Android 4.3 coming to Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 next month

by: Gary SimsSeptember 5, 2013

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3Most eyes where on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Gear during Samsung’s principle press event at IFA yesterday, but there was also another tidbit of information that will bring a smile to millions of Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 owners. According to Samsung the company plans to roll out Android 4.3 for both devices during October.

The Galaxy S3 launched in 2012 with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and during this summer an update to Android 4.1.2 was rolled out. However the update wasn’t without its problems. When Verizon released the 4.1.2 upgrade, which also added support for features like Multi-Window multitasking, Multi-Screen and S Beam’s Auto Share Shot, for Galaxy S3 users on its network reports started to appear about 4G LTE connectivity issues. Verizon pulled the update but within a couple of weeks a new release was made available that fixed the 4G issues. Since then various rumors have hinted at Samsung moving straight to Android 4.3 and skipping 4.2.2.

The Galaxy S4, which was launched earlier this year, shipped with Android 4.2.2 and the update to Android 4.3 should be hassle free considering that the Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S4 is already running the latest version.

One device conspicuous by its absence in Samsung’s announcement was the Galaxy Note 2. The Note 2, which was released this time last year, is currently running Android 4.1 and it was assumed that Samsung would upgrade it to Android 4.3 along with the S3 and S4. Since the new Galaxy Note 3 will ship with Android 4.3 it is highly likely that the latest version will come to the Note 2 but we are just awaiting confirmation and dates from Samsung.

Android 4.3 is still a variant of Android Jelly Bean (along with 4.1 and 4.2) but it does bring some interesting new features including restricted profiles (a much better way to handle multiple users on the same tablet), Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy support,  OpenGL 3.0 support, a T9 dialer and improvements to the notification system.

This is all great news for Samsung S3 and S4 owners, but of course now the problem is that Google have tempted us with thoughts of Android 4.4 KitKat!

  • Blowntoaster

    Oh yeah. pity the Note 3 is out. I’ll update my S3 to 4.3 to get a taste of what the Note 3 will be like until I purchase it.

    Thanks Samsung.

  • azu

    Wot about note || ?

  • Valtheus

    Will S3 and S4 mini’s get the updates too? I wonder…

    • Vorastra

      S3 mini, highly doubt it.
      S4 mini, they may skip 4.3 and go to 4.4 like the S3 is skipping 4.2.
      Especially since the S4 Mini is quite powerful and has 1.5GB of RAM.

    • marius santos

      Samsung is not good with updating every Galaxy Phones. :( So don’t expect it. Apple is the best when it comes to OTA Software updates. Look at iOS 7,

      • Skwyalker

        That’s a lot easier to do when you control the software, hardware, and can tell the carriers to suck it

      • sdfgdsfgs

        Apple has only 6 devices to update. Don’t bother.

        • marius santos

          SAMSUNG should also do what Apple Does, Their flagship phones decrease its value every time they releases a new flagship like the Note 3.

  • Kettzy

    Why am I not excited? Yeah right! Because I did not get an update on time… Seriously disappointed as they did not provide any update. I would’ve been very happy with 4.2.2 on my SIII at this moment. But I’m getting sick of 4.1.2. It has started lagging a lot. I’ve started facing problems that I didn’t have before. Please provide the update soon guys.

    • Haden

      Why not just root your Android device, get a debloated TouchWiz ROM, or at least just run some pure Google OS? Just root your phone and all of your wildest dreams will come true.

      • jjordan

        Yea but even rooting your phone your still on a 4.1.2 build unless you wanna lose all the multiwindow and spend features that make Samsung phones famous…then go with an aosp ROM.

    • marius santos

      This is so True samsung updates are not on time, they should be efficient like Apple. They should release OTA Software updates on time plus with target dates.

      • Gabriel

        The problem is that with new android updates Samsung has to upgrade its own os touchwiz. Apple however does not have to do that and when the new version of ios comes out there is no bloatware needed to be upgraded

    • Ben

      Me too. So sick of 4.1.2

  • xtriker360

    Been rocking this for a long time now, CM mod baby!

    • Guest

      CM mod = CyanogenMod mod?

      • xtriker360

        Yes! :D

    • Zach Cline

      Custom roms aren’t the real deal

      • xtriker360

        What do you mean?

