Android 4.2.1 update rolling out to Canadian Galaxy Nexus

by: Bams SadewoMarch 18, 2013


Unless you got the takju and yakju variants of the Galaxy Nexus, you can be sure that whenever Google is serving a new version of Android, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get the software updates – though your handset will eventually catch up with them.

For folks in Canada who have been waiting to get a taste of the newer Jelly Bean version, the time has come to make the jump, as Samsung is now pushing out the Android 4.2.1 software to the yakjuux variant of Galaxy Nexus.

We’re hearing reports from Galaxy Nexus owners on Telus, Rogers, WIND, and Fido that they have received the software bump up, but it may not really matter which carrier you’re on. While it’s not exactly the latest flavor of Jelly Bean, at least you’ll only be one update cycle behind. Plus, it’s worth noting that Android 4.2.2 was only officially released in February.

Enjoying the Android 4.2.1 firmware on your Galaxy Nexus? Hoping that the next update will come sooner rather than later? Hit the comments below.

  • 4.2.1 rolled out in my country as well just this morning (Lebanon,Middle East), usually I’m not one to wait for this as I discovered that my gnex was yakjuxw, didn’t find time to change it to takju or yajku.

  • jc

    The lasta night my galaxy nexus was updated to 4.2.1in Mexico

  • Greg

    my gnex is yakjuxw and got 4.2.1 today in Hungary

  • Moment_In_Time

    How do you know if our phone is yakju or takju variants? I got the update on my GNex on the weekend and my husband got his update the night before. Are there known issues? His Internet keeps shutting off on the G4 network, but mine is ok.

  • Mindaugas

    The last night my galaxy nexus was updated to 4.2.1in Lithunia

  • edumas

    Today I got my Samsung Nexus updated to 4.2.1 in Argentina

  • England finaly 4.2.1

  • Arne

    germany now has 4.2.1 too

  • Tim Mark

    Mine came down Saturday night, late in the evening. All Canadian Galaxy Nexus i9250 phones sold through a carrier is the YAKJUUX build. Mine is from Virgin Mobile (Bell).
    I’d like to know whether it’s eventually going to get the update to 5.0, but I have a feeling it’ll just be the Nexus 4, 7, 10, as well as the Galaxy S3, S4, Note, Note II and the newest tablets.

  • manolo

    today in italy too 4.2.1

  • orangutan24

    Indonesia reporting. Finally got 4.21 update from Samsung for my Galaxy Nexus

  • Lexus

    austria too

  • Raúl

    México too

  • Elaine

    Singapore reporting in!

  • Lonza fifi

    Malaysia now reported for 4.2

  • Hungary has it too now

  • mo

    recieved 4.2.1 this morning in England, thanks Google!

  • Brayan Farias

    Brazil on 4.2.1 in this morning!

  • Chan

    Philippines on 4.2.1, finally.

  • I have a Galaxy Nexus and the phone always uses the data connection to download the firmware update thereby chewing up my valuable data. Upgrade to 4.2.1 used up 100 MB worth of data. There is no setting in my phone to force the system update through Wi-Fi. I wish Samsung/Google took a notice of this glitch.

  • 4.2.1 already… Nice…Glad to have galaxy nexus..

  • David

    My MB phone no longer sees my samsungs’s contacts since upgrading to 4.2.1
    The pairing works for calls, but no visable contacts. Ideas?

  • rcbuyer

    I just got mine in Chile. Cheers!

  • Demolitio

    I hope 4.2.2 comes *very* soon…. after the 4.2.1 update, my battery life has been cut in half.