Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update now available for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S2

by: AdrianApril 8, 2013


Rolling out a massive update like Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for a hugely successful device like Samsung’s Galaxy S2 is no picnic. And due to the GS2 having been sold in so many slightly different variations across the world, it takes time. A lot of time, actually.

Fortunately, Sammy seems to be moving pretty fast with S2’s JB updates. We’re hearing that T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy S2 is the latest guest to the Android 4.1 party, following the GT-I9100P, the Indian S2 and Vodafone and Three UK’s versions, all updated in the past month or so.

T-Mobile’s Galaxy S2 carries the SGH-T989 model number. Unlike the “international” variant, it packs a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 CPU. The processor is paired with 1 GB of RAM, while the Super AMOLED Plus screen is a 4.52-incher with an 800 x 480 pixels resolution.

First released with on-board Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the SGH-T989 has received its first major software update – 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – back in June 2012. While important, that particular update hasn’t revamped the phone’s user interface to the Nature UI, found on the Galaxy S3.

That means you’ll now get a drastic Nature-inspired makeover that will make the Galaxy S2’s user interface look very similar to the one on the GS3 or Note 2. Need extra reasons to be psyched about the upgrade? How about Project Butter performance enhancements? Or Google Now integration? Or Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play?

I’m sure that you’re all eager to update, but be patient if the upgrade isn’t yet live. These things usually roll out in phases, so you might have to wait an additional day, two or, worst case scenario, a week.

You can get Jelly Bean both over-the-air and via Samsung’s KIES. You’ll want to back up your data beforehand, have a strong Wi-Fi connection, and at least half a charge available. Ready, set, go!



    • James Sarino

      I couldn’t wait anymore and flashed CM10 (JB 4.1.2) on my Skyrocket back in November. Flashing CM10.1 nightlies (JB 4.2.2.) recently too. If and when it does show up for ATT, I might not even switch back…not a big TouchWiz fan. That being said, unlike other manufacturers, Sammy still supporting a 2-year old phone is still a good thing. I’m sure it’ll show up for stock Skyrocket users soon enough.

  • jen

    Love the new update it’s like I’ve got a brand new how the pictures are easier to view now and every thing else

  • rams

    What tha Hell…..NOw how come att hasnt even released this to the s3 yet … UGHHH.. get it together att… yall are been beat by other carriers lately

  • pawv

    WHAT ABOUT TELUS!!!! SAME MODEL :[[[[[ should be soon… :p

  • Michael Soares

    Thank you Samsung

  • eClipse

    Been running CM10 since I got my GSII.

    • fixxmyhead

      no one cares

  • Jacob Guo

    Just got the update and it now look awesome. I like the new arrangement on the phone which is great with Google now. It may increase the resale value when I sell it in a few weeks from now to buy the Galaxy S4 when it arrives at T-Mobile

  • Samsung

    The S2 update take ages for the international variant i9100 XEU. Not a day, a week or even a month. Been waiting for 4 months now.

    • Max

      Indeed. It honestly feels like the dinosaurs were still roaming the earth when I started waiting for this update. It just takes forever. Considering how long ago JB was released by Google, this is ridiculous…

  • Nad

    Guys, I have the 2.3.6 UVLDG ( GINGERBREAD ) and it will not update over the air or vs KIES. I called T-mobile and samsung and they told me the update is not available for my version. What the ? Can anyone please help ? Thanks in advance :)

  • John Park

    I updated earlier and I love it. It’s almost feels like i got a hardware upgrade , instead of a software one. It’s smooth, super fast and love all the “bells and whistles” Jelly Bean brought

  • John Park

    I updated earlier and I love it. It’s almost feels like i got a hardware upgrade , instead of a software one. It’s smooth, super fast and love all the “bells and whistles” Jelly Bean brought

  • David Regalado

    Just updated. Freaking love it! Thanks Samsung and T-Mobile If the X phone is not what people are saying it is then I will def stay with you two with my next upgrade:)

  • kc

    This Jelly Bean is smooth as butter .. it’s been long over due!!! Frustrating your customer base isn’t a good thing. These carriers need to get things rolling faster or people will roll away to where it is done faster ;-)

  • I’m so glad i sold my GS2 & bought a Google Nexus. I knew it would take forever for any GS2 owner to see Jelly Bean & In the time it has taken samsung to get 4.1 out I’m already on 4.2 & it’s not full of bloatware.

    • m16

      I have a Nexus 4 and after installing this update on my wife’s S2 I am a bit jelly. Samsung does know how to make their product into an eye candy. If you have Google Nexus you’re in no way superior to this product, not even talking battery life, camera and performance. You sold a super phone and wasted money on something else, and now are trying to rationalize it for yourself. I understand.