The patent-based conflicts related to the mobile world are far from over, with Apple getting ready for a new round of fighting against Google and Samsung.

Bloomberg on Tuesday reported that the iPhone maker has added two new products to its list of allegedly patent infringing devices and/or software:

Apple Inc. (AAPL) told a judge that Samsung Electronics Co. (005930)’s Galaxy Note 10.1 device infringes its patents, and sought to add the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system to an existing lawsuit against Samsung in California.

Apple made the arguments today to U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal in federal court in San Jose. Apple’s bid to expand the lawsuit follows Samsung’s Oct. 1 move to add patent- infringement claims against the iPhone 5 in the same case.

In late August Apple won a first U.S. case against Samsung, obtaining a favorable $1.05 billion verdict from the jury. The new trial between Apple and Samsung is set to start at some point in 2014, and we’re probably going to see a lot more drama between the two sides until that happens.

In the same trial, Apple alleges that the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S3 also infringe on its patents. The company has won a preliminary sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus, which was later overturned.

What’s curious is that Apple appears to be interested in adding the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS to this Samsung trial. Shouldn’t Apple sue Google in case it wants to target the operating system?

Just a few days ago a second Apple vs Google (Motorola) lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice, but that battle did not include Jelly Bean. We’ll be back with more news from this new Apple vs Samsung trial in the following months.

  • Benni Bennetsen

    They can’t sue Google for android 4.1, it’s the open handset alliance, that is responsible for that release ?

  • If the founder of android actually stole apples OS (which was then sold to google) shouldnt they be suing themselfs?

  • Apple, be the man! The fight should be about sales in the mobile market not something unjust as this, I guess you’re only doing this for your iSheep. :(


  • Danny De Nero

    Annnnddddd another Apple article….

  • Lucas

    I don’t think they Apple realizes that handsets no longer get android 4.1, they updated to 4.1.1 so they wouldn’t infringe on patents that Apple had and so now only those people who choose to keep Android 4.1 have it. Apple’s just butthurt over the fact that Android is up to over 50% popularity globally, or whatever the statistic is.

  • @Kamal

    i use a icrap4s due to my fuked up carrier fido as they don have any s3 available…so lets compare..
    icrap – well built from outside but hey ” the passage to entry ” is u do it the apple way… just can do it one fuking way as apple says how you will get a iorgasm.

    android – not well built from outside but ” you can enter from all 64 KS styles “…
    its 2012 and even caveman living right now have a brain..THINK isheeps…

    Do you use something which you can ifuk 1 way as apple say you can or do you do it android style and have the pleasure of your life?

    nough said…..isheep = dumbest fuking assholes humans ever came across

    S4 in 2013 and ifags R.I.P.. that’s when most isheep will wake up ……….

  • This is absurd. All these law suits (from both sides) are just becoming utterly pathetic. I would love to know what patent the Note 10.1 infringes on, I have one and it’s about as far from an iPad as you could possibly get.

    I assume the addition of JB to the law suit will be due to some feature Samsung has implemented rather than being based on the actual OS itself.

  • johnny boxer

    You know whats funny? Apple can sue the pants off of everyone else, give themselves a bad name, and try to prove a point, when in reality, they are guilty of stealing ideas as well. I mean hello, PULL DOWN NOTIFICATION BAR! If i was google, i would have bankrupted Apple on that one, but it goes to show you that Google and Android are the better company morally! Screw Apple, Go Android!

  • Guest

    you know what I find stupid about Apple, is that they could go around and sue the pants off of competitive companies about “stealing” ideas, when they are just as guilty as they are! i mean hello iSheepies, where the heck did you all get that so wonderful PULL DOWN NOTIFICATION BAR? if i was Google, i would have bankrupted Apple for that one, but then again, Android is the better company morally! Screw Apple, Go Android!

    • MasterMuffin

      Android is open source so in theory you can steal stuff from it and google can’t do anything :(

      • Not strictly true, even open source code has some protections/limitations.

        • MasterMuffin

          That’s why I said “in theory”. Some things can be stolen

  • paxmos

    Fuck aPole

  • One day apple will sue themself.

  • mintslice

    Seriously, does Apple really want a jury looking over Android 4.1 and seeing just how much of it they ‘stole’ to use in iOS 6?

  • Jonny951

    If Apple innovated as much as they sue maybe they would catch up. But until then they need to focus on what made them a great company. Don’t get me wrong they have great products but they need a little umph now. Me for instance during the IPhone 5 launch I would’ve unveiled 3 new phones the iPhone 5 iPhone 5 plus and the iPhone slide boom we have a new line up

  • That Apple have to litigate rather than innovate shows them for what they are now. They’ve had a handful of successful products which they now iterate year-on-year and they’re stuck, because they don’t want to change things too much an alienate the Apple-buying masses, but they know that they can’t afford to sit still either.

    Personally, I don’t think they’ve got much in the way of new ideas in the pipeline – does it really take this long to make a TV? – and so they feel they need to protect their previous (somewhat questionable) innovations through the courts. History shows that when a technology company starts down this path, they’re usually on the road to failure.

    Getting rid of Scott Forstall as they did suggests they may finally be beginning to realise this.

    The iPad Mini is a very telling product launch; it’s the first time Apple have been reactive in the tablet space, suggesting that others, i.e. Google/Android, are now leading the way and setting the pace and Apple have had no choice but to put out a product in that area.

    Microsoft are doing similar things in an effort to keep up, but at least they’ve got the balls to admit that they’re playing catch-up in that space and are trying to compete with new hardware and software.

    Funny how I suddenly have a lot more respect for Microsoft than I do Apple. Microsoft are willing to evolve whereas Apple, it seems, are not.

    Hence the lawsuits.