Analyst predicts 2 Samsung Galaxy S5 models with varying specs

by: Shawn IngramJanuary 27, 2014
samsung galaxy s5 concept (4)

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

New claims from an analyst say the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will come in two different models, both using plastic casing and a fingerprint scanner.

The claims come from a note to investors from KGI Research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In the note Kuo says Samsung will release two Galaxy S5 models, a Standard model and a Prime model. The two phones will have many similar specs, but will have two key differences: their processors and RAM.

According to Kuo, the Standard Galaxy S5 will use either a quad-core Qualcomm MSM 8974AC (otherwise known as a model of the Snapdragon 800) or the eight-core Samsung Exynos 5422. The Standard will likely have 2GB of RAM. The Galaxy S5 Prime, however, will use the upgraded eight-core Samsung Exynos 5430 processor with 3GB of RAM according to the note.

Every processor Kuo mentions is a 32-bit processor, potentially ruling out the chance of a 64-bit chip in Samsung’s next phone. Notably, the iPhone 5s has a 64-bit chip, though the benefits of the chip aren’t immediately recognizable to most users beyond it’s speed.

Both models of the phone will have a 5.2-inch WQHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) display, a 2MP front-facing camera, 16MP rear-facing camera, 3D gesture support, and the aforementioned fingerprint scanner. The specs fall in line with previous rumors of Samsung’s next flagship phone, which could mean the phone is just about ready for release in the coming months.

galaxy s5 analyst rumorsKuo says in his note that some recently rumored features won’t make it into the Galaxy S5 in time for launch. The iris scanner in particular might be ready in time for launch. Kuo says Samsung is looking into the technology for future devices, but wouldn’t say if it will come to the Galaxy S5. It’s far too early to speculate on any devices beyond the Galaxy S5, though.

For now it seems Galaxy fans will have to be happy with Samsung bringing a fingerprint scanner to its next flagship for added security. With Apple incorporating Touch ID in the iPhone 5S and even smaller rivals like HTC putting fingerprint scanners in phones like the HTC One max, Samsung really can’t avoid adding the feature. Hopefully the company copies Apple and puts the scanner in an easy to access location.

With any luck the feature will be at least as reliable as it is on the iPhone 5s. Anyone who has used the Apple’s flagship for an extended period of time will know Touch ID isn’t exactly reliable, as it routinely stops recognizing fingerprints for many users.

The big question regarding Kuo’s prediction, though, is how will Samsung price the two models? Will it follow Apple’s example of putting on at $100 on contract, and one at $200 on contract? Or will it keep the Standard model at a premium price and charge extra for the Prime model?

  • MadCowOnAStick

    2850 mAh battery? sorry but I think samsung knows better by now

    • Tyrone_83

      so what did you expect? 4000mah? Look at HTC for example majority of their phones and flagship phones are not even close to 2850 or higher. With the exception of the Butterfly S and the One Max. a 2850mah battery will fit just fine.

      • MadCowOnAStick

        greater than 3000 mAh because of the LG G2

        • Tyrone_83

          reason why I didnt add them is they have 6 phones I believe are pass that mark.

    • Winston Purnomo

      Oop, wishing for too much. The real S5 didn’t even reach 2850.

      • MadCowOnAStick


  • filaos

    “Anyone who has used the Apple’s flagship for an extended period of time will know Touch ID isn’t exactly reliable, as it routinely stops recognizing fingerprints for many users.”
    Anyone ? Seriously ?
    You must be living in an other dimension because this thing works, one day after the other, for EVERY person I know, including myself (it’s been three months now).
    Let’s see what Samsung can do before inventing a parallel reality.

    • Adam Koueider

      In my experiences it has worked well, but I haven’t had weeks upon weeks of usage, but there have been a fair few reports about it “forgetting” or stopping recognising the fingerprints. Still a nifty feature, but not a MUST have, IMO.

    • abazigal

      As an iphone5s user, I can tell you that the thing isn’t perfect. I would say the fingerprint sensor works well for about 90% of the time, but it’s quite irritating for the other 10%, when you fail the authentication 3 times in a row and then have to key in your passcode.

      Though it’s a far cry from “routinely stops recognising” though.

    • SimonReidy

      Agreed. “Isn’t exactly realible” is what I would say about the old fingerprint scanners on old Android phones like the Motorola Atrix, but I’ve been using an iPhone 5S (provided by work) since launch, and find TouchID feature is near flawless. There’s plenty of other things to get annoyed about with iPhones, but the finger print scanner is not one of them.

      • filaos

        That’s what I think : nearly flawless.
        Granted I keep the sensor clean, it always works.

  • MasterMuffin

    There will be way more than 2 S5 models if I know Samsung at all. 5 at least :)

    • renz

      haha that’s right

    • yama

      Galaxy s5, s5 mini, s5 zoom, s5 active, s5+ , s5 metall, s5 duo….just some of it

      • MasterMuffin

        Yup :d

        • Luqmaan Mathee

          Why didn’t you correct him?

          • MasterMuffin


          • Luqmaan Mathee


          • MasterMuffin

            I don’t correct every comment I see in the internet…

          • Luqmaan Mathee

            Oh lol I had that impression.

          • Victor Meira

            What about the other correction?
            S5 Duos*

          • Luqmaan Mathee

            Lol good spotting

      • Tuấn Ankh

        Let me add the S5 La Fleur

      • Cal Rankin

        Heck, there could even be a Galaxy S5 version that runs Android and windows phone. No one knows when it comes to Samsung.

