Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for HTC Thunderbolt is coming “soon”

by: Bams SadewoDecember 19, 2012
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Steve Wozniak doesn’t regard the HTC Thunderbolt too highly, as he once declared it as one of the worst gadgets that he’d ever owned. After the ICS update debacle that has been going on for months, we think there are many owners of the phone that share the same sentiment as the Woz. However, the saga may just end on a happy note.

As reported by GottaBeMobile, it appears that HTC and Verizon haven’t quite forgotten their words to bring Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the phone, the same update that has been promised to come since the start of the year, only to be pushed back to August, and then seemingly indefinitely delayed .

A recent Twitter exchange between HTC USA and a customer provides a new hint that the ICS update for the Thunderbolt is still coming. How soon? Unfortunately, it’s a question that we don’t have the answer to, given how vague the information given above is.

So if you still haven’t given up on your HTC Thunderbolt yet, there’s some hope – however little – that you will see ICS running on the device. Is this something that you’d still like to get? Or have you come to unconditionally accept and love the Gingerbread-running phone, but can’t wait for the contract to expire?