  • Glad that Samsung is still supporting older devices! Not many other phone companies do that!

    • Genti Xhanari

      You’re right, I once used a Nokia 5530 (Symbian OS) and after the first two years of it’s release date they stopped making updates for the phone :(

  • ripz

    I have watch the unveiling and I think they have mentioned that the Note 2 will be updated on October. It was announced during the walkthrough of galaxy gear. Saying that a software update will be rolling out on october for galaxy S3 and note 2. They even showed it at their background. You can correct me if I’m wrong.


    The crappiest part about this is VZW… if you’re on VZW, you won’t actually see that update til probably May of 14!!!

    • Stephie

      Crap I was all happy XD

    • SuperSam64

      Was thinking the same thing. Even May may be a bit optimistic…

    • Michelle Mae Sinnett Lewis

      US cellular is worse.

  • Sammie Neely

    It’ll be interesting to see 4.3 on this phone. That means more custom roms with 4.3 features.

  • Rick

    I really hope that Android has fixed whatever bug that causes massive battery-drain for the GS3 due to the Android System and OS, and ESPECIALLY the charging issues (usb disconnecting/charging slower than usual) that many of us are experiencing with Jellybean 4.1.

    • Mohammed Ahmed

      There’s an easy fix. Look inside your micro USB charger. The part you out into your phone. If there are 4 gold pins then replace it. Also download an app called Galaxy charging current to see how much current is being supplied to your phone. If its 1000 999 1000 then your charger is fine. If its around the 400-500, reason you need to buy a new USB cable/ charger.

  • Martin Bakunawa

    It’s official, Samsung has became like apple. They were so into the battle that they became like their enemy. I’m no longer excited with them nor for my note 2. I will trade for the new nexus 4

    • Brian

      nexus 5

  • Fetter

    Awesome! My S3 is ready!

  • jjordan

    I wish they would be concerned with updating the note 2 since the only update we have seen since the launch was from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2

    • marius santos

      Shitty Samsung. They should have given Note 2 new updates.

  • Andrew

    how about my mini s3? will it gen an update???

  • Genti Xhanari

    Wanted to ask you a question, the update will come out for the S4 Exonys version too, right?

  • pink4cha

    How about upgrade for galaxy s duos?

  • ca4nl2omar

    I Hate my S3, I can say its the worst phone I have ever had.
    It overheats to quike, crashes way to often, with new software update when typing an email it shoots back up and mix up all the words up.
    Called Samsung Canada, they asked me to ship it over and be without a phone for a while!!!! Like is this for real!!! What’s even worse is that they tell you ” unplug the battery and plug it back in” wow wouldn’t you think i have already done that!! Never Again.

    • Denon

      “Called Samsung Canada, they asked me to ship it over and be without a phone for a while!!!! Like is this for real!!! ”

      Um yeah, that’s usually what you have to do whenever you need any device to be repaired by the manufacturer. What the hell did you expect, for them to come over your house and fix it on the spot for you?

      • Chris

        people are stupid

    • Brian

      I have an s3 as well and no problems. You must have a defect. If you haven’t tried a factory reset, do so. If that doesn’t help, take it back.

  • Kyle Manuel

    Samsung sucks worst company ever will never go back to them ever again.

    • Brian

      Agreed. I will probably switch to google phones in the future. Cheap and just as good as any other phone. For now, my s3 works well.

      • rick

        I’d love to switch to a Google nexus, but not unless they get the stick outta their asses about expandable memory slot and stop giving that cloud nonsense!

  • Still, 4.4 Kitkat ? where is 5.0 key lime pie? and does it really mater now , and does people care about update now? as per studies still more than half of its customers using older versions of Android.

    • dreams1990

      Won’t be a key lime pie, just kit-kat next name chage will start with a “L”.

    • Brian

      Yes, 45% or so people are still using ICS or lower.

  • Tracy Duong

    I have been having problems with mynote 2. My phone would prompt “ has stopped”, I was not able to access the play store. My phone doesn’t recognize my SD card. In addition, the phone would shut down and restart by itself every 5 or ten minutes. I need my phone to stay connected with my staff. I called Verizon, the representative walked me through resetting my phone to manufacturer default and was assure that I won’t lose any of my photos. It was a disappointment, I lost everything; my photos, video, work schedules, and all my S notes. The next day, I went to verizon and was told that it was a software issues. I was on call for work that night. Verizon was not able to provide a phone for me that day but will ship it out in 2 days. It was just a waste of time at Verizon. No one knows what to do. I asked them how to get a hold of Samsung, the response was that the software issues is a known problems and that Samsung is working on it. Meanwhile, I do not have a working phone.

