Android 4.2-based CM 10.1 for Galaxy S3 and Xperia T teased, to reach nightly status soon

by: AdrianDecember 4, 2012

With Android 4.0 and 4.1 official upgrades still moving along sluggishly, it will certainly be a while until we’ll be seeing the latest OS version, 4.2, hitting devices outside the Nexus club. Fortunately, every time an OEM disappoints the independent dev community delivers and the second Jelly Bean flavor should be no exception to that rule.

We’ve known for a while that CyanogenMod 10.1, based on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, is a work in progress. However, seeing as the first ports for Nexus devices have only been made available this past week, we would have never suspected other builds are very close to reaching nightly status.

Well, surprise, surprise, at least two other ports are incoming. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Sony’s Xperia T are the likely first candidates to get CM 10.1 outside the non-Nexus bunch, though it is still hard to tell when we should expect the nightly builds to reach the interwebs.

For now, we only have two pics posted on Google Plus by Steve Kondik and Giulio Cervera of CM, showing the “About phone” screens on their T-Mobile S3 and “international” Sony Xperia T. It’s worth mentioning that, while a CM 10.1 port for the T-Mo S3 will probably not work for Sprint and Verizon’s versions of the super-phone, it should run okay on AT&T’s model, as well as on Canadian variants sold by Rogers and Bell.

As for Sony’s Xperia T, this still has a locked bootloader in some areas (including Canada), but that’s not really a major hurdle to block the path of eager custom ROM flashers.

Getting back to the actual images posted on G+, these don’t reveal much, aside from the obvious – CM 10.1 can be flashed on the two devices, but it’s still far from anything remotely stable. Both Kondik and Cervera are also reluctant to talk facts about their work in progress, so we’re left guessing – could we see the ports released as nightlies this week? Next week? The week after that? You tell us.

Also, feel free to bombard the two Google Plus pages with as many annoying questions you can think of. It’s not the most orthodox way of getting intel, but hey, all’s fair in love and Android.

  • YESSSSS!!!!!!

  • hahaha im so setting it up on my galaxy 23

  • Will this be available for the Telus version of s3?

  • Laura

    What’s “nightly build” mean? We’re not all tech savvy geeks here who understand all the slang

    • sebouh

      A nightly ROM is updated every day with the latest fixes. It’s not meant to be stable.

    • Matt

      Yea guys don’t forget theres idiots in these forums. Not just “tech savy geeks”.

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