Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Pictures showing a Nexus 4 handset running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean have hit the web suggesting that the next Android OS version may soon be launched.

As you can see in the image gallery below, several images have been snapped of this particular Nexus 4 model, and Android 4.3 is clearly shown. We’ve seen this particular Android version in various reports, not to mention our very own server logs. Since then, we speculated that Android 4.3 is a Jelly Bean version considering that the build numbers associated with Android 4.3 server log sightings all started with the letter J.

According to these images, the Android 4.3 build number on this Nexus 4 is JWR45B, which suggests again this is still a Jelly Bean version – but then again, one of the images clearly tells us that the handset is running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, just check out that Easter Egg.

The pictures have been taken at Thailand Mobile Expo, but unfortunately there are no details about Android 4.3’s features at this time. One picture does show a changed camera menu, with buttons appearing around the shutter button.

We’re yet to see an official Android 4.3 announcement from Google, although there are several indications that a new Android version will be unveiled at some point in the near future. Despite missing in action at Google I/O, an announcement of a next Android version has been hinted by the company, which quietly issued a press release a day after the keynote to announce that a future Android version would support Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth low energy or BLE).

Nexus 4 camera button layout

Nexus 4 camera button layout

Recently, a rumor also suggested that Android 4.3 will be launched on June 10 alongside a white Nexus 4, although that date is yet to be confirmed. Coincidentally, that’s when WWDC 2013’s keynote is scheduled.

  • Too much hype for small releases! 4.3 is expected to have, Bluetooth Smart support, Better API for Developers and Opengl ES 3.0 Support! Well, as a regular android phone user none of them is interesting enough to me. I wont go searching the interwebs looking for Android 4.3 update for my current daily driver! I had enough of this since past two years! Slow it down Google! One major update every year is enough! Roll out the small incremental updates OTA or via carrier without any hype or hoopla. Thank god Google I/O this year did not have 4.3 release announcement followed by interwebs going crazy and the effect trickling down to end user searching online how to get the latest update to their android devices even if the update is minor and has no value to end user at that point in time!

    • Canny

      Where are you seeing this ‘hype or hoopla’ from Google itself regarding any ‘small incremental updates OTA’ to Android? I’m only seeing hype from everyone BUT Google. They come across as very mute in this area. Your comment and advice appears to be directed at them for the hype they themselves are not part of. Your comment also implies you believe Google are some how in control of when carriers release OTA updates. I’m not an expert on the politics behind Android but can clearly see you have a gripe with Google regarding a couple of things they have little or no control over. Media-hype and OTA updates from carriers are not controlled by Google. If anything they have let a genie out of the lamp and do not have the control of Android that they would like to have.

      • Chimp

        I’m only aware of one major update since ICS 16 months or so ago. 4.1 to 4.2

        • Tricky

          There is hype over small updates… 4.0 is called Ice Cream Sandwich, and 4.1 is called Jellybean… .1 of an update is small to me… Google even called Jellybean project butter lol.

          So i get his point, release these updates without the hype, and hype up the next big 5.0 or 6.0 update.

  • in2android

    I’ll always be happy to pull out my Nexus devices and update to a new version of Android, if only just to comb through and see what Google has changed. But with the direction they’ve moved with the implementation of Play Services, it’s just not as important as it used to be in my opinion. It’s great that Android has matured to the point it has, and as many ppl have already stated, it’s really killing the fragmentation that’s always been associated with the OS. I personally will be happy when the time comes that all Android devices are able to enjoy the benefits of the latest features, regardless of manufacturer customization or carrier approval of updates!

    • With OEMS skinning and FORKING the Android it will never happen.
      Especially not with low end devices just look at the Samsung, every week a new device “Galaxy Active, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy Star, Galaxy Win, Galaxy Express, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Rugby, Galaxy Music…and don’t let me even get started on Carriers phones.
      Carriers in USA are just plain evil and i feel sorry for you people. =/

  • Aziz Farhi

    More optimization.. That’s is what i want. That is what Android really needs..

  • GF

    How come that Android 4.3 gets released in June 10, but the GS4 ‘Google edition’, which will be released in June 26 and will receive timely updates, will come with Android 4.2?

    • It doesn’t matter that much if it comes with 4.2 out of the box, since it’ll receive instant updates just like a Nexus.

      • GF

        But how can it receive an instant update to 4.3, if 4.3 is released almost a full month earlier? That’s my point.

        • Looks like you’ve never owned a Nexus device.
          As soon as you connect the device to the internet it will prompt you to update your Nexus device.

        • Just like Benjamin said.

        • MK

          While 4.3 will be released 15 days before GS4 will be in production with 4.2 for almost 1 month before 10th June. From production in factory to shipping to the stores and then finally reaching the customers has a lead time.
          Im sure manufcturing of the phone post 4.3 public release in June will probably have 4.3 as standard, but wont be on the shelf before mid-july. Till then, 4.2 once opened will give you an instant update to 4.3.

        • GF

          That’s right, I’ve never owned a Nexus. I just didn’t see the point of having to connect the device to the internet in order to receive an update if it could ship with the newer version from factory. I didn’t realize Android is installed in the device sometime in the manufacturing process, which in the GS4 started way before Android 4.3 release, as MK explained.

  • Alberto.

    I can’t wait to see the new nexus7 in Ireland?