  • Brian

    They want as many people as possible to use their galaxy gear which requires android 4.3. We will get it. I, as a galaxy s3 user hope and pray. lol.

  • antonio reonegro

    People not on Verizon are lucky .I wish I could trade this s3 for a nexus phone and believe me I’d do it in a heartbeat

  • Guest

    I wish it would come out sooner lol

  • Larry

    Some help to Android developers.

    We found issues with the S3 and S4 API specifically when using the AudioManager’s functions like:

    Vibrate, Alarm and putting the phone in Speaker Mode.

    If you are able to avoid using the AudioManager, this should help resolve the issue of the both the speaker and mic going dead (ie: neither the caller nor the recipient of the call can hear one another, even though the call is made).

    Hope this helps


  • tiff

    When i put my s3 on charge it puts itsself in and out of droving mode and stops charging thisnis so annoying does any1 knlw how to fix this????

    • Skoeman

      Get your battery checked. I had the same problem and it was a faulty battery.

    • jiff

      I also have the same problem yeah it was so annoying for till I replaced my charger usb cable… replace your charger usb cable hope will solves your problem too…

  • marius santos

    I hate samsung for giving late OTA Updates, Apple is really good with their Software updates. I don’t know why Samsung can’t do that? Apple releases their updates on the same day with different timezones, how can Samsung beat that? I had a Galaxy S3 before, the update came 1 month after my cousin who is also uses S3, how stupid is that? It’s so slow. So I switch back to iPhone 5, I lost it, So i Bought Samsung galaxy S4, and now I’m hoping that new updates would be Fast and at the same time everyone should get the updates on a target date like Apple. Now I wanted to buy a new iPhone which is the 5S.

  • sukanta

    Please don’t mentioned or publish about 4.3 of s3 before release.bcoz it’s not true.aslike 4.2,………

  • gabs

    anyone knows if this update is also for the version i747m lte samsung s3?

  • utsav sheth

    hey is the 4.3 only going to upgrade on s3 and s4 phones..???

    I have samsung galaxy express so will my phone upgrade from 4.1.2 to 4.3 version of android in october..???

    plzzz tell me android authority answer i am waiting for new version …!!!

  • Mwlkz

    hope in this vers. my s3 ram would not be 700/800 usage

  • Gashi

    I think Samsung should be more customer oriented, and not let carriers dictate how aapplication should run and do updates on time, and not dragging on for ever, galaxy S4, in Australia can’t change even dock apps, is shocking, why should we put with Samsung’s crape.

    • Chris

      because carriers would just tell them “good luck, we just won’t carry your phone”
      The only reason apple can do that is because people are stupid for the pos iphone, so the carrier’s attitude is “we have to have the iphone”

  • AthenaWise

    I will never be going back to Samsung again! I am more than happy with my Iphone!

  • james allen

    will the update unflash my SIII that is running off pageplus?

  • Boo Samsung

    I’m giving up on the manufacturers that roll out updates so slowly, I’ll buy the Nexus 5 when it arrives and always have the latest versions of Android, Samsung, HTC etc lost a customer there.

  • Person

    I am relying on this updaye to fix my random battery issues. I am sick and tired of 4.1.2 already. Random issues are happening and I cant do sh*t about it. I *need* this update

  • hope this will be soon. can’t wait

  • Joline Lalime

    Ok I’m no phone expert – so can you please tell me if the Galaxy Express that comes with Jellybean 4.1 as standard, be updated to Jellybean 4.2.2?

  • stelios ch

    guys am new to this,am looking forward to get the galaxy s4 mini ,if they do not release any upgrades to version 4.3 or 4.4 can i still install them from the other way around? i mean to root the phone .

  • blablajanos

    use omega rom, brings touchwiz features without lags

  • JessicaK697

    I’ve been with Verizon and the S3 since July ’12 and still stuck with 4.0.4! Hating it!