Android 2.1 for Sony Ericcson Xperia X8

November 29, 2010
Sony Ericsson X8

Sony Ericsson X8

According to the official Sony Ericsson Blog, if you are a proud owner of the Sony Ericsson X8, then you might find Android 2.1 finding its way to your device sometime soon.

The things added besides the obvious step-up to Android 2.1 are the same as for the already started roll-out for Xperia X10 mini and mini pro.

For instance, you can expect things like 720p video recording, improved social networking integration and five home-screens. The blog post includes a list of SI-numbers, which will give you some idea as to when you can expect the update to your phone.

Also for any newcomers โ€“ the list below is a list of โ€œSI-numbersโ€ โ€“ that number can be found on the label of the back of your phone. So check what SI-number your phone has and then search this page to see if itโ€™s out yet.

The list is pretty long, so rather than paste it here, check out the official blog and see for yourself.


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