Two days ago, we told you that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Canada will get its Jelly Bean treat on February 6. Guess what? That day is finally here. Right on schedule – Samsung is now rolling out the new firmware to the device.

It’s quite early in the day still, but we’re hearing reports from many Galaxy Note 2 owners saying that they have received and installed the Android 4.1.2 update. According to Sam Mobile, the update is live for customers of Bell, Rogers, Telus, and SaskTel. It’s possible that more carriers will be added to the list soon.

In addition to the standard Jelly Bean goodies, features that you can expect to see from the JZO54K firmware include multi-window support, simplified and traditional Chinese language support, a customizable notification panel, new ink effect on lockscreen, Swype-style keyboard, and more.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you’ve received the Android 4.1.2 update on your Galaxy Note 2.

Bams Sadewo
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  • arinace

    When the 4.2 update coming …..boared of this 4.1.2 on my note 2 …hell

  • kyle

    just got the update and just got my Z10 as well ;) was a fun ride droid the many crashes and and charging issues and slow boggy os issues but its time to go now off to ebay with ya .a side note (ha) i found the snote app to be very handy for keeping well..notes and the battery was crazzyy amazing reminded me of my bb bold 9000

  • shery

    just got the update.

  • Steve

    Got the update this morning and everything is running smoothly! :)
    Lovin the multi window function.. gonna check out what else is new now!

  • Prince

    Got the update at last this morning. I’m pretty excited

  • Enz

    Just received here as well on mo note 2

  • steve

    I got the update but with rooting my phone I cant do the ota. Trying to find it online and put in on my phone via odin

    • Zoidbort

      Yeah me too…gets about 1/2 way and then fails.
      Did you find it for DL and how did it go with ODIN?

      • steven brown

        Everything worked perfect. I downloaded stock jb 4.2.1 and flashed it via odin and now im running perfect

        • Zoidbort

          You on Rogers?
          Have a link to the stock N2 update please?

          • steve

            I put the link down. Now its gone. I was on rogers also. I will find it again. If it gets taken down I will email it

          • Zoidbort

            No worries…Kies worked for me!
            Lost root tho so now I have to redo that.
            Only issue is the haptic feedback will not shut off

  • Downloading right now. It should tell me what it is before downloading and give me the choice.

  • Wrecktacular

    Got it on Sasktel as soon as I turned my phone on this morning

  • Crossed

    Downloading the update now.

    My only concern is battery life. Some reports suggest a 10% drop in usage. If this is true I will reconsider installing this update.

  • Note 2 owner

    the update has made scrolling text messages really laggy. and my photo live wallpaper transitions have also become slow. anyone else have this problem? im on bell.

  • Fawaz

    Will it be available for the middle east?
    What about LTE ?