Android 4.2 download available to all, but only contains new Gesture Typing keyboard

by: Chris SmithOctober 30, 2012

We still have no idea when Android 4.2 Jelly Bean will be rolled out to existing Nexus devices, but at least we can tell you that an early version of the new keyboard app found inside Google’s latest Android update is now available to download for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

As you may already know, the new keyboard app comes with a new interesting feature called Gesture Typing, which is what Google calls its own Swype-like keyboard. In case you want to experience without having to wait for the actual Android 4.2 roll out to come out, you can do so right away.

The only caveat is that you’ll need a device that doesn’t run stock Android ICS or higher to enable it. Otherwise you’ll have to root your handset before enjoying Gesture Typing.

As always, remember that we’re not encouraging you to install any unofficial software on your devices and you’re the only person responsible for whatever happens with your device during such procedures. But we’ll also remind you to back up sensitive data before doing anything that you’re not entirely comfortable doing.

Have you tried the Android 4.2 keyboard app yet?

  • Matt

    Where do we download it?

  • Fabricio Morato

    Is this gesture typing available in all languages that the default keyboard have or only work on a few?

    • Vini

      Its working on mine (pt-br)

    • mengo

      i can only get it to work in english, not danish

  • A.K

    gesture typing available with Xperia devices for a while

  • Someone Try to explain me, why Apple 3GS, a phone of 2009 received Google Chrome and even a kind of Google Now today, but a atrix owner, with Gingerbread will never receive such application. And I am not talking to any kind of application, I am talking a google App. A GOOGLE APP. Today IOS received a voice assistant, even a 3GS got it. BUT, my Xperia Neo, with official ICS (4.0.4) did not receive that application. Hell, if Google produce our software, if Google profits in our mobile, why in the hell IOS get the apps and we not. What kind of company is that? Are they cheating us? Yes They are. Please someone explain that to me.

    • YusufIslam

      Complain to Sony and Motorola (Google owns Motorola but does not run at at the moment) so no Google is not cheating you. Your just buying shitty hardware from OEMs who won’t deliver. I repeat, not Google’s problem. OEMs have complete access to the android source code they can do what ever they will with the software. So please don’t ask noob questions and get a nexus.

      • Hello, google has the software libs. Hello in what planet you live? If I have Nexus with ICS I still stuck with no this application. It is kind of software. Google doesnt own Apple, but developer this apps for Apple. What stupid argument you got. You can do more than that. Iphone 3GS has lower specs than Atrix, but received Chrome, and Google said to Us chrome need at least ICS. But for Apple even lesser IOS than 5 has Chrome. Wake up fan boy.

        • YusufIslam

          Google now requires JB your neo doesn’t have it. Jackass… funny my friend has a neo and he has chrome…

          • I have a chrome. Google now requires JB dumb, but today Apple got it for IOS, even a 3GS got it. Look at this:

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          • YusufIslam

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          • Markus

            Google Now is not the voice search. Google Now is an application that shows you information like weather, how long it takes to drive home, restaurants, etc. The iOS app, while it does have voice search, does not display the information that Google Now displays. That is the reason it’s not called Google Now on iOS because well quite simply, it’s not.

          • Look that fanboy:

            Apple old 3gs got Now features in his phone, but my phone released last year did not.


        • Whitaker

          iPhone doesn’t really have Chrome, they have a Chrome wrapper on top of Safari framework. Basically Google syncing with no other Chrome advantages. Don’t you know how your Crapple works? They own you, enjoy.

      • And fanboy try to explain why Google offer this only looking for the software version, not phone trademark. Google is not the owner of Apple but offer this apps to even a 2009 phone. But for us, they said you should have JB. You should have ICS. Wake up fan boy and look the reality. You are cheated.

    • Jon1123

      calm down lol. DID YOU BUY A NEXUS?????? exactly then go bitch to motorola about lol. cuhs guess what? the nexus s (from 2010 with the 1gh a8 cpu 384 mb ram, hq video recording, and a 4 inch 800×480 p screen) got the sodtware as well that all these latest and greatest high end device are getting. google never cheated you.

  • Vn

    Brilliant can’t stop typing never thought typing could be so much fun

  • Vidyadhar Navale


  • gphone

    method 2 cm10 great!

  • dude just root your freakin’ phone and then you don’t have to worry about it… if you’re too scared about doing that then you’re the one who has the problems! google releases all the software to ANYONE and ANYONE can have what they’ve put out… the hardware companies who have their phones locked are the ones that are to blame I ran into the same problem with my HTC thunderbolt even after I rooted it because of the control that HTC had on their device… SO I bought a nexus (a GOOGLE PHONE) and rooted that so I can have ALL ACCESS to ALL the capability of the phone…. google LOVES devs. who will put out new things for their devices that’s why they even created the idea “open source” wake up and smell the roses and make the choice you need to to receive all the things that you want from your device!

    • Dana Davis

      I like how he left

      • yah haha well if you can’t back up your position you ether leave or join haha doesn’t look like he wanted to join?

    • Whitaker

      Well, and they didn’t really create open source but built off an open source Linux kernel and thankfully kept it open. We all love it though because now their ARM code is getting merged back into mainstream Linux and everybody wins! Much better than an overpriced walled prison, err garden.

  • Have a question. Just got an android tablet but has version 4.0.4. How do I get the updated version? Is it automatically downloaded and is not out yet, or do I have to go somewhere and click on update?

  • denver masacar

    Sorry old post but the reason you can’t get chome on older androids is beciase Google is tired of everyone having old firmware on there own platform this is so the companys that make the phones are more likely to make the phones with Ice cream sand which and up rather then a old firmware