Android 4.3.1 update for Nexus 7 (2013) LTE quietly rolled out

by: Chris SmithOctober 4, 2013

Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean

Google has quietly updated the LTE Nexus 7 (2013) model to Android 4.3.1, without revealing any details about what the update contains.

This isn’t the first time Google updates the software of its Nexus 7 tablets, but it’s the first time the company released a different Android version for these devices. The update probably contains fixes and improvements and we wouldn’t expect it to offer any new features.

On the same note, we’ll add that the Android 4.3.1 update is only available for the Nexus 7, and there are several firmware versions available for the JLS36I update including JSR78D, JSS15J and JLS36C.

From the looks of it, the update is already available as an over the air (OTA) download in many markets, so LTE Nexus 7 (2013) users may already have access to it. The update itself measures just 9.42MB.

Have you installed it yet? Did you notice anything different?

  • charl

    I have a old Nexus 7, nothing yet on it. I did however notice that Google Play Services were updated automagically.

    • shadyguy

      That is not new. Google updates it’s play services “automagically” without even a play store update alert.

      • TechDevil

        I liked your comment solely based on the word automagically, LOL

  • chad

    i have the old nexus 7 with 16gb i have notice with all these updates from goggle i have notice some lag in performance i dont have much on it at all it says i still got 14gb free so what is going on ? the battery dont stay charge as long as it did when i had it new i have tried everything that this sight and fourms tell me so that has been streamline down i like to know if its all the updates,,firmware updates that has bugs or issue that has called my nexus to have small issue like performance lag and more battery drain

    • shadyguy

      android 4.2 killed it for the nexus 7 2012. 4.3 brought FSTRIM support but the hotplugs used on the nexus lineup are shit, the processor is always rediculously high so the battery sucks. the background processes make it really laggy too (please note I don’t actually have one, but a few of my friends do).

  • Max Konitzko

    N7 just installed it… it is still running ;-)
    see no difference up to now, will watch…

  • TechDevil

    4.3.1? You kidding me? It was obviously essential enough to get its own version name, but not significant enough to get a proper release note? Lame.

    • pritish

      Please let me know ‘what’ is its own version name. And get to know about the whole story prior to calling it lame.

      • TechDevil

        You know what, I posted that in a bit of a grumpy morning. I regret my earlier comment, and yes, I should wait to get the whole story prior to calling it lame. And I also wrote incorrectly, I wrote “version name” when I meant “version number” (4.3.1). My apologies, I should’ve taken the extra minute to consider if it was a good comment or not.

      • shadyguy

        this is the second 4.3 update. we had JWR66Y, which didn’t get its own name. I feel that is what he meant, because this got it’s own version number. I think google are too busy making 4.4 to really worry about a release note for now, and honestly they don’t give away much.

  • Nathan Borup

    does it fix 4.3’s wifi issues?

  • Danny Blaney

    hopefully once it hits the galaxy nexus it will fix the broken wifi autoscanning after deep sleep.

  • Jason Yuen

    I see the update on mine, but will only allow me to update over WiFi. I hope this addresses the issue with the touch screen not registering touches or erratic touch behavior. I’m having the touch screen issues and will report if that has fixed it.

    • Jason Yuen

      I have updated to the new build and it seems to have addressed the touch screen issue. Somewhat. Before, the tablet could not properly register multiple fingers accurately. Now it appears to be able to with an occasional hiccup. The issue of the touch screen not registering touches while flat on a table seems to also have been reduced, but not completely. Overall the fix has brought the tablet back to a usable state. I have RMA’d a replacement and will see if that has any difference. If it was an EMI grounding issue, it appears to be fixable through an OTA. I’m no engineer, but if there is a hardware issue, this new patch might be as good as a software fix is gonna get. I’m not 100% satisfied, but enough to not return the thing. If I were on the fence on buying this tablet, I probably would wait for a little more news on the touch screen issue.

      • phonecompanyguy

        I just returned two Nexus 7’s the other day for this issue. Not really on the fence per se… it is the only Android tablet I am interested in getting… but I don’t mind going without a tablet for another month or so until I know this issue is finally put to bed for good, and then buying at that time!

        Thank you for posting your findings on this.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Newbie question. Im rooted and twrp recovery. When i try to update twrp opens up and doesnt let me update. Is ota safe with root? And root will be gone right? And i can root 4.3.1 right?

    • Dhruv Raval

      you cannot update while being rooted. Unroot your device first.
      ps; there are a couple of apps in the play store that hide your root status, you can give it a try. you can root your device again after the update if you decide to unroot it. hope it helps

      • phonecompanyguy

        Alternately, someone will likely release this ROM in ZIP format so you can install right from TWRP, and then just flash SuperSU on again. Keep an eye on XDA :-)

      • Anthony Castanza

        This is not true, if you are running the latest TWRP
        for Deb you can update with no problems and it will restore your root automatically (alternatively, download SuperSU 1.65 and have it chain flash the .zips)

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Thanx for all the info!!

  • I did the update on my lte n7 and I’ve noticed that the touch screen glitches have subsided.

    • phonecompanyguy

      That is awesome. I hope this is the experience everyone gets. I returned two of them for this issue and am holding off until a permanent fix before I attempt another purchase.

  • phonecompanyguy

    Hi all. Holding off on attempting another Nexus 7 2013 purchase until the touch screen issue is resolved (I view it as an unacceptable flaw, and had to return two tablets because of it).

    Can anyone who installs this update post their thoughts on whether it impacts their touch screen performance (for better or worse)?

  • jane Woodring

    Have had problems accessing my apps since purchased. Very disappointed with Nexus7

  • zaidkhan

    how i download OR update my andriod??????????????

  • Sifat Srijon

    my nexus 7 2013 LTE’s touch suddenly stopped working.i can’t even get off the home screen.any suggestions on how to fix this??

  • Jeff Cogswell

    My Nexux 7 2013 is a wifi only, no LTE or carrier service. When I click “System Updates”, it says I’m up to date, but the version is still just 4.3. Apparently they’re not making it available to non-LTE devices like this one yet. I hope they do soon, and I hope it fixes the wifi problems. I can get on wifi without trouble, but it’s slooooow. When I reboot it’s speedy for about 10 minutes, and then it goes back to being slow. I’m considering rooting and installing Cyanogenmod, but if this update fixes it, I might wait to go that route. I’ll be curious to see if anyone reports that the wifi issues are fixed.

  • annoyed_1029

    I haven’t had any touchscreen issues with mine yet, I’ve got the LTE version so i just accepted the update when it notified me. I can’t tell anything changed, but I didn’t have any problems that needed to be addressed so its hard to say for sure.

  • miff

    My Wifi is completely messed up. No more blue full wifi signal just a sad looking grey one. Not happy