Android 4.2 Jelly Bean adds Photo Sphere for panoramic shots [video]

by: David GitongaOctober 29, 2012

The hype surrounding Android 4.2 has indeed been warranted. As we continue to explore the new iteration to the Android OS, new features and improvements continue to be revealed. The latest revelation has been Photo Sphere. This 360-degree panoramic shooting mode is like no other you have seen.  The Photo Sphere feature on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean now allows you to snap pictures in every direction while the stitching is automatically done for you. This means that you get to create your own Street View scenarios that you can navigate, share on Google+ and even allow others to enjoy your own creations.

Photo Sphere is essentially an app that is aimed at Apple’s latest iOS 6 Panorama feature update and Google has done a good job at it. When you take your first shot, Photo Sphere will automatically set the starting point and will give you another point of reference that overlaps with the first. This will go on over and over again until you have the entire scene covered. Once the rendering has been completed, you will have a large scrollable image similar to what you are used to with the Street View in Google Maps.

Due to Hurricane Sandy, Google has canceled the special event that was expected to unveil the Nexus, no doubt with demos on how the Jelly Bean updates fair on the phone. Other features that have come with the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update include Miracast support, a sharing tool similar to iOS AirPlay, a gesture typing feature similar to Swype and support for multiple users on Android tablets.

We have tried out the panorama feature on the iPad and it will obviously be interesting to have this feature on your Android phone. We can’t wait to get our hands dirty and create superb panoramic shots using Photo Sphere.

  • Lol, wow, definitely better than the iPhone 5’s Panorama. Apple is utter crap.

    • MasterMuffin

      Of course it’s better, it’s android :)

  • Brilliant!

  • Abdullah Naji

    Will it be available on all Android 4.2 updates? For example, the Galaxy Note 2?

    • It depends on Samsung but they would be foolish to pass on such an awesome feature. Though we might not see 4.2 on Note II before 2013

  • brimante

    WTF? I have been taking panoramic pictures on Android phones for years. You really think Apple did it first just because their commercials claim it’s revolutionary?

  • earl

    Microsoft photosynth… I believe that was first

  • HellG

    its aimed at Apple panaromic mode? are you kidding me? you do know that we had that since ICS dont you?… where did you get that guy from

  • tha_otha_android_guy

    Do I ha e to be rooted to get it .. at the time no I’m not rooted but I’m trying to get it for my galaxy nexus please help