Android 4.2 update reportedly hitting international GSM Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7

by: Bams SadewoNovember 14, 2012

The Android 4.2 update rollout for the GSM Galaxy Nexus is currently underway, particularly for the takju variant. We already saw Google making the latest Jelly Bean factory image for said variant available on its website yesterday. Now, it appears the update has hit the international GSM Galaxy Nexus, or the yakju build, as well as the Nexus 7.

The Android 4.2 system update for the yakju Galaxy Nexus build was first spotted by Ausdroid. Aside from the Nexus phone, the update to the latest Android OS has also hit the Nexus 7 in Australia, while device owners in the UK, Canada and several other countries have reported seeing the OTA update notification on their tablets.

Judging from the lack of celebratory posts on XDA, we don’t think the fresh scoop of jelly for the Galaxy Nexus (yakju) is available for that many users right now. We’ll see whether Google will crank up its update machine today.

Any Galaxy Nexus owners out there  who have the yakju build can confirm getting the Android 4.2 software update? Likewise, we’d love to hear from Nexus 7 owners about the new jelly flavor on their tablet.

  • monkey082506

    I received the OTA for 4.2 for the nexus 7 last night around 9 EST. I haven’t taken a big advantage of the multi user just yet but I’m digging the keyboard for sure.

    • Samuel-Eli Christina Chang Dze

      yea the new keyboard will get me using my N7 much more frequently. the new clock is pretty slick too. have yakju GSM galaxy nexus –still unable to get 4.2 update :(…

  • padi

    I have the 4.2 Update on my Nexus7. But im still waiting for the update on the Galaxy Nexus (yakju). (I´m from Germany)

  • hmmm

    Nothing for yakju yet. Odd thing is until recently yakju used to be the first to updated.

  • nothing here

  • Just got my Jellybean 4.2 on my Yakju here in the states (T-Mobile)

  • Wojciech Skrok

    There is hint with forced to close Google Services Framework?

  • darklord

    Still no love for my yakju in europe… the trick with google framework does not help

  • roman

    Someone be a hero and grab the yakju ota url from catlog.

  • andrés

    I have an international GN running stock 4.1.2 takju. I tried to sideload it and I got a radio error while updating. I upgraded my N7 to 4.2 without problems

  • Ronald Pino

    Got 4.2 on nexus 7 tablet in Aruba, i’m from the US though.

  • bob dickens

    Still no 4.2 on my N7 in the uk . I guess it just a matter of waiting

    • Maher Salti

      helps to clear the cache of the google services framework, try that trick, always worked for me! ;)

  • Vyrlokar

    I was greeted with the update this morning (7 AM Spain [GMT+1] time) on my Nexus 7. Got to love the new quick settings!

    Mind you, until I updated Nova, it had issues, and I may do a factory reset just in case (and unlock the bootloader, I was waiting for this OTA to root it)

  • Mick

    No 4.2 update to my yakju GN yet in Aus, by AM 15 Nov.

  • tha_otha_android_guy

    Yea no update for me smh come on Google .. I get app updates but no 4.2 .. uugghhhh

  • I haven’t even got mine yet on my takju…

  • slo

    I just got the update for the Nexus 7 – San Diego, Ca

  • Darren Hilton

    Still nothing here UK this morning

  • rush

    Yakju and still no update. (Here in the Maldives)

  • vikas saxena

    4.2 still awaited on my yakju….

  • JJ

    in Israel no….. my device GN

  • A nexus user

    Fuck you google, i bought a nexus phone for their quick updates and what im experiencing now is unacceptable.i rather will go back to apple.fuck you again google

    • rips

      lool go back to apple so you can go back to android again

  • charlie

    nothing in Canada as well…. 15th Nov 2012

    • charlie

      yakju GNex

  • angus

    Yo, got the update yesterday at 6! takju… hehe I actually had a yakjuux but flashed another build ^_^

  • Necech

    Lol to everyone who’s freaking out. Im in the US with unlocked tmobile Gnex and I got the update an hour ago. Just be patient you guys. It’s a small update with the Photosphere, quick settings, daydream feature and a keyboard swipe thing. You guys will be OKAY if you don’t get them. Haha. Relax and breathe.

  • Ken

    I got my update yesterday afternoon in Canada, but I get the Red Triangle halfway through the install.I had flashed Takju on and the original 4.1 Jelly Bean OTA installed fine. I used the official radio for Takju, didnt bother flashing a different radio, yet i cant install. Anybody else with probs?

  • Java

    I have just received my 4.2 update on my gn takju here in Canada (unlocked), other than my phone mysteriously dropping calls I love this phone!!

  • Ismail Kattakath

    No update for Yakju yet (From India)

  • Dick Paauw

    Just received the system update on my galaxy nexus 4.2 Louisiana USSA

  • wajih

    i got the update .. but while updating it gives a red esclamation mark error .. what is this google ??

  • No update yet for the yakju in the UK

  • Shannon

    Nothing yet on my Gnex Yakju in China either……the update on my wife’s Nex 7 is great! love the swipe typing and the multi-user login! makes Android so much better than iPad….hey wait, always was better. :-)

  • Oops… No update for yakju yet…

  • Waiting for 4.2 update on galaxy nexus yakju (india)
    Tried clearing google services framework, still no luck.

  • ravi

    just got my JB 4.2 update (India)

    • forssri

      Yakju or Takju and how do you find it?

  • djo

    did not have the pacience to wait… wiped my YAKJU and flashed a TAKJU image…having spherical fun with 4.2.

  • james

    nothing yet in israel. galaxy nexus 4.1.1