Android 4.2 released to AOSP already, Motorola Xoom and Nexus S not to get Android 4.2 update?

by: Chris SmithNovember 13, 2012

In addition to launching the new Nexus devices today, including the Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and 32GB Nexus 7 flavors, Google has also started rolling out Android 4.2 updates for some of the existing, “older,” Nexus smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the company has also pushed out Android 4.2 to AOSP, which means developers can already tinker with it.

The news comes from Google’s Jean-Baptiste-Queru, who posted on the Android Building Google Group the following message:

Good news everyone!

-The source code for 4.2 is being pushed to AOSP right now. Look for it under the name “android-4.2_r1” once the replication completes. The matching development branch (for CTS contributions) is jb-mr1-dev, and all the changes are merged into the master branch where platform contributions are accepted.

-Nexus 10 is now the best choice for AOSP work on 4.2. Everything except the GPU code is Open Source, and the only proprietary binaries besides the GPU libraries are firmware files that get loaded into the various peripheral chips. No flagship device so far has been so open, and no flagship device so far has had that level of AOSP support at launch.

-Nexus 7 3G isn’t supported. We haven’t been able to license the GSM stack for AOSP yet, and without the GSM stack this device doesn’t do more than a plain Nexus 7.

-If AOSP starts pointing toward Nexus 4, you are having a bad problem, and you will not go to space today (i.e.: there is nothing in AOSP related to Nexus 4).

-Factory images for the “takju” Galaxy Nexus as well as Nexus 7 (both variants), Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are available at

-Proprietary binaries to run AOSP on Galaxy Nexus (maguro, toro and toroplus), Nexus 7 (grouper) and Nexus 10 (manta) are available at

-There is no support for 4.2 on Nexus S and Xoom. Those devices should continue using 4.1.2.


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Jean-Baptiste M. “JBQ” Queru
Technical Lead, Android Open Source Project, Google.

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Motorola Xoom and Nexus S won’t get Android 4.2

According to the message above, the Motorola Xoom and Nexus S won’t be upgraded to Android 4.2, which is certainly strange considering that they have received the Jelly Bean update already (up to Android 4.1.2). Android users will not be happy to hear that Google decided to stop Android updates for that devices, especially if they don’t want to upgrade to a new Nexus / Android device this year. Here’s what “JBQ” had to briefly say when questioned about it:

I can’t comment about the future of Nexus S and Xoom, sorry.

Sure, there’s always a chance that things may change in the future, but for now it looks like Xoom and Nexus S owners will have to make do with Android 4.1.2. At least officially, because unofficially devs will find ways to bring Android 4.2 features to these “old” devices.

  • Darren Hilton

    I have to say I’m running the Xoom and to be honest it runs perfectly well on 4.1.2 jelly bean. smooth fast very nice fluid well you get what I mean, its possibly the best it can be.

  • Szak

    The Verizon Xoom only has 4.0.4….what gives?

  • wm snyder

    this is my opinion 4.2 was just some added features and some tweaks so it is a minor update in which the xoom was more than capable this move was wrong if you remember these neww nexus devices are to be capable of handeling the next os keylime or whatever so when this happens in spring then the xoom would be extinct due to lack of quad core and ram this is the truth in my opinion. Also like to mention google let us down by not going for LTE 4g this is what all carriers are striving to achieve so this move is backwards as well as no removeable battery or sd card….if carriers say we are using more data then we are using more memory also….and google needs to start putting all update downloadable for all carriers whether they like it or not i dont know how apple does it but they better get to finding out…here is a final note carriers need to stop choosing what phones we can buy and start giving their specs to the manufactures and for the love of…….phone dont cost 699.00 that is 3Xs markup ever wonder why subsidy are 299.00 because they just made a 100.00 profit +so if you buy into the 699.00 great but for me when they tear it down and list the prices for componets and adds up to 150 to$200.00 thats what i believe and its probably cheaper than that because of volume ,you think im wrong ok look at the billions of dollars made by samsung and others

  • Josoeo

    so.. one more argument for the Apple fans… Even the nexus devices are not updated this days… Sorry Google but I’m disappointed..

  • SID

    ohh cmon nexus s deserves 4.2 !!! and it has to work fine … i knw abt some shit policy that google follows of not upgrading their older devices .. but 4.2 surly is deserving for nexus s .. i have been desperatly waiting to c it into my device please dnt disappoint me and all other nexus s owners .. i got this device considering google wud kip me updated all the time.. dnt prove me wrong …sincere and kind request please update nexus s to 4.2 please…

  • Noga

    will the xoom continue getting ubdates though??????…. i hope it does =’/

  • bibliorun

    The Nexus S lags a bit with 4.1, so that is fine. The Xoom on the other hand runs 4.1 with ease, so this news is a bummer.