Android 4.0 ICS roll-out officially begins for Motorola Atrix 2 users with AT&T

by: Robert NelsonOctober 9, 2012

While we had previously seen reports of the Android 4.0 ICS update being available for the Motorola Atrix 2, it appears as if AT&T has only today decided to officially announce and detail the update. Anyway, we suspect some will complain about how this update has arrived at a time when people are beginning to look for and expect Jelly Bean, but that thought aside, this update will actually add quite a bit for the user. The good news, the update is ready and available and you can get it downloaded and installed right now.

Before we get into the how, lets offer some details on what you can expect because aside from a new look and feel, Android 4.0 brings several new features and improvements including SMARTACTIONS, Face Unlock, an enhanced lock screen and homescreen folders.

SMARTACTIONS is an interesting app, one that will help automate certain tasks and in turn make things a bit easier and if used smartly, will potentially save on some battery life. Motorola notes that SMARTACTIONS will “intelligently automates routine, everyday tasks and suggests ways to personalize your phone and make your life easier” and that could not be more accurate. This app handles things such as being able to have a text automatically sent to your missed callers and will also automatically turn of specific features as your battery life is dropping. Say, disabling your GPS when your battery gets to a certain level.

Otherwise, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update also brings the ability to capture screenshots by holding the power and volume keys, improved settings, a redesigned keyboard, an updated all apps screen, an improved camera and one that we like – enhanced notifications area. The improvements to the notifications area means that users will be able to get to the settings menu a bit quicker and also toggle items such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode.

With all that being said, lets get into the part that many have either been waiting for or simply skipped to – how to get the update now. This part is easy, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and navigate to Settings > About phone > System updates.

  • Camarillo

    So far so good. Thanks Motorola, for doing it so easy… unlike Samsung….

  • camarillo

    Still doing good after 1 day + rooting. Thanks XDA

  • Palmer1943

    Ice Cream has taken care of technical challenges that I was experiencing with WI-fi constantly dropping, Spoke with AT&T (No Help), spoke with Motorola (No Help) researched the web and did exactly what was recommended (No Help). Installed Ice Cream two days ago and It’s like having a NEW PHONE. I absolutely love it. New interface new everything. I could not be more pleased. Instillation was simple, straight forward and easy. Love “SmartActions” I did a lot of research before deciding on the Atrix 2, disappointed until this release of Androids Ice Cream. Have I mentioned that I am SUPER PLEASED ? Android/ATT/Motorola…Thanks !

  • guest

    My friend’s samsung with ICS supports Unicode. but in My Atrix 2 Unicode not supporting with ICS.

  • updated on 20 Oct. now wi fi will not work :(

  • Junior Thompson

    Finally, got my ICS 4.0.4 update after whining like a baby for 2 damn weeks.. thanks Motorola. Its about time