Video: Here’s what Android 4.2.1 will look like when Samsung updates the GS3

by: ŠtefanFebruary 24, 2013

All of Samsung’s latest devices, by that we mean the Galaxy S3, the second generation Note, and that newly announced Note 8.0, run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Thing is, the latest version of Android is actually 4.2. Thanks to a leak that hit the internet less than 24 hours ago, Android 4.2 is now out for the GS3, but it’s obviously not official. YouTube user “Damian Kidd” took said leaked ROM, threw it on his Telstra branded GS3, and recorded a nice 5+ minute video showing off all the new things he found.

For those of you who can’t watch the embedded video above because you’re at work or you’re on a slow connection, here’s a quick summary: Lock screen widget support has been added. Whether or not lock screen widgets are useful is a whole different story, but they’re there. With regards to the notification panel, you know all those toggle switches Samsung likes to throw in there? Well, they’re kicking things up a notch. With a tap of one button you can see every toggle the device offers. Two new toggles are included: Hotspot Mode, and Flight Mode.

There’s also some new voice commands. When you have the camera open, for example, you can say “smile” or “cheese” and the camera will snap a photo. We’ve seen that before, on LG’s Android skin, so it isn’t exactly a new feature.

Some people say this new ROM also has some memory management improvements, but Mr. Kidd didn’t notice them. Again, this is probably not final software. Rumor has it that this update will go out roughly around the same time that the GS4 hits store shelves, so we’re looking at a wait time of roughly one month, maximum two.

And again, just because the video above shows off the GS3, that doesn’t mean the rest of Samsung’s portfolio isn’t going to get the same kind of love. The second generation Note and Note 8.0 will definitely get this update, though we can’t be sure about the S2 and the first Note.

One more thing: Someone asked Damian if Photo Sphere is in the ROM; the answer is no.

  • Randy Sylmar

    As a Samsung owner since the S2. I can some up all android updates and let everyone at ease.

    Samsung changes per update:
    Performance updates with a small fraction of visual android updates

    You may not see it but it’s there.

  • JellyBean

    Looove Touchwiz. Thanks Samsung.

  • Abdullah Naji

    Great! What about Note II?

    • In due time my friend .. Im anxiously anticipating the update also !!

  • Voice commands for the camera are in 4.1.2.
    Airplane Mode aka Flight Mode is available in the Notification area. You just need to swipe towards the left to see it.

    It looks like a nice update, but I will miss being able to swipe unlock anywhere on the screen.

    I’m using a Note 2 so looking at this shows me at least what is to come. It looks pretty good. I hope not to see the lag he had.

    Outside of Google Now, media player, and the camera (my device is PIN protected…the touch and hold rotate feature on the screen does not work well for me…still have to unlock it with the PIN) I don’t have any use for the Lock Screen widget items. Anything else would be giving to much access to the phone.

  • James Mostyn

    The voice activated (“cheese!”) shutter has been a feature since the S3 was released.

    • uu

      im also confused with that.. the commercial ad of galaxy s3, the mother just said “say cheese” then s3 snaps a photo

      • It goes by a myriad of things .. cheese, smile, I’ve even say Skittles before *shrug*

  • Magneira

    Lock screen widgets are useful, look for dashclock widget you “android expert”…..

    • MrChrisDruif

      Actually the one I use most often is the Google Now.

  • ConCal

    Same old ugly touchwiz, I’ll just stick with cm 10.1

  • Alexander Ramos

    Voice control for the camera is on TouchWiz since GS3 and Note 2…

  • Christopher Clark

    Flight mode toggle is already available on 4.1. Multi-window is not an option at least on my S3. I’m looking forward to that.

  • What about photosphere?

    • Andrew Baxendale

      Not in the camera :(

      • nono

        hope they add that feature in the final build. come onnn SS, photosphere is the most important feature in this update

  • I really hope they do more than that when the GS 4 comes and son after gets the note 2 update.

  • jay

    I tried this when it leaked and had to take it off because messaging will not work

  • pandavi

    Many items missing from the settings menu or may be hidden like Battery percentage indicator, Developer options (needed for rooting, adding toggles to the toggle screen.
    Some apps wont work like S Plnner, some wont work if flashing the rom over the previous JB 4.1.2 if one wants to keep the settings and previous installed apps,, Messaging, Multy Windows for example, you would need to Factory Reset /data wipe the device before flashing the new 4.2.1 .
    It seems it is still the Beta version with a few buggs.
    Installed on GS3 I9300 international, ILO (Orange Israel) downloaded from samsung updates,com.

  • Monji

    What’s up with the pink spot when taking pictures? o.O Had that problem with my S2

  • The fly was awesome!

  • Rams Nunez

    Can we get 4.1.2 for ATT US first !!!! we havent even got the update … it like they just skipped us ….