Android 4.0.4 comes to international Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 floating video feature thrown in as bonus

July 13, 2012

    With most Galaxy Note owners having already gotten their Ice Cream Sandwich treat (including Canadian Note owners), what new software update could Samsung possible be rolling out for the phablet? Wishful thinkers may hope to find some delightful jelly beans, but it’s actually only version 4.0.4 of ICS.

    Galaxy Note owners in Germany first reported the Android 4.0.4 update, but it has since reached other regions such as several South East Asian countries.

    Aside from the usual bug fixes, the XXLRG update also comes with signature unlock (by using the S Pen), new icons and a new restart button. Those who have received the new firmware reported their device performing faster. But that’s not all — because the update also brings Pop-up Play to the Note, which can be natively found only on Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Just a brief reminder about the Pop-up Play: once the feature is activated, you can hover the video player over other running applications. Need to fire up some emails, but don’t want to miss out a particular scene on the video you’re watching – no problem.

    It’s still unknown when the Android 4.0.4 update will reach other regions. We’ll update you once we hear more from Samsung. Else, you can head to XDA-Developers for instructions on how to unofficially apply the new firmware.


    • momma lama

      Just updated to 4.0.4 on my note but I can’t find the remote features settings that used to be located under settings in locations and security, I am trying to set up the locate my mobile feature. I feel silly.

    • talkic social

      Got the update this morning…been a pain in the butt reconfiguring to my preferred setup…but getting used to the changes…me likey.

    • Kapok Pro.

      Brunei update still unavailable mate..! Still waiting.. Pls update us too..

      • Ireene

        Bro google rah samobile.ada tu

    • Candra

      No update in indonesia

    • Gulam

      got this update delivered to my galaxy s3 in Bangalore.yet to explore the change. update was sucessful.

    • vibs

      how do you do signature unlock by using s pen?

      • BassPlr

        You sign your signature to unlock it by using a stylus.

    • Jesse

      no update in india??

    • John

      When is 4.0.4 coming to the UK? We seem to be amongst the last to receive any updates. Am on the 4.0.3 now, which i got about 1 2 months ago…samsung u need to step it up. Apple is still way ahead on this front.

    • jkhairi

      4.0.4 update is available in Singapore.
      But whats the difference with 4.0.3?

    • KaPoK pRo

      Still NADA 4 Brunei market.. Checking my software almost everyday.. Samobile apa tuu lai..? Nda brapa pemandai makai.. :-)

    • NJAllDay

      Sprint using Samsung galaxy S2 on USA. NJ to be exact. Got it this morning. It works awesome.

    • disqus_eorB9dVA9i

      Mine updated, but my english setting for swype isnt working. Im currently on a spanish setting and making it work. Anyone know whats going on?

      • pissed update

        Gotta go into settings then apps then Swype and the disable and clear data then enable it again. Too many other bugs with this update too!

    • Anon666

      ICS 4.0.4 for my Samsung Galaxy Note. Upgrade from 2.3.6 Gingerbread via Samsung Kies. Location – Malaysia

    • Cayo

      Hey i got my note from brasil n no updatee to 4.0.4…

    • sme

      what a diffrent 4.0.4 at samsung galaxy note malaysia n other country?..same featured?..

    • Jay

      Had a wifi problem after updating the android 4.0.4. what a lousy OS. now find a way to downgrade.

      • sergy

        Hi Jay, i have the same issue like yours. What did u do to fix it?

    • teoball

      4.0.4 update available in Norway

    • sarah kane

      got the 4.0.4 update today here in UK

    • Alexander Jones

      You CANNOT do it over kies air OR software update you must use kies on the computer instead of waiting for them to push it as they will NOT be pushing thus update

    • AB88

      When this update will be available for UAE? any news?

    • Andrea

      I just got it updated as requested by automatic updates, and now the dictionary X9 does not get activiated on and off from the screen “zero” key nor the “!” appears when pressing number 1 in the list of characters. I use the old 3 x 4 keypad which is quicker for me to use. … someone did not do their homework properly….

    • Shain

      Just had my note updated to 4.0.4 straight from 4.0.3 and no problems at all so far

      United Kingdom

    • Pauleb

      Samsung have removed some live wallpapers on my Note, Why?
      I miss the weather one with the wind farm, can’t find it anywhere on the Net to buy.
      Oh well.
      Yet it is part of jelly bean on the S111

    • Samir

      No update in Pakistan Pls tell the status

    • Indian

      Got my Galaxy Note updated to 4.0.4. India.

    • raghu

      can u sujest me how to upgrade my galaxy note 4.0.3 to 4.0.1 via kies air

    • samotoole

      update is out in the uk

    • Courtneydog

      Just upgraded to 4.04 over wifi in the UK with O2
      Seems to be ok so far and the signature unlock is very nice

    • mongol

      Im in mongolian ! ics 4.0.4for my galaxy note 2.3.6

    • Greg

      I got the update today in U.K

    • Prashanth Shiva

      guys dies this fix the overheating problem of the phone?

      • dinnu

        Yes bro i dont understand when will this over heating problem will be fixed……i think ican make an half boil on my phone when iam using internet

    • the rock

      android 4.0.4 is awesome

    • Rambo

      Got it india
      its awesome.

    • chomz

      its coming today OTA! yay!

    • Rui

      got mine today – Portugal

    • Rodel Zafra

      Updated my note few hours ago-doha

    • mike

      When is 4.0.4 coming to the Czech ? We seem to be amongst the last to receive any updates. Am on the 4.0.3 now, which i got about 1 2 months ago…samsung u need to step it up. Apple is still way ahead on this front.

    • Krishnanunni Sudhakaran

      Hi. I have not received 4.0.4 update yet for my galaxy note. Currently it is running on ICS 4.0.3 version.
      I bought the device from UAE and living in India.

      Current Firmware:

      Any pointers from the experts?