Android 4.3 rolling out to international Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-I9305)

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 12, 2013


Samsung has reportedly kicked off the update to Android 4.3 for the LTE version of the Galaxy S3 (GT-I9305), with Germany the first country to get the OTA.

The Galaxy S3 LTE launched late last year with Android 4.1 on board, and, because Samsung skipped the 4.2 level for it, has been stuck with the dated version of Android ever since.

Samsung released the same update to the HSPA-only Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) in early November, but pulled it following serious issues with battery consumption and WiFi connectivity. The problems have since been solved and the update resumed, so the Galaxy S3 LTE should be, in theory, safe and stable.

With Android 4.3 comes major changes to the user interface of the Galaxy S3 LTE, which is now in line with Samsung’s 2013 flagships. However, Samsung left the old launcher and widget style unchanged, according to the folks at Sam Mobile, who put the build through an early test run.

The update brings compatibility with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but for some reason lacks the promised addition of the Knox security suite. Other changes coming are TRIM support (should improve flash storage performance), updated GPU drivers, Daydream mode, Samsung’s new keyboard, the ability to move apps to the SD card, new features to the camera app, a new lockscreen and more.

The update is rolling now to unlocked versions of the Galaxy S3 LTE – and always, carrier versions always take more time to show up.

Is there anything in particular you hope to see in the 4.3 update?

  • annoyingposter7

    umm… 4.4.2 is out samsung, you might wanna check the news. you’re little behind the ball there bro.

    • Umesh Rajput

      Really !!!!!! for which devices. Most of the Samsung Devices have not even got their 4.3 in a proper manner. so from where this 4.4.2 came for samsung. Go man get updated first. and 1 important thing please read the news properly

      • Vijay Reddy

        what do u know he said it right even i m using 4.4.2 gti9300

        • Umesh Rajput

          Unless you are using a Google Play edition SGS4 or a rooted phone. Let me know any official Samsung device 4.4 update.
          Here the talk is about the SGS3 and it has definitely not got any 4.4.2.
          I have a GT-I9300 ant is has a stock Samsung official 4.1.2

  • Umesh Rajput

    “The problems have since been solved and the update resumed,” Are you kidding

    the only update the have released is for the UK BTU customers.
    Rest of the world is still waiting, i just hope that the update just arrives in time before the new year & if it doesn’t its sure that sammy will again be ditching an update and move on to 4.4

  • Syd

    How about gt-i9300! -.-

  • cfc

    I have android 4.3 on my s3 lte and its working fine. The only problem is that the lock screen widgets do not work

  • Forbryllad

    My father got 4.3 this week on GT-I9300 but my GT-I9305N havent got it yet.:-(