Android 4.1 Jelly Bean arrives on AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S3

by: Bams SadewoDecember 4, 2012

December is turning out to be a good month for those who long for some Jelly Bean goodies on their Samsung Galaxy S3. Following Sprint and T-Mobile, AT&T subscribers that sport the flagship Galaxy S3 can now get their buttery smooth software update.

After months of waiting and anticipating, the Android 4.1 update for AT&T’s Galaxy S3 is now rolling out via Kies.

Coming in at 738MB, the file to download and install is pretty big compared to other carriers. Aside from the expected new features and performance enhancement that Jelly Bean has to offer, we’re not sure what kind of surprise AT&T has in store for Galaxy S3 owners.

Go ahead and connect your Galaxy S3 to the computer, load up Kies, and check if the Android 4.1 update is waiting there. Be sure to share your excitement in the comments below. Is the phone running smoother than ever after the update? What’s your favorite new feature(s) on Jelly Bean?

  • Vinnie

    This is great news! I just brought my wife from the dark side (iphone) yesterday by getting her an S3. I’ll have her sporting Jelly Bean in no time!

  • Nothing popping up ion my Kies Air, how ling should I wait?

  • JohnnyRingo

    Wake up in the morning feeling like P. DIDDY!

  • Chad

    Just checked and it’s not available yet on AT&T…

  • prckybgd

    You have to use KIES on your PC, I already updated last night.
    I was not so happy but after I reset fo factory settings My GS3 is Flying!

  • brandon

    Was Google Now gutted out of this version?

    • brandon

      Just installed the update. It’s there under Google Search. Thought for sure Samsung would force S-Voice on us only.

    • Long press on the Menu key or Home button takes you right to it. You have to choose it (middle option) via the Home button option though.

  • Where you at Verizon?!? I want my JELLY BEAN!!!

  • thatgatorman

    Just updated mine! its about time AT&T got on the jellybean train. I guess this it their way of saying Happy Holidays lol

  • Tried to download and it goes through the first stage and then disconnects me from Kies and ends the download!! What the heck???

  • Thomas

    I live in Poland and I get an update to JB 4.1.2 (I9300XXELKC) Today morning :D nice surprise :)

  • Updated my phone….very disappointed. I can’t find any of the new promised features. On top of that it removed my mobile data button from the drop down slider. Now I have to go into settings to turn it on and off.

    • thatgatorman

      Me too, I thought I was the only one.


    Go here and do exactly what it says. If you have already downloaded Kies uninstall it and reinstall. Remember to clear out your cookies before you reinstall. If it prompts you to update Kies, do it. Be patient. It appears as though the phone has been disconnected but it hasn’t. Samsung downloads the update onto your phone and then onto your phone. I contacted someone at ATT who advised me of the same…fingers crossed it works for you!! : ))

  • Joe Jangles

    Kies is an absolute pile of garbage. Crashed everytime I try to update my S3. And both the phone lines and chats are all busy