Android 4.0 updates are now available for Korean LG Optimus 3D and 3D Cube

by: AdrianOctober 29, 2012

There’s a lot of buzz around the freshly unveiled Optimus G and the soon to be released Nexus 4, but I’m sure that most of you wouldn’t touch an LG phone with a ten-foot pole, regardless of specs and features.

And who could blame you? Although everybody had a rough time in offering solid and continuous software support recently, LG “shined” with delaying, canceling and all around messing up ICS updates.

We don’t know how much of a consolation today’s news will bring you, but we are (reluctantly) glad to inform you that Android 4.0 is now available for the Optimus 3D and 3D Cube. Here’s the thing – the ICS upgrade is up for grabs only in Korea, and we have no idea when and if the rest of the world will get it.

LG Singapore confirmed that ICS will be coming “soon” to the Optimus 3D back in August, but that was quite a while ago and the announcement also seemed local rather than global.

Anyhoo, if there’s any Optimus 3D or 3D Cube user from Korea reading us, you should go over to LG Mobile’s official website and grab the software updates from here and here. I’m not very fluent in Korean, but I think you’ll need to hook up your phones to a PC via LG’s PC Suite and follow the instructions.

There doesn’t seem to be any mention about the upgrade happening over-the-air, but it shouldn’t hurt to check in your phones’ settings menus before using LG PC Suite. Also, if anyone can find an official changelog posted anywhere, we would be very curious to find out exactly what LG has prepared for its (very few) still faithful customers.

  • Gavin Bradley

    Lg bring out some great tech but There updates are far far to late. Im now a samsung gn2 owner. Sorry lg you fucked up.

  • mrband

    I have an O3D, not Korean, so I’m still at Ginger.

    I won’t get any LG NEVERMORE, Nexus included.

    This terrible brand deserves a global boicot from the whole Android fellowship.

  • Gunner

    Have great phones, and f*ckin’ problems with software. LG Nevermore.

  • fari

    This terrible brand deserves a global boicot from the whole Android fellowship +1 i never buy lg fucking phone! never again. That’s enough for me .That was the biggest mistake of my life. so my next phone Definitely will be samsung.i will sell my fucking optimus 3d p920 and buy gs3 :))

  • Ex o3d user

    Got a samsung note 2 as well.. no more waiting.. bye lg

  • L g idiots. Take our money and don’t look after us o3d should have been recognized as one of the all time greats Incredible spec high end performance but instead of taking the market by storm they Dick us around fr ever. Is ever going to end. Even Sony at least tell therec customers sorry but were new to this no upgrade we promise top do better next time and they did. L.g. instead like to add insult to injury with more and more fake promises. And this is there flagship WOW

  • Am

    I bought two lg phones….lg black and optimus 3D.
    Good hardware only if the monkys at LG pay some attention to software side of their smartphones and timely updates which they do not seem to be interested in.No more LG or Hell G…no more

  • yahia

    L I A R S

  • Darthdeej

    6 months overdue now, and still no update for P920! Lies Good!
    LG Nevermore!