      • Arcybiskup

        S5 mini active zoom epic 4g neo +

  • Balraj

    after reading this..Im thinking about htc or lg
    still i ll wait for official launch :)

  • yiannis

    the display is different too! thats what the papers say

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      The standard was mentioned to have full HD only

  • jb0186

    I want this!(;

  • needa

    why would samsung stick a year old chip in their next flagship? it doesnt make sense. they themselves have been using the snap 800 since may 2013. or whenever the korean only lte-a gs4 was released. anyways… if this is how samsung is going to do things…. then i reckon all of the samsung fanboy comments on the moto x is now moot.

    • renz

      Maybe to promote exynos more? Most people buying the phone might not know what exact soc inside but it matters for Samsung to see their exynos to be successful. In some way I see exynos road are more bumpy than nvidia tegra. Lucky for them they can put their soc on their own phones and tablet unlike nvidia which is competing in the same manner as Qualcomm.

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      They did that in 2013. They can get away with doing it again in 2014.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    So will the prime have LTE? It better.. This doesn’t sound too wow, but let’s hope they bring out one nice phone. Don’t confuse everyone with 10 different S5’s

  • abazigal

    So what exactly is the difference between Exynos and Snapdragon in terms of performance? As in, why is Samsung mixing the two? Doesn’t it make more sense to just choose one and throw your weight behind it?

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Some companies choose to do stuff like this, even at the risk of loosing profit when they can. This keeps the vendors in check and let’s them know you don’t need them so they better not be taunting you with price hikes.

      • renz

        you have point about this. also if phone maker somehow able to make their own chip it will make them be less reliant on soc maker and will not put them at the mercy of chip maker in the future. i see more and more ODM are interested to make their own chip like ZTE and LG.

    • apianist16

      Yeah, it does. If I were them, I would go with the S800, because it is a much superior chip. Better performance/watt, LTE, better ROM support… The reason they keep trying to promote Exynos is because they want to use their in-house chips and save themselves some coin. If they were really thinking about it, they would realize that using the Exynos chips can create a worse impression on the consumer, and thus potentially drive revenue away. Plus the fact that they wouldn’t have to worry about running their own chip division if they did that. Just leave making SoCs to the professionals, Samsung.

  • Winston Purnomo

    Galaxy S5 Prime Korea, Galaxy S5 Prime International, Galaxy S5 Standard Korea, Galaxy S5 Standard Exynos International, Galaxy S5 Standard Qualcomm International, Galaxy S5 Prime Google Play Edition, Galaxy S5 Standard Google Play Edition, Galaxy S5 Mini with LTE, Galaxy S5 Mini without LTE, Galaxy S5 Zoom, Galaxy S5 Active (if the normal S5s aren’t waterproof), Galaxy S5 DUOS just to name all the models I can think of.

  • Bishop

    Current S4 owner, but at this point, I think I’m going to skip the S5 and buy the Note 4. Sure it will be a longer wait, but I think it will be worth it. If Samsung has to offer one FHD screen and another QHD screen, it maybe that they couldn’t produce enough QHD screens for the S5. At least with the Note 4, they should all be QHD displays and it’s just about guaranteed that they will run the Snapdragon 805.

    • PeterBlood

      I’m going to skip the 99% most malware Android phones versions and wait for the 100% one.

  • Jayfeather787

    I want the iris scanner.

  • On a Clear Day

    Your article Shawn does not give enough background on KGI Research and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to make it credible – who is KGI? and why on earth is their rumor one that among all the other most likely spurious rumors floating around out there that should it be trusted and or considered prescient anymore than – like a weather forecaster who doesn’t really know if it will rain or snow says “The chances of precipitation are 50/50.” As the saying goes, “It’s a shame to know so much that isn’t so.”

  • Chico13

    all I can see is even if they are using their new oled how much battery life are the prime GS 5’s going to have I mean eight core processors I’ve been saying it for a while now whatever company able to make carbon ion batterie is the company that’s going to win the mobile wars so unless the battery life of the premium handset that they’re going to make is something out of this world no reason to buy the quote “prime version” stick to the quad core processor

  • Chico13

    oh and one more thing fingerprint scanners to unlock the phone just plain stupid you want real security run a retina scanner with a 16 megapixel camera on the front then I would be impressed

  • tony solinan

    I can’t wait until the new Galaxy S5 is on the world market for sale, I am also
    Looking to see the new HTC m8,and not forgetting the LG G3,they are the
    Phones that I would be most be interested in getting when available!
    Android only!

  • Bruno Rosa // TaRuGo


  • Johan

    Too bad, was looking forward to a 64-bit processor in the Galaxy S5, then they could compete with Apple on a new level

  • Marius Hofert

    This is a joke, right? I thought they will really go forward, 4 GB RAM, 64bit, high storage, large-capacity battery to make this ready for wearable devices and long-power usage… Why does no one get that this is important [for using a phone as a tablet/desktop replacement and do some *real* work]?

    • stenbergs

      I think it might be time to look elsewhere if you want someone moving, or leaping forward. Samsung seems to be mostly sidestepping these days. How many S4 models are there now, like 10??
      Good thing there are so good options out there, even if it might be a little trickier to find accessories for an LG than a Samsung in local shops. But hey, isn’t that what online shopping is for anyway? ;-)

  • All I am looking forward to is a Aluminum or Metal unibody. Please don’t disappoint Samsung.

  • KJ

    S4, and S4Pro

  • Michael Dennique

    You might also have a third. The S5 Mini. It seems to be the next step to all Samsung roll outs.