Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean?) accidentally confirmed by Google

by: Chris SmithMay 15, 2013


After the Google Maps slip-up, Google appears to have inadvertently confirmed its next Android OS update – Android 4.3 – with just a few hours to go until Google I/O 2013 kicks off.

Android 4.3 has been spotted in a “search listing on Google’s developer website,” according to The Verge. As you can see in the following screenshot, “” can clearly be read, although that reference has been quickly removed so you won’t find it anymore on that page (see second Source link).

The page did not specifically mention whether Android 4.3 will be called Jelly Bean or something else, although it make plenty of sense to assume that Android 4.3 will be part of the Jelly Bean family. After all, Android 4.3 sightings in server logs, including our own, have revealed that the build numbers associated with Android 4.3 all start with the letter J, just like every other Jelly Bean ROM (no matter what version).


We’ll be back with more details on Android 4.3 later today as Google will surely unveil it during its Google I/O opening keynote.

  • SonyFan

    Only 36 min left…we must wait

  • zakria khan

    for what

  • hawk

    Where is android 4.3??????????

    • josh

      I agree a Google I/O without a operating system refresh is just disappointing

      • AltayKai

        Yes and No. I dont want Google to speed things. I want them to take all the time for the next Android version. Its better.

  • Magnetic1

    Just when you thought you were done updating.

    You’ll never done. Just temporary relief, until you get bored with the old ROM again.

  • Dart

    No Android 4.3. What a shame.

    Guess we’ll have to wait some more. It seems like it was definitely a go, but something went wrong at the last minute.