galaxy nexus jelly bean

We get your frustration. It’s been more than a week since the takju variant of Galaxy Nexus received its Android 4.2 update, but the yakju variant has been seemingly left out from the fun.

This time it’s not a false alarm – the software upgrade to the latest version of Jelly Bean (build JOP40C) is now rolling out to the yakju Galaxy Nexus. If the screenshot below isn’t convincing enough, just head to Google’s website and you’ll find the latest factory image for the phone.

You may not see the notification update right away, but if you simply need your Android 4.2 fix now, there’s a known trick to speed up the process. Simply go to Settings, Apps, All and tap on “Google Services Framework”. Then click Clear Data and Force Stop, and restart the phone before checking for the update. You may have to do it more than once. As for the usual disclaimer, proceed at your own risk. We don’t  really recommend doing it as it may mess up the device’s Google Play settings.

Now, we’d love to hear from yakju Galaxy Nexus owners out there. Did you get the update yet? For those who have, what do you like or dislike most about the new Jelly?

Bams Sadewo
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  • Paul Pereirinha

    Mine still hasn’t arrived. It took over a month for 4.1.1 to get to my yakuxw Galaxy Nexus. Painful

    • Wojciech Skrok

      There is only one option which I did before first Jelly Bean roll out – flash yakjuxw to yakju 4.1.2 and wait for OTA or just flash 4.2 manually

      • Paul Pereirinha

        Yeah I’ll probably do that soon

  • Adrian

    It just came through for me on yakju. Downloading now. I’m in Australia by the way.

  • Wojciech Skrok

    There is so many variants o Google Service Framework tricks, but this work for me yesterday :) I’m little concern about lockscreen widgets, but there is an app for that :)
    But I like smooth, better look of letters and new camera :0

  • Alex Gouvêa Vasconcelos

    I’m from Brazil, but I bought mine a few months ago in Germany, though. I’ve received the yacju 4.2 a week ago and I’m having some issues since then: my phone has been rebooted some times a day, and, everything I save in the internal SD card is not visible in PC (through micro USB cable) until I restart the Nexus. Is really annoying. I’ve read in some blogs that this problem is related to the multi user feature in the new Jelly Bean. Does anyone having the same problem?

  • Alain Lafond

    Hi, I’m in eastern Canada. I go the upgrade notice monday. I upgraded and then after, I saw on Android Police that it was buggy and that the people were experimenting short battery life, random reboot, bluetooth problems… As for no, I didn’t enconter all those problems. It’s that there’s only one user on my phone and nobody but me in my house have the right to even touch it… lol
    As for always, when there’s a small increment upgrade I didn’t see great changes. But I’m happy with it.
    This was change was maded more smootly then the Nexus sale. In fact, with my Galaxy Nexus getting the 4.2 upgrade, Google lost a sale for a new phone. Gonna wait for the next generation..

  • ameng

    I just updated my gnex this morning. everything works fine except my asphalt 7. it keeps forced close and I cant play it anymore!

  • Detrick Parker

    I still don’t have it how can u tell witch one u have

    • sufyan

      open maps,settings and there it is

  • Rahul Purshottam

    got the update quite a few bugs music player is one of them

  • sandark

    I have a yakju and got I got the OTA android 4.2,what worked for me was disabling location access and then forcing an update, good luck.