Android 4.1 Jellybean review & first look! [video]

by: ClaytonJune 28, 2012

Dying to know what Android 4.1 Jellybean looks like on an Android Smartphone? Wait no more! Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners rejoice! Honestly, Android 4.1 Jellybean is a major update. It’s the fastest, most intuitive, and aesthetically appealing version of Android I have ever used. For lucky owners of Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus, there is no need to wait months for the newest Android OS, as Jellybean is available in the form of a custom ROM.

Made by developer DroidVicious, the custom ROM is flashable via clockworkmod recovery and even allows your device to keep root! The ROM is fully functional, and is a breeze to install. I flashed it on my CDMA Galaxy Nexus and was extremely pleased with the results. Like extremely pleased.

Lightning Fast

Jellybeans, people

What would Android be without a few hidden tricks underneath the hood? Check out the latest below!


First, download the ROM here 

Then follow DroidVicious’ instructions:

  • Reboot into Clockworkmod Recovery
  • Make a  backup
  • Wipe data factory reset
  • Wipe cache partition
  • Wipe dalvik cache (Optional)
  • Flash JellyBean 4.1 .zip to your Galaxy Nexus
  • Reboot and enjoy JellyBean.


 Every aspect of Android 4.1 Jellybean is fully functional, including;

  • Calls
  • Data (Both 3G and 4G at boot)
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • WiFi
  • All market apps/Google Apps
  • USB Storage
  • Internal Storage
  • Root/Superuser (Now built in and fixed open Superuser and update SU binary)
  • ADB

The Jellybean OS is much faster, and more responsive than previous ICS builds. It also includes expandable notification, re-sizable widgets, Android Beam, Google Voice search, and Google Now.

For all of those you interested in knowing each and every detail about the latest and greatest features baked into Android 4.1 Jellybean, check out Derek Ross’ epic article here.

Also, make sure to view our hands on video and tell us what you think! Will you be flashing Google’s latest OS to your Nexus phone? It deserves it! You deserve it.


If pictures are worth a couple of thousand, then the video below is going to be worth at least a million. Check out the super easy setup, the amazingly improved voice to text feature, the beautiful notification bar, and all the other awesomeness baked into the best version of Android yet!

And so there you have it! What you have before you is the most advanced, most intuitive, and fastest version of Android on the planet!

What do you think? Like what you see? Let us know below bossman!

  • AndroidBrian

    Damn we still have to swipe away all of the previously used apps! Boooo!!!!

    • MasterMuffin

      My sgs3 can do that……

      • AndroidBrian


        • thepeddle

          Congrats on your whining…….stop hating vagina boy

          • AndroidBrian

            Haha what!? Whining about what? Are u 6? Vagina boy… Haha.

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      That functionality is available, just press the tiered lines in the top right corner :)

  • bobbob

    Nothing special about this, just as pathetic as apples 4s “upgrade”

    • Peterson Silva

      Well, there’s only so much you can do after something like the mighty ICS =D

    • sarva

      fully agree..liked the name jelly though…

    • pHyR3

      okay what would you have done?

      They’re tackling performance issues really well as well as fragmentation. There’s not much to do after ICS and they’ve left iOS 6 a year behind now.

    • dnevs79

      Except the 4s was a small phone upgrade…
      Goodle not selling you anything repackaged as new…their giving you something for free to upgrade your device (if you root cause it ain’t coming from the carriers)..
      I would call it pretty significant. I’ve been running it for a day now and have to say it is a WAY better in it’s current form than ICS was. Voice upgrade is substantial, the speed is significantly increased, camera and gallery app integration is fast and seamless, widget placment functionality is sweet, google now is preety sweet (this isn’t even the final version… My device has new life.

  • Jelly bean is awesome. Just look at how fast it is, damn!

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      Very fast!

      • I wouldnt recommend having forced gpu rendering on tho. Saw you had it on in developer settings.

  • Samsung better get this out for the S3, like, tomorrow.

    • Androidfan4 Life

      your on crack if you thank sammy going to push the update to jelly bean to the GS3 tomorrow hell all the gs2 don’t have ics yet and they just now got it on the gs3 and your allready to have them push the jelly bean update out man your on something

      • Clayton Ljungberg

        Jellybean for GS3 is available haha

    • Yea.. like thats gonna happen

      • stopmoss

        I thought the whole point of jb Was to make android less fragmented, so hopefully none nexus people won’t have to wait as long

        • Yes, but JB is not out on any devices yet. After that, it might get a little better.

  • wickets

    ughhhhh, when will very very smart techie come out with a way just to download these updates without having to root a phone?? I downloaded a one click programme and got lost after “install drivers” lol

  • At the risk of sounding a bit controversial:
    Did the G Nexus just become the best android phone available again?

  • Arash

    Isn’t it dangerous to update the OS for an amateur user?