Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Galaxy Tab 7.7 confirmed by Samsung Thailand

by: Bams SadewoJanuary 21, 2013


A lot of things have happened in the Android world since the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 received its ticket to the Ice Cream Sandwich show in July, such as the release of a couple of Jelly Bean iterations. If you wonder if the Tab 7.7 will make it to Android 4.1, here’s some official information that should help ease your worried mind.

Last September, Samsung released a not-so-comprehensive list of devices that will get upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a list that didn’t include the Galaxy Tab 7.7. In a reversal of fortune, Samsung Thailand has now confirmed on its website that the 7.7-inch tab with Super AMOLED display will get the elusive update after all.


As seen on the screenshot above, the rollout date for the firmware update hasn’t been specified yet, but at least Galaxy Tab 7.7 owners can expect to see JB in the future — unlike poor Galaxy Tab 8.9 who doesn’t seem to be invited to the Jelly Bean party.

Despite the encouraging sign, we’d hold off celebrating until there’s further confirmation, such as a clearer timeline, from Sammy. We’ll be sure to pass long any information – good or bad – as we hear it.

  • Dejan Milojevic

    What about Galaxy Tab 10?
    Does anybody know why has it been treated so poorly? For some reason, only small subset of Galaxy Tab 10 received ICS in the first place…

    • Because Galaxy Tab 10.1 2. So they pretended the orinigal never happened. I would not trust Samsung with updates if i were you. Good thing they at least have good dev support in the aftermarket ROM community.