Android 4.1.2 update with multi-window coming to Galaxy S3 in December?

by: AdrianOctober 25, 2012

Although Samsung is still a long way from completing the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 around the world, those of you that have gotten a taste of JB might be already thinking about what’s next.

One possible answer would be Android 4.2, expected to be launched next week, but let’s just be real for a moment. Sammy had it so tough with 4.1 that, even if the next iteration of our favorite mobile OS were to come out tomorrow, it’s pretty obvious that the S3 would not get it by, say, February or March 2013. And that’s the best case scenario.

To keep Galaxy S3 users stuck on the same software version by then is also highly improbable, even with Jelly Bean being so darn cool. Ergo, it seems only logical for a maintenance Android 4.1.2 upgrade to be in store, a possibility now confirmed by the guys at SamMobile.

According to one of the site’s admins, the update will come “around December” and will improve stability, fix a couple of bugs, and… bring multi-window to the S3. The feature introduced on the Galaxy Note 2 (after hitting a few bumps on the road) has made quite the waves among Samsung fans, allowing users to multi-task like never before.

You can divide your phone’s screen into two different sections where you can run two apps using multi-window mode, not to mention that you can switch between apps seamlessly.

Now SamMobile doesn’t mention what versions of the Galaxy S3 should expect the upgrade in December, but it’s pretty obvious this can only come to the parts of Europe and Asia that have gotten 4.1.1. As for the rest of the world, who knows? Maybe they’ll get multi-window in their 4.1.1 packages or maybe they’ll never get it.

  • My Galaxy Nexus updated itself to 4.1.2 automatically last week. I don’t know what is new with it.

  • Vasishta

    India has not yet received Jelly Bean Update to its Samsung Galaxy S3 international version and here you started saying 4.1.2 version is on the way. Sounds so funny and Annoying too for such a late update schedule by Samsung for INDIAN users.

    • ..however Pakistan and Afghanistan users got the update but not Indian Users..

    • MFK

      I updated my S3 on 22 of October and its now running on 4.1 JB..

      Who says India hasnt got JB update yet..

      I updated it with Kies…MUMBAI.

      • satya

        @MFK: i dont know how u can claim this when nobody here in India has got the darn update yet….I am still waiting here in lucknow…

        • MFK

          I already told that i hav updated my s3 to JB 4.1 via kies.
          Update your KIES n connect ur handset to it on ur pc.

          • Nabeel

            No way that is possible. Iam from karnataka and i havent recieved any update viakes or OTA. India still waitin fr jb

          • Rudra

            From India Pune, i have got JB 4.1.1 too long back. You wont get OTA via kies unless you disconnect your handset and then check for update!!!!…..

    • Krotow

      Indians may be happy, because they will not receive WiFi disconnection bug too. My S3 WiFi behaviour are very bad after 4.1.1 update – random disconnects are very frequent now. Hope, this will be fixed in 4.1.2.

  • There are already 4.1.2 custom ROMs around…

  • Seems Samsung is taking their time to release 4.1.1 Jelly Bean for the SIII in Australia, as they have just sent it to the phone carriers here for testing, but even then, we might not get it until late next month or early December.

  • Just update to jelly bean on S3.. the phone lag, wifi and data connection is slower than before.

  • I have the GS3 and the GN2
    The GS3 is still running 4.0.4
    And the GS2 is running 4.1.1 and I will say this jellybean is a thousand times smoother then ice cream sandwich their is a huge difference.


  • Samsung user

    I have JB on my Samsung S3 and its great. Wish this is not just a rumour and that my device and others will get the option to update to this another great android update 4.1.2 . It will be worth all the money spent on it :)

    • S3 USER

      do ur wifi works perfectly on that jb 4.1.2

      • Samsung user

        Mine is still 4.1.1 and yes Wi-Fi works perfectly. My question was about if there will be another update besides the one already done to my Samsung A3

      • jaamgans

        Try going into advanced settings and changing it from a dynamic IP address to a static one. It can make a major difference.