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After that recent mess where users with December birthdays were left out due to a bug that’s present in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, more people are now starting to find out about yet another problem that affects devices with the latest version of the Android software.

According to numerous reports, Google Talk can’t be used to log in to more than one user account at a time, despite there being a fully functional multi-user feature that’s available for use. Reports of this problem first started appearing online nearly two weeks ago, on November 16th.

To make matters worse, not only does Google Talk not work with multi-user sign in on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, but it can’t even be used with any other Google accounts except the one which is specified as the “owner” on whatever device is being used. So for example, if you have a certain account specified as the owner on a Nexus 7 tablet, you can only use that particular account to sign into Google Talk. Trying to use any other accounts results in the following error message: “This version of Talk can be used only by the owner of the device.”

Many people have reported experiencing this exact same problem with different devices and in fact, a post about it on the Android Google Code site has already garnered a total of 135 stars. It isn’t clear what Google plans to do about it at this point and when it intends to roll out the much needed software fix, but if anything’s clear, it’s that the longer it waits to clear up issues such as this, the more time there is for similar problems to keep popping up.

Thanks, Andrew!

David Gonzales
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  • mali

    My 4.2 on my n4 is buggy as hell!.. on my n7 it’s OK but it’s also rooted

  • Chris

    Has everybody forgot how buggy the Galaxy Nexus was when it released to the stores? Mine randomly rebooted, multitouch problem, lag and so on. All of this is gonna get fixed so stop whining about it, Galaxy Nexus was and still is a really fast phone when Jelly Bean released.

  • Andrew

    Glad to be of assistance ! :)

  • flamencoguy

    I had previously read that multiple accounts will be on tablets but not on phones because Nokia owns the patent for multiple accounts on phones.
    I hope you had verified this is a bug before writing the article. Otherwise it could be a big embarassment for you.

    Here it is:

    • user01

      “another big embarassment”

    • I own a Nexus 7 (tablet, NOT Nokia infringing phone) and it has that same message.

  • GreatNews

    Sorry but I have the Nexus 4 and I got no problem at all with Google Talk Multi accounts!

  • does any one have the problem where the phone automatically restarts on its own? Ever since 4.2 my galaxy nexus has been doing that. (once in a while)

  • Jess

    My question is why is Google Talk even default installed on additional user accounts if they can’t use it? It’s very deceptive, and they can’t uninstall it. It’s now March, and I don’t see a solution. This is very bad, Google.

  • Tirsa

    The article is slightly misleading! You CAN login gtalk with multiple accounts, provided you’re logged onto your device as ‘owner’. All subsequent user accounts on the device are locked out of gtalk. So yes, it is a bug, but you can work around it for now,