Those of you with the GSM Galaxy Nexus are already lucky enough to have some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness, and now you are getting even more of the tasty Ice Cream Sandwich, with update 4.0.2 and yes we know it isn’t the latest 4.0.3 but you’re getting updates faster then those of us with the Galaxy S2, HTC Rezound, and many other phones that are still stuck on Gingerbread. Check your Software Update menu inside the settings on your GSM Galaxy Nexus and you should see the download starting.

Android 4.0.2 is weighing in at a small 8.8MB update, so you can download it over 3G/4G if you wish.  It’s also obvious that the size of the update that is full of bug fixes and not any new features or speed improvements. It is also strange that Nexus S owners still haven’t recieved their initial update to Ice Cream Sandwich, hopefully we will see the update coming soon.

Those of you with the GSM Galaxy Nexus, let us know how the update went. Are there any noticeable improvements?

  • Joey

    I haven’t received the 4.0.2 update :(

    • Anonymous

      Just keep pressing check for update in settings. That’s what i did.

    • Joey

      Just got it a min ago :)

  • College

    4.0.2 goes to XX6 radio from XX1(?). This was spoken highly of at XDA and on first blush it seems my Nexus stays locked to HSPA and have not yet had a modem reset. Hopefully updated baseband fixes radio issues completely.

  • Jarvmar

    Just got it. Not sure but feels smoother when switching through screens. :/

  • ronald

    vodafone australia handset, tried to update like couple of times today and yesterday.. still no go .. :( anyone know why?

    • Lee

      Get this app:

      It will tell you if you get updates from Google or not. If it’s not google controlled, you may have to wait longer. If it is, sit tight! I’m in OZ and just got the update then.

      • ronald

        Did you get urs from Voda or Telstra? Coz my one is from Voda and it is still no roll out yet :(

        • Jiggawot

          I got mine today on optus.

  • Feegy

    I wish I could use mine, I updated earlier today and since it just constantly reboots, all I get is the Google logo.

  • Jteply13

    What about the CDMA users??

    • Joseph Gomez

      We already have it…

    • The CDMA Galaxy Nexus launched with 4.0.2, so you don’t need to worry that you’re being left behind :)

  • Woody

    I have a logo on the backdrop and I am SURE the lines are crisper. Could be a general interpolation algorithm update? Just guessing!

  • Harry_2682

    GALAXY s2 users download go launcher ics and go locker from android market great for a ui change until the actual update is out :):)

  • Jessbedell0513

    I have a nexus s and it is total crap that the phone that should have been the second to get the update will probably be the last. Android needs to get their crap together and fix this. I’m very disappointed

    • I also have a Nexus S (not using it daily right now though) that’s waiting on it’s ICS update :( hopefully Google gets it together and releases it very soon.

  • Pcphobic

    For those on Samsung build, you can switch to Google build. I found the solution on xda forum.

  • GNEX

    I got the OTA update today for my SIM free Galaxy Nexus and I can definitely feel better speed/response. Although I don’t think there is any improvement on battery life.

  • Asib

    Update went fine, but couldn’t see any noticeable improvement. It would be good to know which bugs were fixed.

  • Anonymous

    If you encrypted your phone (new feature in ICS), there’s a good chance that this update will brick your Galaxy Nexus. Full story via Google support forums :

    If so, then your only option is a factory reset. If anyone has tried the update on an encrypted Galaxy Nexus, I’d appreciate a comment back. I have to keep exiting the update notification (which pops up every 15 minutes or so!) until this is resolved.

  • Mike

    I was away during the initial ICS roll-out. So I have no idea when I will get the ICS update

  • Mike

    My dad has a nexus s as well and he got the update so I hope I haven’t missed it.

  • czzar

    Hey guys I have a galaxy nexus but still haven’t gotten the 4.0.2 update, is this normal?? :S

  • Hans-Christian Francke

    This is kind of weird! First, why would you reship a version of the update without renumbering it. Second, I got my 4.02 a few days ago – now I have a reboot issue while the phone is continuously rebooting. I can not turn my phone back on again.