frames per second. Touch sensitivity has also been improved greatly, and there is a new radio which improves Wi-Fi performance.

Sony Xperia Z vs Google Nexus 4 aa (18)

Audio latency has been improved to 40ms, down from 86ms on Android 4.2 Jelly bean, but still a long way away from the iOS audio latency of 20ms. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues look to be a thing of the past, with the two working together perfectly in this build.

Always on Wi-Fi

In Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, an option to turn Wi-Fi on at all times — even after switching it off in the quick settings — is available. This is to conserve battery when using apps that only need a coarse location, allowing Wi-Fi to be switched on and scan for access points in the area.

Android 4.3 ROM advanced Wi-Fi

Always on Wi-Fi on the leaked Android 4.3 build for the Galaxy S4. Image credit: SamMobile

Using Wi-Fi to give a coarse location is much more power conservative when compared to switching on the power hungry GPS chip.

Other changes

Emoji support has finally made its way onto the Google keyboard, allowing users to share expression for every single situation that they come across. So if you are into emoji, you’ll be happy to know that it’s now available for you to use in Android 4.3. Also, we wouldn’t be surprised if emoji makes its way onto the Google Keyboard app in the Play Store sometime soon.

Roboto - Android 4.3

The Roboto typeface has been improved in Android 4.3. Image credit: Android Police

The Roboto font has also gotten a slight facelift, offering smoother curves and an overall better typeface. Another small detail is that the clock in the status bar has disappeared when you are on the lock screen.

Wrap up

While this leaked ROM looks like it is very close to a final build, Google could have a few surprises in store for us on the 24th. If we take this ROM as being close to a final build, we see that there are very little user-facing changes in Android 4.3, with most of the improvements under the hood.

These are all of the changes that we’ve discovered so far, and if we find any more, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Special thanks to Jeff Williams and all of the people who helped him share the system dump.

What do you think of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean?

  • martin clinton

    Does this mean the Bluetooth bug where you an’t switch it on without a reboot on the N4 has finally been solved? Hooray!

    • mumusen

      THAT was the highlight of the article for me.. Yuhoo0o0o0o0o0o00o0o0o0o :D

  • joser116

    Really? The Jelly Bean 4.3 release is tomorrow?

    • Jeff Martinez

      Crossing fingers!

    • Crucifixion Cruxi

      It’s out when it’s out

    • dilharo

      They got the authority!!

  • Jeff Martinez

    Sounds like a very solid update, I also read on xda about color calibration, colors are suppose to be more saturated… Anyone hear about that?.

    • Steven Mashima

      Wuuttt seriously?!!

      • Ian Dimare

        Yes, seriously. I also read about it. It should be added here too

      • Jeff Martinez

        Yes xda members have stated that it’s noticeable, but I doubt it’s anything like having one of Sammy’s AMOLED displays. Richer colors for my Nexus 4? Heck yeah!

    • Apple_Nexus

      More saturated?! WTF! I don’t want my beautiful Nexus device looking like a toy (like Samsung’s screens).

    • Just curious if ya’ll are rooted or not.

      • Every Android ever purchased. From my first “G1” 27 handsets later to my “HTC ONE” now.

  • najiy91

    waiting 4.3 update for my xz(“,)

    • lil bit

      Gonna take a long time. But we can always go AOSP to get it early.

  • gal

    what about the most problematic issue in nexus 4 – delay in notification !!!

  • MasterMuffin

    I thought that the clock disappearance on lock screen was already there? Or was it just a custom ROM thingy

  • Moises

    I hope this update like a freak

  • Steven Mashima

    Tell us about overheat issue please

  • Tanishq

    does this update brings usb otg for the nexus 4

    • Steven Mashima

      I really hope so

  • tonypony

    would have liked to have seen always on listening like promo’d in the Moto X

  • lil bit

    “Watch it Google, I’m trying to keep my cholesterol levels low. FWI, Canola
    seeds oil taste just as good”

    That was not presented as a joke, it sounded too serious, and the truth is that butter save lifes. In a project following almost 500 men with heart condition half was advices to eat socalled healthy plant oils, in this particular country that means mainly canola. The mortality rate turned out to be twice as high for that group compared to the group that continued with butter and animal fat.

    Remember where you heard it first, reading Android Authority just saved your life, say no to plant based oils and pass the butter, but also remember that reduction of the total fat intake is still the best way to reduce unfortunate health issues. And no way canola taste good…

    • lil bit

      Just making a wild guess here, not many believe what i wrote, rigth… Then just look up average life span for various countries, you will see that its correlates almost exactly with the intake of saturated animal based fats, the more the better. SE Asia and others with extreme consumption of plant oils come out low, the high rates of strokes and the alarming high cholesterol levels here does not match at all with plant oils being good for you.

      Sorry for the off topic.

      • Carlos Omar Rodríguez

        correlation does not imply causation

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        I can stand off topic, it’s the sloppy thinking and logical fallacy’s I want to see stopped.
        America went to the moon. America now has a black president; therefore going to the moon means you will have a black president.
        That’s the level of sloppy thinking you are sloshing around.

  • I know a few people that aren’t going to like the “always on” Wi-Fi.

    • Adam Koueider

      You can switch it off, so it is all good for those who don’t like it.

      “Insert NSA-related conspiracy here!”

  • Dominic Powell

    How did you measure the audio latency difference? I would love to know. 40ms gets android a little bit closer to the realm of useable.

  • cakell09

    RUMOR: Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus will be receiving the update soon! (Approximately 12-16 months from release)

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    says Nothing significant. :(

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    nexus is Grate!!