HTC is now making a firmware image of the 1.6 version of Android available for owners of the Android Dev 1 developer phone.  Since this is the same basic hardware as the T-Mobile G1, it seems suggest that it is possible to run 1.6 on the G1 without a problem, in spite of what we’ve heard earlier.  Whether or not the T-Mobile flavor of 1.6, with all of its extra apps, will fit and be available as an update remains to be seen, though.

You can download the firmware here.

  • Casper Bang

    It is not the same hardware in certain important areas. The Dream’s ROM capacity is 256 MiB while the Saphire derivatives (Magic, myTouch etc.) has 512 MiB. Btw. the Magic also happens to have 50% more RAM, with 288 MiB RAM rather than 192 MiB. So I would expect my Magic to be upgradeable to (at the very least) Android 2.0.

  • Reece

    when will i receive the 1.6 update on my htc magic? im on vodafone in the uk. will it just be send automatically to my phone?